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Good News Friday

I was going to cancel this week’s installment, and to be honest I don’t have anything that I fancy posting. But I don’t want to go into Shabbat with the last bits of bad news on my front page, so … Continue reading

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Day 3 latest update: Sirens and blast in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is beginning to get just a slight taste of the hell that the residents of the south have been suffering for 8 years: another missile fell in Tel Aviv – and this time I heard it.  As I … Continue reading

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Operation Pillar of Cloud – updates for Day 3

In the Times of Israel’s live blog for day 3 of Operation Pillar of Cloud, we read that the IDF suspended its air attacks for 3 hours while the Egyptian Prime Minister visited Gaza: IDF to suspend strikes on the … Continue reading

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Missiles on Tel Aviv and other updates on Operation Pillar of Cloud

This second day of Operation Pillar of Cloud (or Defense) has been full of sound and fury, signifying hopefully very much indeed. Apart from the dreadful news of the 3 Israeli casualties this morning, and 3 IDF soldiers injured in … Continue reading

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