Terrorist attack along Egyptian border, one civilian killed

Kadesh Barnea-Nitzana

Kadesh Barnea-Nitzana, area of terrorist attack
(Egypt is to the left of the border line)

The ongoing and growing lawlessness along our southern border, emanating from Egypt and Sinai, has brought us another terror attack, resulting in one civilian killed and one injured, besides one terrorist in the return IDF fire:

An Israeli citizen and at least one terrorist were killed in an attack on the Egyptian border on Monday.

An explosive device was detonated where workers were building a border fence, killing one workman. IDF soldiers shot and killed at least one of the terrorists who infiltrated the border.

It was not immediately clear if the gunmen crossed through from Egypt or from the southern Gaza Strip.

The IDF is currently searching for additional terrorists that are suspected of infiltrating into Israel. One officer said the cell likely consisted of four terrorists. The IDF has ordered all residents in the area to remain inside their homes and schools were closed for the time being.

This appeared to be most sophisticated attack since the attack last August along the border which killed eight Israelis. The IDF is working to rule out the possibility that the terrorists entered Israel in an attempt to kidnap an Israeli civilian or soldier.

The Times of Israel (h/t cba) adds:

Terrorists detonated a roadside bomb and fired anti-tank rockets at two Israeli vehicles on the Israel-Egypt border Monday morning, followed by semi-automatic fire, killing an Israeli civilian and wounding two others.

Soldiers from the Golani Brigade conducted a fire fight with the terrorists, killing one of them. A second terrorist was killed shortly afterwards following an army pursuit.

This attack follows two Grad rocket attacks last week on Mitzpeh Ramon and Ovda, the geographical location of which leads the IDF to reckon that the rockets were fired from Sinai and not from Gaza, the “usual suspect”.

The IDF continues to investigate the circumstances behind the firing of two rockets that hit the Ovda and Mitzpe Ramon areas over the weekend. Their remnants were found on Saturday following open area scans.

It is now believed that the rockets were fired by a cell from the Sinai Peninsula several hours before polling stations opened in the second round of Egypt’s presidential elections.


Army officials are concerned that despite the substantial progress made in the construction of the border fence, terrorist groups sending cells into Sinai will use the area to fire rockets knowing that the IDF will refrain from mounting counter strikes on Egyptian sovereign territory.

Nevertheless, the IDF maintains close cooperation with Egyptian forces.

I wonder how that cooperation with Egyptian forces will pan out under the new regime. Let’s hope it doesn’t deteriorate further.

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3 Responses to Terrorist attack along Egyptian border, one civilian killed

  1. NormanF says:

    The logic of events will push Israel to recover the Sinai, something Israel should never have given up in the first place. Israel is being “bled dry” by the Islamists in Cairo who will certainly re-institute Nasser’s strategy of supporting armed terrorist cells and making life as miserable for Israel as possible. There are few countries in the world that can live with lawless territory next to it. We can only hope Israel does not turn out to be one of them.

    • anneinpt says:

      The USA is living right next door to a lawless Mexico, or at least a large territory of Mexico, so it’s not impossible. Of course it’s highly unrecommended.

      However the terror attack of this morning is not connected to the Islamists in Cairo. It stems from the lawless Bedouin bandits in the Sinai who see their smuggling operations grinding to a halt with the construction of the new border fence. See this Ynet article for details.

      I echo your hope that Israel will be able to successfully confront these bandits as well as the terrorists roaming the Sinai and Gaza.

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