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The Global March to Jerusalem – another attempt to breach Israel’s borders

Hundreds of thousands of Muslims, anti-Israel activists and assorted ill-wishers are planning to take part in a “Global March to Jerusalem” tomorrow, March 30th, also known to Palestinians as Land Day. [UPDATE: I will update any important events related to … Continue reading

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Guardian calls Israeli border fences a sign of weakness

Harriet Sherwood, the Guardian’s official Jerusalem correspondent,  has produced a strange article which both sneers at and condemns Israel’s border fences on ALL its borders (not just the West Bank), citing “critics who call it a sign of weakness” and … Continue reading

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Israel cuts off ties with UN Human “Rights” Council

Continuing on from the UN Human “Rights” Council’s latest anti-Israel outrage, The Foreign Ministry announced that it is cutting off all ties with the UN Human Rights Council following its decision to send a “fact-finding mission” to investigate the settlements’ … Continue reading

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Message from the US Supreme Court: Jerusalem is in Israel

Further to my blog post from a few months ago about Menachem Zivotofsky, an American boy born in Jerusalem, whose parents requested to have Israel recorded in his passport as his country of birth instead of “Jerusalem” as a city … Continue reading

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Migron compromise thwarted by Supreme Court

The status of the Migron community, mistakenly called an outpost, has been rumbling in the background for years, with claims and counter-claims as to who is the real owner of the land it sits on. What is clear is that … Continue reading

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UN Human Wrongs Council’s outrageous outrage of the day

UN Watch informs us of the UN Human Rights Wrongs Council’s latest outrage of the day, and I’m sure you will not have a hard time in guessing that this outrage involves a condemnation of Israel of some sort or … Continue reading

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