Inspiring Pesach-themed video

Rabbi Warren Goldstein, the Chief Rabbi of South Africa, has produced a marvellous video, set to the music of Yakov Shweky’s “Vehi She’amda” (“and it stood by us” – a passage from the Seder service) which is truly inspiring and so suitable for the Pesach (Passover) festival which will be beginning on Friday night.

The full text can be found here (h/t JPost). Below is a small excerpt.

As we go through the Hagadah we see the exodus from Egypt not as an isolated event but as an event which occurred in the context of our people’s history, going all the way back to our Forefathers and –mothers. We recount not only the experience of the Exodus but how we got to Egypt in the first place, the destiny of our people and the events following our redemption – the giving of the Torah at Mount Sinai, and entering the land of Israel. We look at the full sweep of history, not just at the individual events being recounted at that moment. In the world of the Hagadah we feel past, present and future merging into a coherent and congruent story of who we are and what our Divine mission and purpose is.

Through this G-d teaches us an important lesson, and that is that we need to look at things from a broader perspective and to contextualise the events of history in order to make sense of them. Often we get pulled into the vortex of a particular event’s intensity, to the point where we are unable to see the larger picture. But one of the great teachings of Judaism is that nothing in this world is random; no event is an isolated occurrence and everything is part of the Divine sweep of history. We need to piece the fragments together so that they cohere in a meaningful way which reflects G-d’s master plan.

Read it all if you wish, but I recommend you just watch the video and be inspired.


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6 Responses to Inspiring Pesach-themed video

  1. reality says:

    wow what an inspiring man & video. Thank you for that -at least when we’re bogged down by pesach cleaning we get a real perspective of whats important. Chag Sameach & a safe & happy Pessach to all am Yisrael

  2. R. Thompson, aka Aridog says:

    Not to dampen the joy of Pesach, but a note here on one Anerican Jew who is unlikely to be celebrating much of anything….unless media cameras are present. Jewbags leader twit appointed the Democratic Party “outreach” to Jews for the 2012 election. The Jew Cash Money Team is, of course, anti-Israel, and the leader has a history of liaison with pro-Palestinian factions. Perfect liaison then for outreach to Jews here for the 2012 election … and is indicative of why over 65% of American Jews vote for Democrats like Obama. Being “Heeb” is hip, you see, if you “bravely” (from the safety of the USA) vote against your self-interest on the world scale.


    • anneinpt says:

      Oy vey! On the other hand, none of what you’ve written is really a surprise, sadly enough.

      On the other other hand, the video inspires us to withstand all this self-hating idiocy. As the good Rabbi says, quoting the Hagaddah, “in every generation they rise up to eradicate us”. The Hagaddah doesn’t clarify who “they” are because they differ in every generation. Sometimes it was the Crusades, other times Muslim pogroms, or Cossack pogroms, etc. In our generation it is both the Islamo-fascists and their fellow-travellers and supporters on the extreme left. And just as we have overcome all those other oppressors we shall overcome these ones too.

      • R. Thompson, aka Aridog says:

        I agree that none of it is a surprise. That is the sad part. As for American Jews like those in the articles, I compare them to American Catholics who constantly claim “their G-d” doesn’t do this or that, as if G-d is a rheostat to be turned up or down as suits an individuals purpose. Now I’m pretty secular personally, but my better half is not, and I am constantly amazed at the number of people she has to deal with who assert primacy of their personal “G-d.” I highly respect and support those people who live their faiths, and actually wish I could be devout myself … but for times long ago and far away, perhaps I could, lacking the cold bloodedness that ensued.

        Either way, I detest those who don a religous mantle and then proceed to defile it and redefine it. Maybe it’s just me.

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