It doesn’t stop – at least 16 rockets fired at Israel overnight

Rockets fired at Israel from within residential area

Rockets fired at Israel from within residential area in Gaza

Just in case you thought that things had quietened down after the last barrage, you would be sadly mistaken.

As usual, it all began when Israel hit back first. Early on Sunday, Palestinian terrorists fired two Grad rockets at Beer Sheva, causing the city to close down its schools for safety.

Two grad rockets fired from Gaza struck near Beersheba Sunday morning prompting Mayor Ruvik Danilovich to close schools in the area.

According to a report in Israel Hayom both rockets hit unpopulated areas and caused no injuries or damage. Two early-warning sirens went off across the city during the course of the morning, urging residents to enter fortified rooms and bomb shelters.

According to an article in Israel Hayom Danilovich told Israel’s Army Radio that “In recent years, missiles were fired directly into educational facilities while they were empty. We are not protected, and as long as there is not full protection within the education system, I will put human life first.”

The report also said that Israeli military forces along the Gaza Strip border fence were targeted with a salvo of mortar shells Sunday morning. A subsequent strike by The IDF targeted the source of the shells.

That little sentence at the end which I highlighted was the pretext for the Palestinians to renew their rocket barrage – for which no doubt there will be another Israeli retaliation and another retaliatory rocket strike. Until the IDF wipes out all the rocket launchers and all the tunnels and all the terrorists, I see no end to this.

Debkafile reports that:

Veteran dwellers say Palestinian rocket fire is more intensely concentrated than ever before on multiple targets indicating their use of improved weapons.

None of this augurs well until the political establishment allows the IDF to complete its job instead of just “putting out fires” with the odd bombing of a tunnel, rocket launching crew or weapons storehouse. If the IDF knows where all these things are, as they obviously do because the retaliatory strikes are both at pinpoint targets and are almost always immediate, they should be not only allowed but commanded to wipe out the entire terrorist infrastructure in Gaza. There is no excuse for letting the innocent Israeli residents of the south undergo this trauma for simple political expediency.

From the Ynet report I linked to above, we learn that:

All rockets landed in open areas without causing injuries or damage.

This should be edited to read:

All rockets landed in open areas without causing physical injuries or damage.

There is no mention in that sentence of the psychological trauma involved. From the “Life on the Border with Gaza” facebook group, there are numerous stories of the difficulties that the southern residents face. Here are some posts from the last 24 hours:

What a night! At 03:30 am I stopped counting the “boom’s” and finally fell asleep.

That’s what happens when I don’t sleep with the air conditioner, the windows are open and you can hear everything. I felt like in a bad movie about the Vietnam War: Helicopters, rockets and aircrafts. The whole nine yards…

And here is another post:

After being woken up by numerous distant explosions, and a hyperventilating dog trying to crawl under the covers, i decided it would be easier for me to fall back asleep in the safe room. At least that way, if anything is shot at us here, i won’t have to get up and run. Its been an hour. Still can’t fall asleep. Im going to be tired behind the wheel tomorrow, which concerns me as much as the kassams do. I cannot call up work and say im too,tired to drive in. Life. (And work) goes on here in the Western Negev.

Please remember these people when the news casually reports “No injuries or damage reported” and lobby the politicians to do something pro-active to stop this unbearable situation.

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