Zionist Rock of Doom

Spy rock found in Lebanon

Spy rock found in Lebanon in 2011

Another mysterious story about the long arm of Israeli Zionist spy agencies emerges from Iran, via the not always reliable Sunday Times. The story is behind a paywall so I’ll quote from Ynet instead (h/t Honest Reporting).

Iranian troops uncovered a monitoring device disguised as a rock near the underground nuclear enrichment plant at Fordo, according to western intelligence sources.

The Sunday Times quoted the sources as saying that the fake rock exploded when Revolutionary Guards who were on a patrol last month to check terminals connecting data and telephone links at Fordo tried to move it.

According to the British newspaper, Iranian experts who examined the scene of the blast found the remains of a device capable of intercepting data from computers at the nuclear plant, where uranium is being enriched in centrifuges.

The Sunday Times said it is feared a significant source of intelligence may have been lost for the West, which believes Iran could be preparing to use enriched uranium to make a nuclear bomb.

The report said the Iranians initially kept news of the explosion secret. But last week Fereydoun Abbasi, the country’s vice president and head of its nuclear energy agency, revealed that power lines between Qom and the Fordo plant had been blown up on August 17.

(Side-note: I blogged about this incident in my post-Rosh Hashana catch-up post.)

 Early reports suggested the explosion was meant to cut power supplies to the plant and damage the centrifuges. However, inspectors from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), who visited Fordo the day after the explosion, made no mention of any damage or disruption in their report.

The Sunday Times said intercepting the computer and phone lines from the plant would have enabled western analysts to estimate the output from the centrifuges.

The Times of Israel reminds us that:

Fordo, buried beneath hundreds of feet of rock, is considered Iran’s most heavily guarded nuclear facility. Officials fear the uranium being enriched at the site’s 3,000 centrifuges will be used to build a nuclear weapons program, a claim Iran denies.

Israel and the US have been accused of mounting a covert war on Iran’s nuclear program, siccing sophisticated computer viruses on nuclear sites to sabotage centrifuges and collect data, and assassinating nuclear scientists.

The only question that remains now is was this really an Israeli listening device? Or was it something sprouted by the fertile imaginations of the Iranians, along the lines of Israeli Mossad sharks and vultures? Not to mention Zionist Pencils of Doom™.  I really hope it was the Israelis. Let the Iranians be fearful of every shark, vulture, pencil and rock. May they always have to look over their shoulders until they learn to live peacefully with Israel.

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7 Responses to Zionist Rock of Doom

  1. Pete says:

    well you have to admit … a rock with its own (electronic) ears and a internal bomb as well – it’s quite creative.

    The only thing that could have topped that would have been an exploding Baagh Lava (baklava). Who knows – they might have got lucky. Ahmadinejad might have come by and nibbled a small piece 🙂

  2. reality says:

    now all they need todo is get a rock/bomb camera with huge exploding abilities down into the rock where they are actually enriching & building the bomb

  3. Aridog says:

    That photo has to be a media compilation of parts. The actual device would not have had the large and cumbersome hand wired large Mil-Spec connectors normally used where concealment is not the objective. Like inside a tank or a large fixed position radio. I’m very sure the MOSSAD and/or the CIA have much much smaller and more discrete devices for monitoring cable or wireless traffic. As I said, has to be a put up…rocks that go boom generally don’t leave pieces to reassemble. 🙂

    • anneinpt says:

      Hi Aridog, the photo in the picture is from a different device found in Lebanon, one that didn’t self-destruct. Not one of those that go “boom” in the night. Or the day for that matter 🙂

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