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Jihad Jenny Tonge resigns from Lib-Dems after antisemitic outburst

Earlier this week I posted about an Israel Apartheid Week meeting at Middlesex University in London in which not only did Ken O’Keefe compare Jews to Nazis, but (h/t Richard Millett) Baroness Jenny Tonge, aka Jihad Jenny Tonge, who as … Continue reading

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Is Israel neglecting its sovereignty in Jerusalem?

A shocking situation that has been chronicled by archeologists, historians and bloggers for a long while now has finally made it into the Israeli mainstream media, and not before time. Ynet, in a special report, asks: Is Israel losing the … Continue reading

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Pallywood stone-throwing and Pallywood photographers

It has become increasingly clear over the years that many acts of Palestinian violence or Palestinian victimhood have been staged with careful preparation and pre-meditation by the Palestinian activists or “victims” themselves.  A new video produced by an Italian photo-journalist … Continue reading

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Israel Apartheid Week – victories and defeats

The annual Israel Apartheid Week (IAW) – which should be renamed Israel Apartheid Month because there’s too much hate to fit into just one week – has been taking place across campuses worldwide, and spilling over into “regular” BDS against … Continue reading

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Muslim worshippers hurl stones from Al Aqsa compound

It’s Friday, the Muslims’ day of rest. So where better to go to have some fun and excitement than the Temple Mount, or to be more precise, the Al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem for some devoted prayer stone-throwing. Friday prayers … Continue reading

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Lebanese call for Hezbollah to be dismantled

A very interesting editorial in Now Lebanon protests the domination of Hezbollah over both the Lebanese polity and the actual territory of South Lebanon and calls for its dismantling and disarming.  Such calls evoke an awakening wish for real democracy … Continue reading

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