UN Human Wrongs Council’s outrageous outrage of the day

Anti-Israel biased UN

Anti-Israel biased UN

UN Watch informs us of the UN Human Rights Wrongs Council’s latest outrage of the day, and I’m sure you will not have a hard time in guessing that this outrage involves a condemnation of Israel of some sort or other.

The UN’s top human rights body condemned Israel today in five separate resolutions, the same amount devoted to the rest of the world combined. One farcical text, written by Syria, which is now slaughtering its own people, found Israel guilty of major violations in the Golan heights. Another created a “fact-finding mission” into the settlements, which, like the notorious Goldstone inquiry, is expected to generate a massive international legal, political and media campaign, deflecting attention from abuses committed by the resolution’s sponsors—the Arab and Islamic blocs including Iran, Syria and the Palestinians—and onto Israel

In the debate leading up to today’s assault on Israel, held under the UN Human Rights Council’s permanent agenda item on alleged Israeli violations, Iran, Syria, Sudan and other serial rights abusers accused Israel of violating international law and basic human rights

Watch the video with of the “debate” and (if you have the stomach and low enough blood pressure to bear it) and Hillel Neuer’s excellent response, which will no doubt be utterly ignored.

The UNHRC has now gone one step further and created a Goldstone-type commission to “investigate” (i.e. prove their prejudices) Israeli settlements, as if there is nothing more burning in the Middle East today than some Jews building houses on a hill.

The 47-nation UN Human Rights Council today adopted five resolutions condemning Israel, including one that creates a new “fact-finding mission” into alleged Israeli violations relating to settlements, a mandate the UN estimates will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. For full texts and voting results click here.

“On the same day that the UN Human Rights Council severely watered-down a text allowing Sri Lanka to determine what advice it receives from the UN—and after the council ignored our own proposed resolutions for victims of abuses in China, Cuba, Saudi Arabia and Zimbabwe—the session directed half of all its condemnatory resolutions against one single state, Israel,” said Hillel Neuer, executive director of UN Watch.

“Sadly, the council remains partisan, selective and politicized, and is failing its founding mission to defend the world’s victims of human rights violations.”

“The council’s new fact-finding mission on settlements–whose co-sponsors include Syria and Iran–is a fraud, with the guilty verdict determined in advance. The egregiously one-sided resolution omits any mention of officially-sanctioned Palestinian terrorism, rocket fire targeting civilians and incitement to hatred, anti-Semitism and genocide.”

Israel immediately announced that it will not cooperate with this biased and prejudicial “commission”.

Netanyahu slammed the council decision to launch a probe, saying, “The Human Rights Council has nothing to do with human rights … This is hypocritical council with an automatic majority against Israel.”

“This council ought to be ashamed of itself,” he stressed.

“Until today, the council has made 91 decisions, 39 of which dealt with Israel, three with Syria and one with Iran. One only had to hear the Syrian representative speak today about human rights in order to understand how detached from reality the council is,” Netanyahu said. “Another proof of its detachment from reality came last week when it invited before it a representative of Hamas, an organization whose ideology is based on the murder of innocents.”

Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said on Friday he is considering returning Israel’s ambassador at the Geneva-based Human Rights Council, Army Radio reported.


The United States also commented on the HRC’s decision to launch a probe, saying it continued to be “deeply troubled by this Council’s biased and disproportionate focus on Israel, as exemplified by the creation of another one-sided United Nations mechanism related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.”

On Monday, U.S. Ambassador Eileen Chamberlain Donahoe did not mention the Palestinian request for the probe when she addressed the U.N. forum in Geneva. But she did say that the council was biased and had a disproportionate focus on Israel, adding it should hold all countries to the same standards.

Commenting on the opportunity for the Syrian delegate to complain about Israel’s behavior in the Golan Heights, Donahoe said it was hypocritical to hold a debate that included a resolution on human rights in the Golan, saying it was “motivated by the Syrian regime at a time when it is murdering its own citizens.”

 This being the Holy Land, miracles do occasionally occur (even if with the wrong justification), as we read:

In a rare occurrence, some activists on the Left echoed the opposition heard from the right to the HCR’s probe. Yariv Oppenheimer, head of the Peace Now organization, said that “the issue of settlements and their impact on the region is an important issue. The members of the U.N. Human Rights Council, which lost its legitimacy as an objective and regional entity long ago, are the last that ones that should probe this issue. Its report against the settlements is likely only to help the settlers in their hasbara [public diplomacy] struggle.”

Ynet adds:

A source in Netanyahu’s office said Israel would not cooperate with the investigation which he described as biased, adding that Israel did not want to give it legitimacy.

Israel’s former Prime Minister and founding father David Ben Gurion got it right over 60 years ago when he dismissed the UN (in Hebrew it’s acronym reads Oom) with “Oom Shmoom”.   The trouble is they are not a laughing matter any more. They are positively dangerous, not only to the genuine downtrodden refugees but especially to the health of the Jewish people in its homeland, Israel.

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10 Responses to UN Human Wrongs Council’s outrageous outrage of the day

  1. Earl says:

    Just more low-intensity, unceasing, tiresome lawfare aimed at Israel by an utterly discredited organization. Louise al-Bour has a great deal to answer for- this grotesque farce is her creation.

    As for Bibi’s ““This council ought to be ashamed of itself”, the comment was facaetious. Correct?

    • anneinpt says:

      I would tend to agree with you Earl except that this “low-intensity lawfare” is not so low-intensity. Just remember the fallout from the Goldstone Report. Even though Goldstone himself has repudiated most of his claims, the mud has stuck and Israel’s name is blackened in the international consciousness. I know that in practice there is little material effect, but these smears lead to the constant BDS efforts and other lawfare attempts (e.g. trying to arrest Israeli MKs or army officers) and countering the efforts take both money and time.

      Why do you think Bibi’s comment was facetious? They should be ashamed of themselves! Or do you mean that they are incapable of such and therefore he shouldn’t have bothered?

      • Earl says:

        The latter. The UN? Ashamed of its actions? Impossible- child rape; fraud; Judenhass; featherbedding; nepotism; incompetence- the list of its failings is immeasurable.

  2. R. Thompson, aka Aridog says:

    A question I think bears on this topic: Just how does anyone, Israeli or not, keep track of the multiple upon multiple “Al – name of the week-brigades?” It seems like under both the PA and Hamas, as well as everywhere else, there are so many “factions,” and factions within factions, that operate independently when they wish, that no one can be held directly accountable, even if someone tried. Everyone gets a pass it seems.

    It is maddening to a westerner. A coordinated mass of fragments that can and do act in concert and also regularly act out individually as their wish … all over the freaking world. No wonder the Neanderthal Islamic fanatical ideologues can just keep on keeping on … knowing that if they achieve their ends, they will rule those they’ve inspired by ignorance.

    What a mess.

    • anneinpt says:

      I’m not sure most people can keep track of the “Al-terrorist of the day Brigade” but I’m 99.9% sure the IDF and its intel services do. In fact I know so because my son #2 did exactly that during his army service, and spent one long Friday night explaining to us the difference between all the different organizations. What practical difference this makes to the average citizen I’m not quite sure. They’re all the same murderous bastards as far as I’m concerned but my son explained how they all have slightly different methods of action. Big deal.

      A lot of these offshoot branches of terrorist organizations are simply a smokescreen so that Hamas or Islamic Jihad for example can dissociate themselves from any terrorist actions and claim innocence. The trouble with the West is that so many people take these claims of innocence by the main terror orgs at face value. I would make an educated guess that international intel organizations are kept in the loop by Israel re who’s who.

      • R. Thompson, aka Aridog says:

        Agree about the smokescreen intention … and it seems to work as you say with much of the west taking claims of innocence at face value. Al Quaeda is organized the same way. Hell, all the Islamic Terror Groups are organized that way.

        I suspect we’ll soon see a bit of increasing brother on brother violence in Iraq as we pull out. Then they can focus on hating each other.

        • R. Thompson, aka Aridog says:

          Meant to add that whilst Iraqi’s are killing each other, Muktada al Sadr will be busy taking over the country, at least the lower 2/3’s of it with his Maddi Army.

          • anneinpt says:

            I think the brother-on-brother violence in Iraq is already running at almost peak level. How much worse can it get with the daily reports of suicide bombs, car bombs, shootings, kidnappings…

            And yeah, after the final troop withdrawal I expect Iraq to resemble Gaza writ large. Not a pretty picture.

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