Rocket barrage hits southern Israel, terrorists try to infiltrate border

An Egyptian armored vehicle burning at Kerem Shalom crossing

An Egyptian armored vehicle commandeered by terrorists burning at the Kerem Shalom crossing on Sunday, August 5. (photo credit: @AvitalLeibovich, Twitter)

It all started when Israel hit back first once again.  Palestinian terrorists have unleashed another rocket onslaught onto the south of Israel in retaliation for the IDF’s killing some infiltrators.

From this Times of Israel article the timeline seems to unfold as follows:

Earlier on Sunday, two rockets were fired from Gaza into southern Israel, the IDF announced through Twitter Sunday evening. One hit the Sha’ar Hanegev area. No damage or injuries were reported.

The Israeli Air Force on Sunday afternoon struck a motorcycle in Rafah, in the southern Gaza Strip, killing a terrorist and seriously wounding another.

The following events are reported at the beginning of the article:

Dozens of mortars were fired at Kerem Shalom from the Gaza Strip Sunday night, hours after an IAF airstrike killed a terrorist in Rafah. Authorities urged residents to remain in fortified shelters and lock their doors.

IDF tanks reportedly returned fire at the source of fire, near the southern Gaza Strip airport of Dahaniya, Palestinian sources cited by Channel 10 reported.

After this initial onslaught a more serious attack with much graver implications occurred:

At least 13 Egyptian soldiers were killed and seven injured Sunday night in an armed assault on a police station on the border with Israel and the Gaza Strip. The attackers then attempted to infiltrate the border with Israel. No Israeli injuries were reported.

The gunmen launched the ambush while the Egyptian troops broke their Ramadan fast, commandeered two Egyptian armored vehicles, and fired towards Israel, Al Arabiya reported.

The terrorists drove the armored cars towards the Israeli border crossing at Kerem Shalom. One vehicle exploded at the Kerem Shalom crossing. The second vehicle entered Israel and the IAF blew up it up.

Israel Radio reported three terrorists killed. IDF forces were conducting searches in the area for any remaining terrorists.

Arutz Sheva adds:

Initial reports from Gaza said that members of an extremist Islamic group attacked two Egyptian army posts in the Egyptian part of Rafiah with anti-tank rockets and gunfire, killing 15 Egyptian officers and soldiers. Al Jazeera later put the number of Egyptian soldiers dead at 20.


According to the Bawaba al-Ahram website, 11 of 20 Egyptian officers and soldiers who died in the attack were killed when a car bomb went off inside an Egyptian military position.

Ynet meanwhile reports that:

The gunmen reportedly took control of two Egyptian armored vehicles using RPG missiles and explosives. One of the vehicles blew up near the Kerem Shalom border crossing, while the other one managed to infiltrate into Israel. The gunmen fired tank shells toward Israeli forces stationed at the border, but IAF aircraft managed to hit the armored vehicle.


The attack occurred during the Iftar evening meal, when Muslims break their Ramadan fast.

Reacting to the incident, senior security officials said that the terrorists who tried to infiltrate Israel were planning a major terror attack. “Should they have succeeded, it could have been a very serious terror attack. A major disaster has been prevented.”

So much for us infidels having to respect Muslim holy days. They don’t even respect their own holy days.

Due to the renewed (or ongoing) violence, residents of the south have once again been asked to remain indoors. Just a reminder – this is the middle of the summer holidays when people are supposed to be  enjoying being outdoors, hiking, swimming or just enjoying nature.

Hours after the Air Force strikes targets in Gaza, resident of Eshkol Regional Council have been instructed to stay indoors following clash between IDF and terrorists at Egypt border. No injuries have been reported.

“We were asked to immediately evacuate to fortified spaces,” one of the residents told Ynet. “At the moment, people are locking themselves indoors.

“My children were at their friends and I was in the dining room with my wife and younger son. I had to go looking for them,” he added.

“This is definitely an unusual incident unlike we’ve experienced in the past,” said another resident. “We received an instruction to immediately enter fortified spaces, whereas usually we get a message asking us to stay nearby a fortified space,” she added.

We’re all relieved that the IDF and IAF have succeeded in thwarting this attack but if only the residents of the south could benefit from the army’s success and did not have to spend so much time in their shelters.

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8 Responses to Rocket barrage hits southern Israel, terrorists try to infiltrate border

  1. Cormac says:

    It would be interesting to know if these terrorists came from Egypt or Gaza.I’ve visited Egypt and I know many Bedouins don’t share the same hostility towards Israel as other Egyptians as their lifestyle prevents them from being brainwashed by the Anti-Semitic Egyptian Media,plus they are considered backward and are often neglected by their government.

    It’s a good thing that they were prevented by the IAF from causing any harm in Israel but it still leaves a lot of questions to be asked.I know this might be a little off topic but most news agencies have failed to mention last years Eilat Attack,maybe it has some relevance? Syria also poses huge security risks and I think King Abdullah may be on the way out.So my question is….Can Israel defend itself against a sustained attack by all its neighbours? I know it’s a little far out there but the Muslim Brotherhood seems to be gaining ground everywhere and I strongly believe Jordan is next.

    • anneinpt says:

      Hello Cormac, thank you for your comment and welcome to my blog.

      As far as I understand, the terrorists came from Egypt, but whether they have connections with Gaza is another matter. Both the IDF and Egypt are investigating the whole incident.

      Thank you for your input about the Bedouins and their attitudes towards Israel and the Jews. This is something that I wasn’t aware of, or which I hadn’t given much thought to.

      As to last year’s terror attack near Sinai, it was reported in the various media, but the coverage was mixed. Many foreign agencies reported from the angle of “Israel hit back first”, i.e. they focused on Israel’s reaction and retaliation rather than on the initial strike. This lack of fair coverage of Israel indeed has a very great bearing on further terrorist acts: as the terrorists see that their attacks don’t garner any great negative reaction, they realize that they almost have a free pass to attack Israel again. Besides this, like naughty children they crave attention, even negative, so they up the ante with ever greater attacks.

      The question you raise about Israel’s readiness to face a multi-front attack isn’t as far-fetched as you think. Indeed the IDF and other agencies in Israel struggle with this threat daily. It has become a very real threat with the collapse of Arab regimes all around Israel, and especially with the Syrian civil war on our doorstep. I do think that Israel will cope with this threat if it ever becomes real (G-d forbid), but that’s not to say that it will be easy.

    • anneinpt says:

      Cormac, I gave you a mention in my next post regarding your point about the Bedouins.

      • Cormac says:

        Hello and thanks for the reply.

        I think most of the terrorists that struck Eilat last year were Palestinian, that I can’t be sure of, however if they aren’t this time there may be a threat to the International Community also, as shipping lanes through the Suez Canal may be a target in the near future.

        The Bedouins do have a reputation for smuggling weapons and refugees but their interests seem to be purely economical.I’m not really sure in regards to Israeli Bedouin however I’ve read that they are more loyal to Israel than certain Arab sectors.

        I don’t think RTE even bothered to cover this recent attack.Yeah, I realise that the media is biased, potraying Israel as the “bad guy” and the Palestinians as sweet little angels certainly gets them more viewers and more popularity so I won’t expect a change anytime soon.

        Hopefully Israel will be able to cope(please God) but I do think that spillover will become inevitable.I’m sure you can remember how the PLO took advantage of Lebanon’s instability in the 70s and launched atrocities such as the Ma’alot and the Avivim School Bus massacre.Unfortunately this may become a reality on every front.

  2. Andrea says:

    “Times of Israel” pointed out the shock and embarassment of Egyptians autorities for their Army’s unpreparedness and terrorst audacity. If purpose of criminal operation was to put Egyptian in shame then result was achieved. Imaging that attack came from Gaza ( I have no evidence for this ) it clearly showed that Egypt has not any control in case of any attack from north- east and knowing widespread paranoia of Egyptian commenters toward Israel I can easily guess that now concerns are for a possible attack from Israel. Well, under a pure technical point of view , this day evidenced a huge gap between Egyptian army and IDF. One of the worst day for Egyptian army but also Brotherhood are full of embarassment : not a very appreciated gift from beloved brothers in Gaza.
    All above of course does not prevent me from expressing my condolences to the soldiers killed on duty and their families. I am also happy that thanks to IDF there were not other victims. IDF has also given an answer to some ( out and inside Israel ) questioning their ability to face external attack. Israeli’s enemies have something to be worried about tonight.

    • anneinpt says:

      There has been a lot of confusion about the identity of the terrorists, and who was their ultimate target. I guess they were going for a “package deal” and trying to hit and embarrass Egypt, Israel and the Brotherhood. It looks like they succeeded with 2 out of 3, but luckily Israel was better prepared this time.

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