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Update on Benghazi embassy attack: US Ambassador and 3 others murdered

Further to my previous post about the violence at the Cairo and Benghazi US embassies, the shocking news is that the American Ambassador Christopher Stevens was murdered, along with three other embassy staff. The US ambassador to Libya is among … Continue reading

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American embassies attacked in Cairo, Benghazi, one American killed, because of a film about Islam

Ah, those moderate peace-loving Muslims. It only takes a film to enrage and inflame them to such an extent that they will storm American embassies around the Middle East, and kill any available American that they can find. In Cairo, … Continue reading

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How red is my line

In a prime example of the media seeing what it wants to see, the CBC website headlined their article about their interview on Sunday with PM Binyamin Netanyahu as follows: “Is Israel softening its stance on Israel?” (h/t cba and … Continue reading

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