3 injured, houses hit, in renewed rocket onslaught on the South

Renewed – or should I say continued? – rocket fire has been pounding the south of Israel for the last couple of days – not that you would know anything about this if you read solely the foreign press.

UPDATE: The Daily Telegraph (headline notwithstanding) and Independent both have fairly balanced and chronologically accurate reports on the rocket-fire and the IDF retaliatory fire. The Guardian still has nothing about it all, and the BBC frames it as “Israel hit back first“. And of course in all these reports, Heaven forfend that the terrorists should be named as such.  They are all termed “militants”, as if they are over-excited trades union activists.

Rocket ranges in Israel

Rocket ranges in Israel

Early yesterday morning an IDF officer was severely wounded by a bomb placed on the border fence during a routine patrol.

At around the same time 7 mortars exploded in the Negev region, to which the IAF retaliated, hitting a rocket launching crew and killing one of the terrorists.

The army confirmed that an IAF aircraft fired on terror operatives who were getting ready to fire more rockets on Israel. A direct hit was indentified.

According to the Palestinian sources, the deceased belonged to the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, Hamas’ military wing.

As an aside, since when does a terrorist group have a “military wing”? Isn’t that the their very raison d’etre?

Later in the day, the Air Force targeted and hit a second rocket launching crew, thwarting the terrorists’ attack before they could carry it out.

House hit by rocket fire

This is what a direct hit on a residential house looks like

Overnight and this morning the terrorists in Gaza have been pounding the south with a barrage of rocket fire, injuring 3 farmers and hitting several residential houses:

Three people were injured by rocket fire from Gaza on the Eshkol region Wednesday morning. The men were hurt when a rocket landed near on the field they were working in. The three, reportedly foreign workers, were taken to hospital in critical condition.

Several houses in the Eshkol region suffered direct hits as tension on Israel’s border with the Gaza Strip increased after a night of terrorist rocket fire and military air strikes. No one was injured in the attacks.

Dozens of rockets were fired towards southern Israel Wednesday morning, landing in the Eshkol, Shaar Hanegev and Hof Ashkelon regional councils.

Iron Dome reportedly intercepted two rockets fired towards the city of Ashkelon.

Israeli fighter planes struck terror cells in the northern Gaza strip three separate times on Tuesday night, the Israel Defense Forces said, killing three Palestinians in separate strikes. The airstrikes came in response to the firing of several rockets and mortars that slammed into open areas in southern Israel during the day.


Earlier this month, reports from the Strip indicated that terrorists in Gaza were beginning to use rocket launchers that can fire several projectiles at once.

The rockets fired at Israel came hours after the emir of Qatar became the first foreign leader to visit the Strip since Hamas took over the territory in 2007.

The Jerusalem Post reports that the Palestinians fired 43 (yes, that reads forty-three) rockets overnight into Israel:

Of the projectiles fired by the terrorists, 22 landed in the Eshkol region while 21 landed in the Lachish region, according to the Israel Police. The victims, foreign workers, were evacuated via helicopter to Soroka Medical Center. Two of them suffered critical injuries, while the third, a minor, was lightly hurt.


Air raid sirens went off during the attacks and local residents fled for cover. Southern municipalities canceled schools amid the ongoing escalation. Police have heightened patrols around Gaza in the south, including bomb sappers to deal with the heightened threat.

Long-suffering residents of the south are in lock-down, having to remain within 15 seconds’ distance of their safe rooms or bomb shelters, school is cancelled, the rockets continue to explode, but so far, all the foreign press can find to write about Israel is that it is turning into an apartheid state.

It’s enough to make you sick

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  1. realRightWinger says:

    The number of rockets today has now hit 80 !

  2. reality says:

    so if Turkey is “allowed” to retaliate disproportionately & all the world talking heads agree they should -hello what’re we waiting for?

  3. My sister had a job in Beersheba for a bout a year.
    I’m sure this is all happening for a reason and is a part of some sort of a larger strategy.

    • anneinpt says:

      Sometimes I think like you, and think there’s a grander plan, and other times, like now, I think the Palestinians just want to pound Israel whenever and however they can. Their timing never makes particular sense, and they know they will be hit back at by Israel. Their ostensible reasoning also doesn’t make particular sense – there is no occupation, the blockade is in place because of that very rocket fire – so if they would stop the fire, eventually the blockade would be lifted.

      So I think their grand strategy is Kill Jews™

      Lucky for your sister that she’s not in Beer Sheva right now. She’d be spending all her time running to the bomb shelter.

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