Happy Purim with the Latma Megillah

Another classic, brilliant and funny and sharply biting video, with a twist in the tail (tale?) as befits Purim. For those not in the know, the chant used by “Yariv Googleheimer” in the video is identical to that used when reading the Megillah in the synagogue. The language of the “Megillah” is also very similar to the original. The funniest bit is that Googleheimer acts like a typical gabbai (warden) shushing the shul when they get too raucous with their ra’ashanim (greggers, groggers, rattles, noisemakers, depending on your country of origin 🙂 ).

Enjoy! And may all our enemies be overturned.


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2 Responses to Happy Purim with the Latma Megillah

  1. otmoor says:

    Side splitting humour, very sharp.Thanks for posting it.

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