Those moderate Jordanians

Kerak in Jordan where Jewish tourists were attacked

Kerak in Jordan where Jewish tourists were attacked

Some moderate Jordanian citizens were outraged when they spotted a group of evil Zionist settlers Jewish tourists, and gave expression to their moderate outrage by stoning the settlers tourists and forcing them out of town.

A group of Jewish tourists were attacked and forced out of the town of Kerak, in Jordan recently, after a local store owner noticed them wearing religious clothing.

“Salem Jeradat – who owns a grocery in the town – was surprised Sunday afternoon by a delegation of Jewish men and women who were wearing the clothing of religious Jews, which led him to throw his shoes at them,” writes Al Jazeera.

Of course – he’s anti Semitic-clothing. Not an antisemite per se. Never that.

It was after this that local residents escalated the attack, forcing the tourists to leave.

“‘Then the people of the town immediately approached the group, threw shoes and stones, and kicked them out of town,” Jeradat told Al Jazeera. “The people of Jordan do not accept the Jews entering their homeland, and the Araba Valley treaty between Jordan and the Zionist entity does not represent us,” he said.

Just remember that Jordan signed a peace treaty with Israel in 1994. Obviously it’s going the same way as the treaty with Egypt.

And remember – they are not antisemitic, just anti-Zionist. And moderate, mustn’t forget that one.

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5 Responses to Those moderate Jordanians

  1. Hunter says:

    Don;t give those animals any money.

    • anneinpt says:

      Hunter, I think you should address your advice to the US or UN. Israel doesn’t give any money to Jordan. We give enough to the Palestinians.

  2. reality says:

    This should be used as a warning to all Israelis not to travel to Jordsn & to tell all Jordanians that they aren’t welcome here. Make sure everyone prepares themselves to stop them at all tourist sites especially if they wear religious clothing! What is religious Jewish clothing by the way? All tourist should be asked to prouce their passports at every site & any arabs shouldn’t be allowed in. Obviously this is called discrimination but if other countries can do this then we can too!

  3. Adam says:

    Simple – don’t go to Jordan. Let them sink into the economic cesspit by themselves – they’re in the moral one already.

    • anneinpt says:

      Exactly. I really don’t understand why any Israeli tourist would travel to Jordan when they know they are so unwelcome. Even non-Israeli Jewish tourists should avoid the place since they are so hostile.

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