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Guardian journalists warn that attack on Iran would be “criminal stupidity”

The first part of this article was cross-posted at CifWatch. I suppose they know whereof they speak since it takes one to know one. Seamus Shameless Milne is another of those Guardian columnists who never met a dictator he couldn’t … Continue reading

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Playing down the Iranian threat, trying to dissuade Israel from attacking Iran

The on-again off-again game of deterring Israel from attacking Iran is at play once again, with the US sending its National Security Advisor Tom Donilon to Israel for “consultations” with Binyamin Netanyahu. The White House announced Friday that National Security … Continue reading

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Israel consolidates its regional alliances

A couple of events this past week demonstrate how Israel is strengthening its alliances in the Mediterranean basin. The Israeli Air Force announced that it will be buying its new training jets from Italy, upsetting contender South Korea in the … Continue reading

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The Times of Israel

Here is something to sweeten the gloom and doom about media bias against Israel: David Horovitz, former editor of the Jerusalem Post, has started up a new website, The Times of Israel, and it is looking great! From David Horovitz’s … Continue reading

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A win and a loss in media bias cases

A great morale-boost was granted to Israel yesterday when a French court acquitted an Israeli doctor of slandering a Palestinian in the Mohammed al-Dura case. For those who do not remember, Mohammed al-Dura became one of the abiding icons of … Continue reading

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How Anti-Zionism is equivalent to anti-Semitism

Several recent articles that I came across addressed similar issues within an overriding theme: how the “new” politically correct anti-Zionism (or anti-Israelism if you wish) is simply the old-fashioned anti-Semitism in disguise. First amongst these articles, in the Jewish Daily … Continue reading

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