Muslim worshippers hurl stones from Al Aqsa compound

It’s Friday, the Muslims’ day of rest. So where better to go to have some fun and excitement than the Temple Mount, or to be more precise, the Al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem for some devoted prayer stone-throwing.

Friday prayers at Jerusalem’s Temple Mount turned into a scene of violent riots as protesters hurled stones at security forces who in turn broke into the al-Aqsa Mosque compound. Police dispersed the protesters using shock grenades. Eleven officers were lightly wounded by stones and treated at the scene. Four rioters were arrested.

Hundreds of Muslim worshippers at the Mughrabi Gate hurled stones at police and Border Guard forces who raided the compound to evacuate them. Dozens initially refused to leave the mosque but later cleared out on their own accord. Police say further arrests are expected.

The riots have caused a stir in the Arab world. Al-Jazeera carried a live broadcast from the Temple Mount. Sheikh Muhammad Hussein Hussein of the al-Aqsa mosque said: “We demand that no settlers, radicals or soldiers enter the mosque to avoid friction.” He claimed that the Israeli government is responsible for the situation and will “bear the consequences.”

But there were no settlers or “radicals” (who does he think radicals are? Christian tourists?) on the Temple Mount, and the soldiers only entered after the violence began.

Jerusalem District chief Nisso Shaham told reporters that the riots broke out after a right-wing activist posted online ads calling to “cleanse the Arabs from the al-Aqsa Mosque.” He said Friday’s events were the climax of riots in the past two weeks.

Shaham was referring to an ad announcing a future Temple Mount visit by Moshe Feiglin and his supports.

Fearing riots police closed the area to Jewish visitors.

Moshe Feiglin denied that he had issued the poster; he claimed it was a forgery and was not issued by him. Perhaps if the police would close the area to Muslim worshippers instead of Jewish visitors the Palestinians would learn a valuable lesson. But that would be politically incorrect of course, so it won’t happen.

On Thursday, Jerusalem Police declared a heightened state of alert at the Old City due to mounting tensions over calls by right-wing elements and members of the Temple Mount Faithful group to visit the site.

“This time it was decided not to restrict entry to the Temple Mount so as not to harm the freedom of religion,” Shaham said.

Several cases of stone throwing were recorded in the Old City in the past week. The first incident saw police arrest 18 protesters suspected of rioting after hurling chairs at security forces. Several days later, an officer was injured when Arabs hurled stones at him. Police arrested three suspects.

The Muslims go on and on about the holiness of the Al Aqsa mosque and the entire Temple Mount compound, but anyone who can treat their shrines with the kind of disrespect shown in the video below does not know what holiness is and has no respect for any religions whatsoever.

Just feel the holiness emanating from this video:

It’s about time Israel took back control of Judaism’s holiest site into its own hands, away from the corrupt and violent Waqf.

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3 Responses to Muslim worshippers hurl stones from Al Aqsa compound

  1. Rob Harris says:

    Hi Anne, this story is also interesting because Ali Abunimah, the so-called “humanitarian”, BDS advocate, founder of Electronic Intifada, and one-state solutioner, started a twitter campaign claiming that Likud leaders were going to destroy the Al-Aqsa Mosque and erect a Jewish temple in its place. Despite the fact that it was widely publicised that it was a hoax the violence still occurred.

    Abunimah asserted the Tweets were due to the posters/flyers Feiglin was supposedly behind. Not saying Abunimah was personally involved but I can only assume people with values like Ali are actually behind the hoax due to the frequent use of the Mosque for incitement. In 2009 Abunimah twittered!/AliAbunimah/statuses/160277934865784833 that it was time for the Third Intifada. Seeing how the second one was started its not hard to come to that conclusion…

    • anneinpt says:

      Thanks for the link to EoZ, Rob. Yes, Abunimah has a lot to answer for – specifically incitement to violence; in this case it could have led to yet another war. He’s a nasty piece fo work.

  2. Earl says:

    I marvelled at the beauty of Jerusalem, but it is all-too-frequently bespoiled by the presence of the Mohammedans. The al Aqsa compound was utterly filthy and decrepit, with evidence of stones being thrown from the parapets; so much for the importance of “Islam’s Third Holiest Site” beyond being a beachhead into Israel’s capital city. More generally, nowhere in IL did I see any evidence of Arab civic pride or “fineness”- just half-finished construction amidst disorder.

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