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Guardian’s focus on Israeli refugee centre ignores both context and other centres worldwide

This is a cross-post from CiFWatch. Last week the Guardian slaked its anti-Israel obsession with an article written by Phoebe Greenwood focusing on a proposed detention center for refugees and illegal infiltrators into Israel. The tone of the article is … Continue reading

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How the Palestinian death sentence for Arab land vendors affects Israeli settlement policy

This first item is a couple of weeks old but it ties in to today’s news, and in any event is so outrageous that it needs a post of its own. It starts with a house in Hevron which was … Continue reading

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Yom Hashoah 5772

Today Israel marks Holocaust Memorial Day, and as in every year, this morning at 10 a.m. the sirens sounded for 2 minutes while citizens stopped what they were doing and stood still in silence in memory of the 6 million … Continue reading

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IDF commander hits protestor – world disaster ensues

At least that is what one would be led to think if one would believe everything that is written in the leftist Israel media and the international media. The facts: At a protest on route 90, pro-Palestinian “activists” (terror supporters) … Continue reading

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Flytilla Folly Fizzles

It’s spring, the day after Pesach, so what do pro-Palestinian terror-supporting “activists” do to celebrate? Why, they plan a “fly-in” to Israel – a flytilla – along the lines of the various flotillas that tried to “break the siege” of … Continue reading

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Judaising Jerusalem? You betcha!

One of the most ridiculous charges against Israel by both extremist Muslims and the anti-Israel hard left is that of “Judaising” Jerusalem. Every time I hear that phrase it almost makes me giggle. Firstly, it just sounds ridiculous – such … Continue reading

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