Another milestone: 100,000 and 500

100,000 page views

100,000 page views!

In perfect time for the start of the new Jewish year, and almost exactly a year to the day since my last milestone of 25,000 page views, some time over Shabbat this blog received its 100,000th page view! And to ice the cake, this very post is my 500th post since I started the blog.

I’m almost scared to publicise this achievement because last year, immediately after posting the Milestone post, my blog went down due to a technical glitch. So to ward off the Evil Eye, I shall add a tfu tfu tfu, hamsa hamsa hamsa, and a bli ayin hara to be on the safe side. 🙂 tfu tfu tfu

500 posts

500 posts!

A huge thank you to all my readers, and an even greater thank you to my slowly growing community of commenters. As you all know, discussion is the life-blood of a blog, so your comments keep up the interest in the topics that I write about, and you keep me on my toes with questions and remarks about it all.

Thank you too to all my Twitter and Facebook followers, and all those who have retweeted, posted on Facebook or shared my posts by email and on other social networks, thus widening the range of my readers.

As previously I would also like to thank Adam Levick and the rest of the team at CifWatch, and Prof. William Jacobson at Legal Insurrection for frequently linking to my posts, and thank you to the many other blogs who have blogrolled me.

I hope my posts have helped to widen your knowledge about the Middle East and especially about Israel with all its history, intricacies and its complicated politics. I also hope I have managed to convey my love for this country and how blessed I feel to enjoy the enormous privilege of living here.

May we all continue to have success in our blogging and in our fight for Israel’s and the Jewish People’s good name.

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16 Responses to Another milestone: 100,000 and 500

  1. Rrw says:

    Congrats and keep up the good work. Next year one million views.

  2. Elchanan Eric Sussman says:


  3. Pete says:

    Congratulations on 100,000/500! Blogging is a lot of work – you are doing a great job!

    Before Bibi’s speech becomes a part of history – which seems to happen incredibly fast these days – I wanted to offer one other thought. The question is – did it change anyone’s mind? I have no idea how to determine a comprehensive answer really … but I did read through many comments on to the news articles about Netanyahu’s speeches. And we should be frank – many of the readers’ comments there are ill-informed, biased, or just plain rude. Still, it struck me that very few people seemed to have experienced any change of heart on the Iran vs. Israel issue after the speech. Yet i am sure the Mr. Netanyahu was not speaking just for the benefit of a few listeners in Jerusulaem … his intention was to try to sway public opinion around the world.

    The problem in America – in a nutshell – is that people have been down this road before. Many people remember Colin Powell’s eloquent speech before the UN where he laid out a case for WMD in Iraq. Of course, the underpinnings of that whole speech fell apart after the American invasion. And consquently the American people felt greatly deceived. For this reason, the attitude of many people in the US is now … “Fool me one – shame on you, fool me twice – shame on me”. There are exactly the thoughts that go through Americans’ heads when they see “Bibi and the Bomb” on their computer screens. So the public will simply not be convinced by intel information, particuarly when the facts are blurry and different interpretations are possible. This is fundamentally the reason why Mr. Netanyahu is not making any ground on his attempts to sway public opinion.

    The whole history of the WMD intel debacle with Iraq is really unfortunate – because it is weighing heavily on the Iran vs. Israel issue. And it is nearly impossible for any intelligence agency, even the best, to produce the kind of indisputable evidence that is required to give a solid proof. The nature of atomic research – especially bomb development – has always involved top-secret work by governments. Hence it is extraordinarily hard for spies to pierce this veil of secrecy and give the public the facts they want. More than anything – this is what is dogging Mr Netanyahu right now … as he desperately tries to find some sort of consensus that will support a firm decision.

    So the stalemate with public confidence lingers on … and time continues to favor Iran in that situation.

    • anneinpt says:

      First of all, thanks for the congrats.

      Re the speech, you have a very good point. I’m not sure who Bibi was trying to convince. Certainly he was talking to his domestic audience, but I’m sure he’s also trying to convince the world, not just America. As you say, it is highly unfortunate (to put it mildly) that many in the West have turned against the idea of war or even attacking Iran’s nukes because of bitter experience in Iraq. All I can say is that Israel warned the US NOT to attack Iraq because Iran is the real target, but the US ignored Israel’s advice. And now Israel is suffering the consequences.

      I think Bibi is trying to make the case that if the world won’t act against Iran, at least Israel should be able to do so without being condemned for it afterwards. Fat chance in my opinion, but only history will tell.

  4. Congratulations and keep up the good work.

  5. reality says:

    wow well done!I always told you to be a journalist .. next stop ..?

  6. Earl says:

    Mazel tov, annie! It’s a marathon, not a sprint…

  7. otmoor says:

    mazal tov on your achievement, I alaways find something new and refreshing in your blog.

    • anneinpt says:

      Thanks for the compliments Otmoor. Always glad to see you here (and elsewhere too of course! 🙂 )

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