Toulouse Jewish school shooting update

Rabbi Jonathan Sandler and his 2 sons Aryeh and Gavriel HY'D

Rabbi Jonathan Sandler and his 2 sons Aryeh and Gavriel HY'D

The victims of the dreadful shooting attack on a Jewish school in Toulouse have been identified as Rabbi Jonathan Sandler, a teacher in the school and an Israeli national, his two small children and Miriam Monstagno, the 8 year old daughter of the headmaster.

Rabbi Jonathan Sandler, 30, was on his way to drop off his kids at the Gan Rachi kindergarten, adjacent to the Ozar Hatorah school where he teaches, when he was gunned down along with his two sons Gavriel and Aryeh, 6 and 3 years old. Miriam Monsonego, 8, the daughter of the head of Otzer Hatorah, was shot as well and died of her wounds shortly after.

8 year old Miriam Monstango HY'D

8 year old Miriam Monsonego HY'D

The article has more details about the shooting attack

“The drama occurred a bit before 8 a.m. A man arrived in front of the school on a motorcycle or scooter,” prosecutor Michel Valet said, adding that the man got off his scooter outside the school and opened fire.

“He shot at everything he had in front of him, children and adults,” he said. “The children were chased inside the school.”

The shooting victims are to be brought to Israel for burial. The bodies will apparently be flown out still tonight (Monday night) according to Israel Radio station Reshet Bet.

France 24, the English language French TV station, reports that the gun and the motorbike involved in the attack are the same as those used in earlier attacks which killed 3 off-duty French paratroopers. Since those soldiers were all from ethnic minorities, suspicion is beginning to fall onto Neo-Nazi terrorists as opposed to the “usual suspects” of Moslem terrorists.

On Monday afternoon, judicial sources confirmed that the bullets fired at the school had been fired from the same weapon used in last week’s deadly shootings in Montauban and Toulouse.

The shooting on March 15 in nearby Montauban saw two soldiers killed by a gunman riding a scooter.

The soldiers, of the 17th Parachute Engineering Regiment recently returned from operations in Afghanistan, were killed outside their barracks.

Four days before, a soldier from another airborne regiment was killed in Toulouse.

“All the soldiers who were killed were from ethnic minorities,” said Bockman. “So this is looking like a series of racist killings.”

Sarkozy had earlier said, “We are struck by the similarities between the modus operandi of today’s drama and those last week.”

It also emerged late Monday that the same scooter has been used in all three attacks.

Ynet brings reports from other news sources that it is possible (though obviously still not confirmed) that the suspected neo-Nazi attackers were demoted French soldiers:

French police investigating the fatal shootings of a teacher and three children at a Jewish school in Toulouse on Monday are hunting three soldiers who were expelled over claims they were neo-Nazis, the local Le Point newspaper reported.

The men were all axed from their elite paratrooper regiment in 2008 after a photo surfaced of them giving Nazi salutes in front of a Swastika flag.

The shooting attack has been condemned across the board worldwide. Only the execrable Catherine Ashton, EU Policy Chief, couldn’t bring herself to make a simple statement of condemnation but had to compare the victims to the children of Gaza and Syria.

European Union Foreign Policy Chief Catherine Ashton compared the children who were murdered in Monday’s shooting attack on a Jewish school in Toulouse, France with children who are killed in Gaza.

“When we think about what happened today in Toulouse, we remember what happened in Norway last year, we know what is happening in Syria, and we see what is happening in Gaza and other places,” Ashton said on the sidelines of a meeting of Palestinian youths in Brussels.

She seems incapable of any empathy with either Jews or Israelis. Only Palestinians can be victims according to her. Will not someone rid us of this horrible woman?

Update: Elder of Ziyon eloquently addresses the problematic statement by Catherine Ashton.

Once again I send condolences to the families of the victims, may Hashem avenge their blood, and wish refuah shlema to the wounded.

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12 Responses to Toulouse Jewish school shooting update

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  2. Leslie Greenberg says:

    Sorry, Anne, was that a typo? Didn’t you mean “the excrement Catherine Ashton”?

  3. annediamond1 says:

    no words will bring these children and the Rabbi we can only hope that those responsible will be brought to task our thoughts are with the families

  4. David inPT says:

    Catherine Ashton’s statement is obnoxious, and by extension she is obnoxious. The time has come to declare her persona non grata in Israel. She can enter and exit Gaza through Egypt via Rafiah at her own risk. But Yehuda and Shomron, and of course the rest of Israel will be off limits to her. Our national pride must be invoked and our Foreign Ministry insist that this vile prejudiced so-called diplomat be vomited out of any process involving Israel. Tell the EU where to get off!

  5. David inPT says:

    As a further comment on the situation, is it not time that JDL tactics are imported from the USA to Europe. And what about reconstructing and reactivating the assassination squads that Israel sent into Europe to avenge the Munich massacre. Neo-Nazi groups are a lovely juicy target, and Israel can show the Europeans that if they won’t protect their domestic Jewish population then Israel will take matters into its own hands and b*gger the diplomatic consequences.

    • anneinpt says:

      I’d be reluctant to activate a JDL type squad. What’s wrong with the CST example? Sort of enhanced neighbourhood watch? Of course it would have been helpful had there been some sort of police presence there too.

      Neo-Nazis are revolting and obviously extremely dangerous, but I still think we mustn’t ignore the threat from Muslims and the extreme left.

  6. floranista says:

    My heart broke upon hearing about these murders. How on earth can a supposed “human” being kill children? G-d rest their souls, my prayers are with their families.

    As for the self-important ashton and others of her ilk, they have no shame, no tragedy is great enough not to be used for their political agenda. She should be shunned.

  7. Rob Harris says:

    Hi Anne, I agree with you about Catherine Ashton. She has consistently struck a shrill note with regard to Israel, even by European Union standards, which are unpleasant enough. It is appalling that so many are comparing Israel/Palestine to Syria where they are shooting people en masse, for merely protesting whilst in Israel they are targeting terrorists that are a danger to civilian life.

    By the way some articles by Reuters etc. are mentioning the August 1982 gun and grenade attack on a Jewish Restaurant in the Jewish quarter of Paris that left 6 dead and 22 wounded in relation to the recent attack. The media describes the incident as a terrorist attack, sufficienty descriptive wording for once but they neglect to mention that it was strongly associated with the famous Palestinian extremist Abu Nidal at that time.

  8. floranista says:

    but they neglect to mention that it was strongly associated with the famous Palestinian extremist Abu Nidal

    Not surprising for the NYTimes but at least they call it what it is and that’s progress.

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