Why didn’t the chicken duck cross the road?

One drenched terrified duck

One drenched terrified duck

A funny and heartwarming story caught my eye today, an “only in Israel” story, which I thought I’d post for you in order to lighten all the latest gloom and doom for a while.

Police rescue drenched duck

Police rescue drenched duck

The story appeared in Hebrew Ynet; It’s headline is the Hebrew equivalent of “Wild Goose Chase” but I prefer my own headline. 🙂  Here is my free translation:

Motorists driving home along the Ayalon Highway (in Tel Aviv) were met with a two-footed surprise which led to slight delays.  Just as night fell, while it was teeming with rain, traffic police on routine patrol on the Ayalon Highway spotted a wet and scared duck stuck on a traffic island  underneath a bridge. They realized it was in distress and stopped their cruiser.

Police Officer Avishai Iluz told Ynet: “The duck was completely soaked and terrified, and shaking from the cold. We realized that the duck didn’t belong there although it’s not clear how it got there. We decided to pick it up.”

The cops alerted another police cruiser in order to slow down the traffic so that the duck shouldn’t try to run into it, endangering itself and the drivers. After slowing down the traffic the policemen approached the duck, which apparently was not scared of them, and transferred it to the Municipal Zoo in Ramat Gan, where it will receive shelter and care.

It is still unknown where the duck came from and how it arrived.

If only the traffic cops were as warm-hearted towards human drivers… 🙂

Talking of warm, my second link above will take you to Ynet’s Hebrew report on the winter weather. In case you weren’t paying attention, Israel is enjoying its coldest, wettest, windiest winter in decades. I use the word “enjoying” advisedly – we so desperately need the rain that we actively enjoy every drop. You will never find people complaining about the rain and snow in Israel. It will get very hot soon enough.

To read more about the weather, see this link here and this one too.

And to demonstrate how strong the winds have been, just watch this video and see how the wind beat Maccabi Haifa at their own game!

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