The surreal madness of Israel’s aid to Gaza

One short and concise article in Arutz Sheva (h/t Mum) about Israel’s Electric Company (IEC) fixing some downed lines in Gaza summarizes all that is madly surreal with regards to Israel’s much-maligned and barely existent”blockade”.  (Emphases are mine):

The photographs below were taken by an anonymous Arutz Sheva reader who witnessed a strange scene on the Gaza perimeter recently. They show an Israel Electric Company (IEC) employee hoisted on a crane in order to fix a malfunction that denied electricity to Gaza City.

IEC worker behind metal wall

IEC worker on crane (left) behind metal wall (right)

The operation, which of course is carried out by Israel  for the benefit of Gazans, has to be carried out with military protection, because Gaza terrorists regularly target Israelis on the perimeter fence, including those they know are trying to assist them by fixing infrastructure or letting in goods. Numerous Israelis have been killed and wounded in precisely this way since 2000.

Soldiers therefore fan out around the electrical pole where the fixing needs to be carried out. The IEC workers are briefed and they put on helmets and flak jackets. To top it all off, a large metal wall is hoisted into the air by a crane in order to protect the IEC worker as he supplies power to Gazans, including the very people who will shoot him dead if they get a clean shot.

How IEC fixes electricity in Gaza

How IEC needs military protection to fix electricity in Gaza

The question that arises immediately is “Are we insane?”. Especially as Israel is constantly, persistently and perniciously accused of blockading Gaza, denying Gazans vitally necessary goods and services like electricity and water – all of which accusations are demonstrably false.

And do we ever hear condemnation from anyone anywhere outside Israel of those “poor innocent Gazans” who attack the very people who come to their aid? Imagine the outrage if the IEC refused to fix any more electrical faults because of the very real danger to their workmen? To be honest I am staggered that any IEC workers agree to work in Gaza in the first place. Their life-insurance must be astronomical.

It’s not only IEC workers of course who are targeted by those “poor innocent Gazans”. They regularly attack the border crossings where hundreds of trucks laden with thousands of tons of goods cross daily into Gaza.  Why would anyone think the IEC would be exempt?

World outrage to start in 3…2…1…. crickets.

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5 Responses to The surreal madness of Israel’s aid to Gaza

  1. Linda says:

    Well, according to a recent comment to this picture, the reason we are “putting up with this” is because “bad” Israel wants to continue to supply them with electricity, because this way we are keeping control of their electrical grid. Just goes to prove that if someone BELIEVES ANYTHING (i.e. the is evilness of Israel) nothing, but nothing we do can change their opinion/belief.. Yeah…I agree…if they want to shoot at us while we are repairing their electrical supply, I would just pack up shop, go home and let them deal with the repairs themselves. We are truly idiots.

    • Leslie Greenberg says:

      So right, Linda. I saw the article on Arutz Sheva this morning and couldn’t continue reading. The frustration is just overwhelming!

  2. reality says:

    what?? This is the proof that we have no self respect & we are certifiably nuts! I remember 2 weeks before the disengagement from Gush Katif the water company spokesman explained that in 2 years when all the infrastructure has been built by the Palestinians with their billions of dollars/euros in aid they will turn the wheel(He then gave a “demonstration) to off & they would be responsible for their own water & sewage . I then burst out laughing realizing then that it would never happen, & the electric company explained that the same would come about with regards to electricity. Well as we can see……..! 😦

  3. cba says:

    The question that arises immediately is “Are we insane?”

    It sure looks like it.

  4. normanf says:

    Jewish stupidity at its finest is helping an enemy to live a comfortable life while he gets to destroy you!

    Israeli politicians are among the stupidest on earth. The entire premise of uprooting thousands of Jews from Gaza nearly a decade ago was with the notion that Israel would get out of Gaza completely and leave the Arabs to their own devices.

    There is no rational reason for Israel to supply Gaza with electricity, water and food. This insane policy simply allows Hamas to free up resources to attack Israel instead of taking care of its own people. Its a dumb policy and doesn’t win Israel any friends or influence in Gaza.

    Its the exact opposite of the Disengagement Israeli politicians promised the country. Then they lied about that, too.

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