Buycott Israel

Buycott Israel

Buycott Israel (Click to enlarge)

A new trend that has been developing amongst pro-Israel activists is to promote a “buycott” – the exact opposite of a boycott, that most popular tool of the BDS (Boycott Sanctions Divest) anti-Israel haters.  The purpose of a buycott is to davka go out and buy Israeli-made products to defeat the evil intentions of the anti-Israel brigade.

My friends at Israellycool have drawn up the poster above (based on the BDS posters) and have started an internet effort to promote their Buycott Israel campaign, explaining their intentions and the method:

Go out and BUY the products and services of the companies you find listed here!

As you can see this carefully prepared graphic contains an up to date list of many companies that do business in and with Israel and which we would urge you to consider supporting.

It may just appear that we’ve borrowed the design and layout from some Jew hating BDS clowns in the UK and you’d be completely correct! This leaflet was produced in conjunction with the revolting “Islamic Human Rights Commission” who each year organise the terrorist supporting Al Quds march in London and supply the handy “We are all Hamas” or “We are all Hezbollah” posters.

Also notice that many of the companies, like Starbucks, which failed commercially in Israel, don’t operate in Israel and their only real reason for being on the list is because some part may be owned by Jews. OK, the haters will dress it up and say they are “Zionists” but as we all know anti-Zionism is just the new, disguised form of Jew hatred for the modern fascist about town.

Feel free to spread the buycott campaign and the poster amongst your friends. Just remember to give credit back to Israellycool.

Let the shopping begin!

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12 Responses to Buycott Israel

  1. E.E.S. says:

    Bloody good idea.

    • anneinpt says:

      Yes, it is. It’s a classic והשיב לו כגמולו על ראשו – and their “good deed” was returned on their own heads. Measure for measure.

  2. Brian Goldfarb says:

    Hey, they missed Microsoft off the list: they have r & d labs in Israel, don’t they? I’m disappointed that apple aren’t on the list: do I have to go back to MSDOS if Apple don’t have r & d facilities in Israel?

    Actually the BDS clowns should include all major supermarket chains, as they aren’t going to be so stupid as to deliberately not stock Israeli goods. Mainly, this would be because it would probably cost too much to spend all that time ensuring alternative sources. Individual boycotters never factor in the cost of avoiding buying the banned goods. I remember the extra time it took to not buy South African goods from 1960 to 1991.

    • anneinpt says:

      The poster is a replica of the BDS poster. The BDS-ers probably don’t want to boycott Microsoft or they’ll never be able to communicate!

      Apparently Apple don’t have R & D facilities in Israel yet but it is in the pipeline. So says my son, an Apple geek and computer student/technician.

      The boycotters don’t think about the consequences of a boycott. They just like the sound of their own self-righteous voices and like to feel smug. They prefer to destroy Israel rather than assist the real victims of Middle East violence.

  3. cba says:

    My “favourite” is that they tell people to boycott Teva generic drugs–yup, pay more just to avoid giving money to those Je… er… Zionists.

    I must say, it makes me proud to see so many products that are Israeli or have a strong Israeli connection. Plust the odd few like Starbucks that just don’t hate Israel sufficiently. 🙂

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  6. Kenneth Blum says:

    Fighting the boycott is our life. We live in Eli and promote more than 2100 businesses in Judea & Samaria. We recently launched an online shop in English called Boutique Katom;
    We were featured in he NY Times and The Blaze. Check us out. This is where you can make the biggest difference with small business.
    Please take a look at the site as well as the “Press” and “about” page.
    Keep in mind too that although the shop is a new initiative, we have been promoting locally for almost 5 years.

    • anneinpt says:

      Kenneth, thank you so much for your comment and for the information about Boutique Katom. I shall mention it in a separate post so that it gets proper coverage. I wish you all luck with your venture.

      And as an aside I have a niece (on my side) and a nephew (on my husband’s side) living in Eli. 🙂

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  8. Phil says:

    Sigh let palestine have their own country already. Everyone agrees that israel has a right to exist, The biggest threat to that is Israel being unwilling to let palestine exist. If you can’t see the parallels between the ghetto’s of Gaza and Warsaw that is truly sad.

    • anneinpt says:

      It’s not up to us to “let” “Palestine” have their own country. The Palestinians have not shown the slightest interest in attaining their own country, all propaganda notwithstanding. They have been given almost all the land that they have asked for, and they have done nothing with it besides creating more bases for terror. I just give you Gaza as an example. Israel withdrew from it completely – even removing our dead – and what happened? Rockets and missiles on our civilian communities.

      As for comparing Gaza and Warsaw I posit that:

      a) you have never been to Gaza
      b) you lost no relatives in the Holocaust
      c) you are an antisemite.

      And now for the juicy stuff, you bleeding disgusting piece of excrement, here is some reading material to exercise your dull stupid brain:

      How many millionaires in Gaza?

      Gaza’s millionaires and billionaires

      And here are some recent pictures of poor concentration camp Gaza.

      And now crawl off to your dirty little hole and do not sully this blog again with your presence.

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