Pallywood stone-throwing and Pallywood photographers

It has become increasingly clear over the years that many acts of Palestinian violence or Palestinian victimhood have been staged with careful preparation and pre-meditation by the Palestinian activists or “victims” themselves.  A new video produced by an Italian photo-journalist goes on to show that the media themselves are active collaborators in this staged but very real violence, to an extent that one wonders whether the media actually cause the violence. If the media were not present, would the violent acts have ever taken place?

Watch this video and then read on:

Treppenwitz (an excellent and entertaining blog on life in Israel) has a very interesting post about this, and it was he who posted the video above.  To quote some very relevant snippets:

…when I passed the site of one of the more serious attacks, I noticed that the photographers had not finished packing up their gear.  There was so much equipment and so many photographers that it looked like a location shoot for a Hollywood movie or TV series.

Here’s a photo that appeared in the media after the ambush was wrapped completed for the day:


…In the photo it is clear that she (like several of the cars before and after her) was attacked with large cut stones and bricks… not harmless pebbles as the apologists and useful idiots would have you believe. What you don’t see is the group of photographers who had received advance notice of the ambush…

Here’s where I my thinking goes sideways.

How can it be that any civilized society can grant actual or de facto immunity to a segment of the population from having to report foreknowledge of violent attacks that can reasonably be assumed will cause damage to property, serious injury and even loss of life?

…I can’t help feeling that in addition to violating the above-mentioned prohibition against not reporting crimes about to be committed, Journalists who show up in advance to cover these ambushes should be prosecuted as full accessories, and be subject to penalties as severe as for those who actually carry out the attack.

I couldn’t agree more.  It’s about time the Israeli authorities held to account those who actively participate in or even provoke violence against Israeli civilians and soldiers.

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