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Work by Yaakov Agam in the Centre Pompidou, Paris

Work by Yaakov Agam in the Centre Pompidou, Paris

The renowned Israeli kinetic artist Yaacov Agam has been given the honour of having his artwork displayed along with that of Picasso and Matisse in the Centre Pompidou mobile museum:

His work will be touring the country in the Centre Pompidou’s first installation exhibition celebrating the masterworks of twentieth century artists analyzing color and form – including art from Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, and Georges Braque. Being the only Israeli artist to be showcased in the presentation, Agam will also be meeting with the public during the tour.

A tribute to Agam’s masterpiece painting Double Metamorphosis kicked off the Centre Pompidou mobile tour’s opening in Boulogne sur Mer last week, with local officials as well as members and ministers of parliament in attendance. The tour, which will take place over a three month period from June until September, includes stops in Chaumont, Boulogne-sur-Mer, Le Havre, Libourne, Nantes, and Aubagne.  The Centre Pompidou mobile will also be unveiling the debut of a new art school.

Born Yaakov Gipstein in 1928 in Rishon LeTzion, then part of Palestine under British mandate,  Agam received no formal schooling and was immersed in the traditions of his kabbalist father Rabbi Yehoshua Gibstein, a pious ascetic devoted to fasting and prayer. Nevertheless, Agam credited being raised in the land of Israel, as well his father, for influencing his spiritual beliefs and his art in a 1962 introduction to an album of his works:

“I should like to emphasize three important factors which I regard as basic to all my research and to my whole work: the fact of having been raised on the soil of Israel, a soil rich in traditions… which have all to be recreated in a new way in order to find their place in modern life; the fact of being the son of a rabbi, who has tried all his life to dissociate the spirit from physical matter; the fact of having become acquainted with the Kabbala and pursuing a quest for inner truth.”

I’m a huge fan of Yaacov Agam so I’m delighted that he’s received this honour. We can all be proud that such a talented artist and proud Jew represents Israel.

Another little item may not be such good news for Iran but it’s good news for us and brought a smile to my face anyway.

Zionist cherries of doom

Zionist cherries of doom

Israeli cherries are being sold in Iranian markets and the authorities there are not happy about it.

Ynet learned Wednesday that Iranian grocers have been selling supposed Israeli cherries for 4,500 Toman – or $2.42 – per kilogram.

Iran’s Mehr News Agency quotes the head of Tehran’s produce association as confirming that the Israeli fruit is, in deed, being sold there.

The report, however, makes no mention of Iran’s trade ties with Israel– which are supposed to be non-existent; nor does it criticize the sale of Israeli produce.

Other media reports in Iran quote a rather predictable comment by an Iranian Trade Ministry official, saying that importing Israeli goods of any kind in prohibited.

“The order system does not have the ability to process ‘Israel’ as a location and since all orders are placed electronically, there is no way for the system to log such goods,” he said.

The “cherry affair” is reminiscent of the 2009 orange scandal, which saw Israel citrus – bearing clear Israeli labels – sold in Iranian markets.

I guess someone ought to tell the Iranians that life is a bowl of cherries, but eating an Israeli cherry is the pits. 🙂

!  שיהיה בתיאבון – Bon Appetit to those who enjoy delicious Israeli fruit.

Shabbat shalom everyone!

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