Shooting attack at Jewish school in France: at least 2 children killed

Otzar Hatorah School in Toulouse

Otzar Hatorah School in Toulouse

There has been a shooting attack on a Jewish school in Toulouse, south-west France, leaving 2 children and one adult dead.

[Update: 1 adult and 3 children have been killed. See my update post on the attack].

A multi-victim shooting took place outside a Jewish school in the French city of Toulouse, French authorities reported Monday. Witnesses said that at least three people were killed, including two children.

Initial details suggest that a man riding on a motorcycle opened fire on the Ozar Hatorah school, killing at least two children, one adult, and wounding several others others.

The shooter has fled the scene and the Toulouse Police are in the midst of a manhunt. French police and emergency services are at the scene.

French Interior Minister Claude Gueant is making his way to the scene. French Interior Minister Claude Gueant is making his way to the scene. Paris’ Interior Ministry had ordered to increase surveillance and protection of Jewish institutions across France.

Haaretz puts the death toll at four while Arutz Sheva adds that the background of the shooting is not clear:

The shooting comes three days after three French paratroopers were shot dead by a man 30 km. from Toulouse. An 11.43 mm. weapon was used in that attack as well, according to the news reports. Another attack wounded several policemen Sunday.
This is dreadful and shocking news.  I hope and pray, as I’m sure you all do, that the terrorist (that’s what he is, no matter his motives) is caught and brought to justice immediately.


I wish refuah shlema to the wounded and comfort amongst the mourners of Zion for the families of the children killed.
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  2. reality says:

    how awful. I just read that they think he’s a neo nazi (what else is new?) & that he’s killed various others including a muslim or 2 -I wonder if thats really true or just being added to try to stop the debate whetther it was a hate crime or no. Whatever it is – I hope they catch him & kill him. May the families be comforted amongst the mourners of Zion & refuah shlema to the injured. Let us always remeber the murdered people z”l

    • anneinpt says:

      My initial reaction was also to suspect Muslim terrorists, but as you say, it appears that it might very well be neo-Nazis who are responsible. This is based on the fact that a very similar attack on ethnic minority French soldiers took place using the same gun and motorbike last week.

      See my next blog post for more details.

  3. cba says:
    “Four victims of Toulouse shooting to be buried in Israel; Sarkozy mourns ‘national tragedy’
    Rabbi Jonathan Sandler, his two sons and another girl killed at Jewish school; gunman still at large, but initial reports point to neo-Nazi gang; president orders minute of silence in French schools Tuesday”

  4. cba says:

    “Marc Sztulman, a leader of the Jewish community in Toulouse, confirmed that some students were severely wounded and are still in critical condition.”

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