Wedding Day!

Engagement party

Hinna at the engagement party

Those of you who have been paying attention will have noticed a countdown timer in my right-hand sidebar, marking the passing days until Vered’s wedding.

Well, the great day has finally arrived and I’m having a hard time trying to get my head round the fact that my baby is getting married. It feels like only yesterday that she was a tiny baby in my arms. The years have flown by so quickly (OK, not so many years, she’ll be 20 a couple of days after the wedding!), and yet here is my little girl, poised on the edge of a great new adventure with her handsome beau beside her.

I can’t remember the last time I felt so excited, so nervous, so many butterflies in my tummy, and so happy and emotional all at the same time.  I’m looking forward to seeing Vered in all her finery and her glorious wedding dress, and yet I don’t deny a tinge of sadness that she is leaving home. I’m eagerly anticipating walking her down the aisle to the chuppah, yet full of bittersweet emotion too.

I want to wish them both every blessing, may Hashem grant them joy and happiness, good health and prosperity, and success in all their endeavours.

The wedding itself is going to be a marvellous mix of European and Moroccan customs. I’m not sure how the chuppah is going to sound, but it won’t be anything that we’re used to from “der heim”!

Vered and I have been shopping and have gotten in sacks full of “accessories” for the dancing, like jingly rattles, sparkly lights – and scarves for belly dancing! Now that’s going to be a riot!

I don’t promise to post photos or videos of the wedding but if I find anything suitably incriminating I’ll put it up in another post. 😀

I hope to be back to normal blogging schedule later next week, once we’ve recovered from the excesses of Sheva Brachot. Meanwhile, feel free to chat amongst yourselves.

Mazal tov to all the family!

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16 Responses to Wedding Day!

  1. DebiZ says:

    Mazal Tov to the whole family. Have to admit to tearing up a bit as I read this post (and you know me – I don’t get emotional that easily!).
    Looking forward to jingling along with the best, see you tonight 🙂

  2. Elchanan Eric Sussman says:

    No doubt you will shed a tear of Simcha; these are the very best and they straight up to the Kisa Hkavot with your Tephilot.

    See you this evening



  3. annediamond1 says:

    Mazltov to you and all your family
    from Anne Diamond

  4. Reen1 says:

    Beautifully written, I know exactly how you feel. Enjoy every moment of it, it goes so quickly. We’re all very excited to join you there.

  5. reality says:

    can’t wait -I’ve been emotional all day(ok all week long!) It was lovely having either Chatan or Kallah staying with us. Wishing them every happiness in their future life together, & may they build a bayit ne’eman b’yisrael. I’m already tearing up but will be taking as many pics & clips as possible tonite. gotta go & smear on the makeup! Mazal Tov to all of you & all our families.

  6. peteca1 says:

    Very best wishes from California!!!

  7. floranista says:

    She looks so beautiful! I’m so happy for you all, annie, mazel tov!!! Hugs and kisses!

  8. reality says:

    it was FANTASTIC what a lot of dancing & my feet are still killing me! Mazal Tov . You all looked wonderful but Vered looked magnificent- a beautiful bride with a gorgeous chatan by her side. May they be as happy always as they were yesterday ad 120

  9. DavidinPT says:

    Now that was a great party, exemplifying:
    ויהי בישורון מלך בהתאסף ראשי עם יחד שבטי ישראל
    I’m too knackered to translate that for our overseas friends, when you have some time and energy, Anne, you’re welcome to do so 🙂
    Meanwhile, keep the smachot rolling!

  10. cba says:

    Mazal tov! I was thinking of you all day long… I didn’t check the blog yesterday because I assumed you’d be too busy–I underestimated your dedication!

  11. Andrea says:

    Very best wishes for your wonderful family.

  12. anneinpt says:

    Thank you everyone for all your good wishes. It really was a fantastic day. So emotional, so intense. I still haven’t come down from the high and I’m dreading “the day after”. But first we’ve got to get through the Shabbat Chatan in Dimona. And sheva brachot during the rest of the week…

    Pictures to go up in my Good News Friday post tomorrow morning! (With thanks to Reeva and Eli for the gorgeous photos).

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