Backlash against Ban Ki-Moon for planning to attend NAM opening in Tehran

Ban Ki-Moon and Ahmadinejad

Ban Ki-Moon and Ahmadinejad on an earlier visit

Ban Ki-Moon, Secretary General of the UN, is planning to attend the opening session of the Non Aligned Movement (NAM) in Tehran next week, incurring great criticism from several, some unexpected, quarters.

As Foreign Policy magazine writes:

For weeks, the United States and Israel have been pleading with Ban not to attend the summit, which will include visits by Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas and Egyptian President Mohamed Morsy, on the grounds that it would legitimize a regime that has violated U.N. sanctions and sponsored terrorism. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu publicly criticized Ban’s travel plans as a major mistake, saying: “Mr. Secretary-General, your place is not in Tehran.”

Despite reservations by some of his top aides, Ban has decided to go to Tehran in the hopes of heading off a possible armed confrontation between Israel and Iran over the development of Iran’s nuclear program, which Israel is convinced is part of a covert effort to build a nuclear bomb.

If Ban thinks that visiting Iran will help avoid a conflict, then he is an idiot. And if he doesn’t really believe it then he is an underminer of international values and should be forced out of his post at the UN. If he genuinely wants to avoid an Iran-Israel conflict he should intensify sanctions against Iran, not break the sanctions by visiting there.

As Foreign Policy says:

Ban’s critics say the visit, however well-intentioned, will strengthen the hand of U.N.-bashers, undercut the Obama administration’s efforts to isolate the Iranian regime, and provide Iran’s leaders with a propaganda coup.


Ban’s spokesman, Martin Nesirky, defended the visit, saying that the secretary-general is “fully aware of the sensitivities” and that he “can speak on behalf of the entire international community to make clear directly to the Iranian leadership what the world expects from Tehran and to encourage positive and constructive responses.” Nesirky said not going “would be a missed opportunity.”

U.N. officials say Ban was advised on the pros and cons of traveling to Iran but that he was personally committed to undertaking a peace initiative. They said that Netanyahu’s public appeal to Ban — delivered in what staffers viewed as a condescending tone — backfired, fortifying Ban’s resolve to go. [my emphases -Ed.]

Of course. It always is the Israelis’ fault. If they don’t complain, then the UN will say they received an effective green light from Israel. But if Israel does complain, then that somehow causes a backlash, making Ban all the more determined to go. It’s funny how the US plea didn’t cause a backlash, nor did the reservations of his own top aides. Only Israel’s complaint. Think about that for a bit.

The criticism of Ban came not just from the “usual suspects”, the US and Israel. The Washington Post’s editorial slammed him for his presumptuousness with very harsh words:

The conference promises to be a festival of resistance to the United States, the United Nations Security Council and Israel. Nuclear weapons? Iran has signaled plans to use the conference to defend its right to enrich uranium, which it claims is for peaceful purposes. Sanctions? Iran is busy repainting tankers in the Persian Gulf to evade restrictions on oil exports, concealing money transfers and importing illicit materials for its nuclear program through third countries.

Iran continues to supply weapons to the besieged regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, which subverted the Security Council’s peace initiative. And don’t expect any muffling of Iran’s long-standing and poisonous anti-Zionism.

More likely, Mr. Ban will be forced to endure public lectures from the Iranian leaders about their right to enrich uranium, and rants threatening to wipe Israel off the map.


By attending the Tehran conference, Mr. Ban will dignify a bacchanal of nonsense, undermine the work of the Security Council and probably get nothing in return.

Even the New York Times’ Andrew Rosenthal had a blog-post highly critical of Ban Ki-Moon:

I was appalled that the U.N. Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, has decided to attend an international gathering in Iran, despite the vociferous objections of the United States. Mr. Ban can accomplish nothing with this trip beyond hindering efforts to pressure Iran into giving up its nuclear weapons programs.


What makes this trip especially ridiculous is that Mr. Ban will be attending a meeting of the so-called Nonaligned Movement, an organization started during the Cold War to bring together countries that supposedly were not aligned with either the democratic West or the communist East.

[…]  But after the Cold War, the organization has no meaning at all, other than to provide forums like the one Mr. Ban is attending that lend legitimacy to rogue states like Iran and to the myth of non-alignment.

As a side-note, the Iranians themselves are coming under fire for apparently inviting Hamas and the PA to the NAM conference.  PA President Mahmoud Abbas said:

that he would not allow Iran to divide the Palestinians. Abbas’s comments came after reports that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had invited Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh to attend the meeting of the Non-Aligned Movement meeting in Tehran, beginning on Sunday. PA Foreign Minister Riad Malki announced Sunday that contrary to Hamas claims, Iran has not invited Haniyeh to attend the conference in Tehran. Abbas had agreed to attend the meeting on the condition that he would be the sole representative of the Palestinian people at the meeting

A NAM official denied that Hamas had been invited to the conference.

“Non-Aligned” is a good description of this organization. They can’t even keep the Palestinian representatives from boycotting each other.

Shame on Ban Ki-Moon and shame on every other organization or country attending this conference – including the Palestinians.

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14 Responses to Backlash against Ban Ki-Moon for planning to attend NAM opening in Tehran

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  2. reality says:

    maybe Ban could be “persuaded ” to drop a bomb in the hall while he’s there & solve the worlds problem in one fell swoop!

  3. Bernard says:

    Maybe Ki-Moon, seeing as he is insisting on going on this ill advised visit, could clear up one
    thing for us.

    Over the last number of years, Iranian officials, politicians and clerics, all completely insane, have been repeatedly
    calling for the destruction of Israel and the murder of six million – that number again – Jews.

    But, according to most of the left wing press, we’ve all got lost in translation, mainly because we’re all frothing at the mouth, IDF supporting,
    Mossad loving, throw your granny – and her favourite tom cat – under the bus, right wing zealots.

    What – stand back – the Persians are really calling is for the building of more synagogues in Teheran, a National Ariel Sharon day
    and for Moses to be declared the Jewish and Islamic equivalent of a Vatican approved latter day Saint.

    Maybe Ki-Moon can cast some light on this subject when Ah-mad-inejad is trying to persuade him that their only enriching uranium to power magic carpet rides for the environmentally aware
    Aladdin and the 40 thieves.

    Given the price of gas these days – and Aladdin’s state of penury – only a cynic would doubt Ah-mad-inejad’s word.

    • anneinpt says:

      LOL! I shouldn’t really laugh because the subject matter is so deadly serious, but I do love your subversive suggestions.

      ” their only enriching uranium to power magic carpet rides for the environmentally aware
      Aladdin and the 40 thieves.”

  4. pola says:

    Maybe you should save some of our outrage for the Israeli teenage punks who beat up palestinian youth for no apparent reason.this is in all the American press. And also buid up a little anger for the kangaroo court that said Racel Corrie’s death was an accident. Really the guy driving the bulldozer didn’t see a young woman in a neon orange vest the blind could see? Americans, even American Jews, are losing patience and heart with the injustices occurring in Israel. And don’t get your hopes up about Romney being elected. Most jews will vote for Obama. Instead you focus on this stuff instead of working to change Israel’s image to the world, which is now woefully in need of improvement.

    • Andy Williams says:

      Great comment

    • anneinpt says:

      No, I shall save my outrage for the terrorists who target Israeli schoolchildren on the first day of school.

      Yes, Israeli teenage punks beat up a Palestinian youth, and that is terrible. I do condemn such violence. But, let me think. Hmm. I suppose there is no teenage violence in England. No gang violence in American. No teen-on-teen violence anywhere in Europe or Australia. Nope. It’s just those terrible awful no-goodnik Israeli teens beating up a Palestinian youth. Couldn’t possibly happen anywhere else. And if it does, it doesn’t warrant international headlines. So don’t go giving me your sorrowful condemnations. Look at what is happening in your own home.

      As for Israel’s “kangaroo court” – that is what you call Israel’s judicial system?! One of the most independent and liberal judicial systems in the world?! Do you also condemn Israel’s kangaroo courts when they insist that settlers be thrown out of their homes? And when they indict Israel’s president for rape? Or is it only when one of your own – a terrorist-loving, murderer-protecting ignorant woman, serving as a useful tool for the terrorist gangs who rule Gaza and their liberal Western useful idiots – is found to have acted with lack of due consideration for her own safety?

      What was Rachel Corrie doing in Gaza after all? She was not preventing a house demolition as you all claim. She was preventing the IDF from destroying an arms smuggling tunnel. She had no business being there, and as anyone who has ever driven a D9 bulldozer would know, the driver has very limited field of vision due to the armour-plating on the vehicle; armour plating that is necessary to prevent those same murderous terrorists from targeting him. Read more about your pathetic heroine here.

      And to the rest of your comment:

      Do you think Israel’s actions are dictated by what American Jews think? LOL! Israel acts in its own interests, as any sane country must do, and as every other country indeed does. If American Jews don’t like Israel’s actions they have the option of making aliya and changing the system from within by voting. Otherwise they get no say in life threatening decisions for which Israelis suffer the consequences while American Jews can sit comfortably in their nice clean safe unbombed houses.

      Besides which, I would like you to provide me with proof of numbers to support your contention that American Jews are losing patience and interest with Israel. I call your bluff. Not that it particularly makes any difference to me.

      Romney, Shmomney, Obama Shmobama. Makes no difference who’s in the White House. The alliance with Israel is a national interest of America, and at heart the relationship won’t change.

      You mention that we need to change Israel’s image in the world. Israel’s image won’t change as long as liberal fools like you insist on only seeing the worst of Israel and emphasising only that. You will not and cannot see anything positive in Israel, and will always impute the worst possible motives to Israel.

      You are the one who has to change Israel’s image – in your own head. After that, it will all fall into place.

      • cba says:

        Well said.

        Interesting that with her initial posts on this blog, Pola came across as so reasonable (although Aridog, to his credit, saw through her immediately), but she couldn’t maintain that facade for long and soon enough her vitriol started to spray everywhere.

  5. reality says:

    as much as I decry the firebombing incident NEVER has any arab be they palsetinian or whatever been caught or put on trial for throwing firebombs. Its always made out in the media that”ho hum some stones & firebottle bombs were thrown again on this or that road” . No injuries or some lightly injure. When will this change too?

    • anneinpt says:

      Precisely. The teens who beat up the Arab youth were indicted in court yesterday. And the police arrested some other teens in the firebomb incident. When did the Palestinians (not the Israelis) ever arrest one of their own for attacking Israelis? On the contrary, they laud their terrorists and make them into heroes.

  6. Bernard says:

    I notice that Canada have given Iranian diplomats five days to pack their bags and head back to the land where camels and most domestic pets are looking nevously over their shoulders when Abdul and the Prophets start throwing those lingering, suggestive glances as the Arabian sun descends in a fiery glow in the autumnal sky.

    Canada believes that Iran is the biggest threat to global peace.

    Outrageous. How dare those Canadians insult our Persian friends. Next they will be, er, telling us that Iran wants to wipe out Israel, is trying to build the nuclear arsenals to do so
    and sponsors Hamas and Hezbollah, who also want to wipe out Israel.

    Meantime, imagine doing an interview for a job with the Iranian Foreign Embassy.

    “Well, Abdul, your obviously very well educated, and, unlike your predecessor, you’ve never being caught in a compromising position with a transsexual camel. However, what’s your take on the Holocaust?”

    “It never happened.”

    “Congratulations. You’ve got the job.”

    Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird said today:

    “Iran refuses to comply with UN resolutions pertaining to its nuclear program; it routinely threatens the existence of Israel and engages in racist, anti-Semitic rhetoric and incitement to genocide; it is among the world’s worst violators of human rights; and it shelters and materially supports terrorist groups.”

    But, hey, other than that they are a very peaceful nation.

    Meanwhile, up the road in Washington, jug ears keeps appeasing them – and he’s looking for another four years to keep on appeasing them.

    Congratulations to the Maple Leaf. Hopefully, a few more countries will follow their lead and boot the fiends out.

    • anneinpt says:

      I’ve been away for the weekend and am only catching up on the news. Canada is amazing. They ought to be the leaders of the free world instead of the fool who is leading America right now.

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