New shipment of Iranian missiles already on its way to Gaza?

Shahab-3 missile in Iran

Shahab-3 missile on display in Iran

In totally unsurprising news, not quite 5 days after the ceasefire went into effect, and Hamas are already re-arming:

Israeli satellites have spotted Iranian ships laden with rockets for Gaza:

Israeli satellites have detected a cargo vessel docked at an Iranian port being loaded with rockets and other weaponry, which analysts believe may be headed toward Gaza, the British Sunday Times reported on Sunday.

The weapons were being prepared for loading at the port of Bandar Abbas last week, according to the report, as Israel and Hamas agreed to a cease-fire following eight days of fighting in Gaza during which some 1,500 rockets, many of them Iranian-made, were fired into Israel.

“Regardless of the cease-fire agreement, we will attack and destroy any shipment of arms to Gaza once we have spotted it,” said an Israeli defense source quoted by The Sunday Times.

Israeli intelligence sources believe the cargo will pass through the Red Sea, Sudan and Egypt, traveling on a well-known route used by Iran to smuggle arms into Gaza, the report said.

Sources say the shipment may include Fajr-5 rockets, similar to those launched by Hamas into Israel in the latest round of fighting, as well as Shahab-3 ballistic missiles, which could be stationed in Sudan to pose a threat to Israel, according to the report.

“With a lot of effort, Iran has skillfully built a strategic arm pointing at Israel from the south,” the Israeli source was quoted as saying.

“We believe that Iranian warships anchored in Eritrea will accompany the weapons ship as soon as it enters the Red Sea,” another Israeli source told the Times.

One can see the genocidal mindset behind Hamas’s every move from the following:

On Saturday, senior Hamas leader Mahmoud al-Zahar showed how fragile the cease-fire with Israel remained, with defiant remarks to reporters saying the Islamists would go on smuggling weapons “by all possible means,” including via Iran.

We have no choice but to continue to bring in weapons by all possible means,” Zahar said, adding that he expected Tehran would “increase its military and financial support to Hamas.”

We have a right to take money and weapons from Iran. They [Iran] give to us for the sake of God, no conditions attached, and I am a witness to that,” Zahar told reporters.

Times of Israel adds:

In late October, Khartoum blamed Israel for an apparent air strike on the Yarmouk Complex, a Sudanese military factory, in which two people were killed.

Israeli officials have neither confirmed nor denied involvement in the attack.

In the past, Israel has accused Sudan of serving as a conduit for arms shipments from Iran through Egypt to Hamas in Gaza. The attack on the Yarmouk Complex was believed to be connected to this suspicion.

But what about that ceasefire, you may ask? Well, Hamas claims the truce agreement says nothing about preventing the flow of weapons into Gaza.

The ceasefire agreement between Israel and Hamas which ended Operation Pillar of Defense does not include Egyptian guarantees to prevent the smuggling of weapons to Gaza, said a senior Hamas official on Saturday.

Izzat al-Rishq, a member of the terrorist organization’s political bureau, wrote on his Facebook page that Israel was attempting to protect its image following defeat.

“It is not true what some people are saying that the ceasefire agreement included the approval of Egypt to prevent the smuggling of weapons to Gaza in conjunction with US special units … These leaks are an Israeli attempt to mitigate the impact of defeat,” he posted.

If he’s right, then surely that is a very serious breach of any kind of military doctrine, not to mention simple common sense. And if he’s not right, then he’s lying.

Incredibly it appears he is correct:

The published terms of the brief agreement do not appear to include a crackdown on weapons smuggling. However, a more comprehensive set of terms is expected to be hammered out in the coming days, with London-based Al-Quds Al-Arabi reporting that talks between representatives of Israel, Hamas and Islamic Jihad began Friday with the help of Egyptian intelligence officials.

The mind boggles. I hope the revised set of terms includes such a vitally important section as preventing the import of arms and rockets into Gaza from any source.

Meanwhile, showing how fragile the border fence between Israel and Gaza is, a suspected terrorist broke through the fence and into a home in Sde Avraham, stabbing a girl before being shot dead by IDF troops:

Solders killed a suspected Gaza terrorist early Monday after he broke into a Jewish home and stabbed a girl before fleeing.

The IDF discovered a hole in the nearby Gaza security fence, and footprints from the area matched the shoes of the intruder, who had escaped to the Moshav Sde Avraham’s greenhouses after he tried to kill the girl.

Soldiers caught up with him and tried to arrest him, and then shot and killed him when he tried to escape.

The wounded girl is in fair condition. She was stabbed in her family’s home in Moshav Sde Avraham, originally named Yesodot HaDarom. It is a southern community adjacent to Gaza and was founded in 1982 by victims of the expulsion from the Yamit communities in Sinai that was part of the Egyptian-Israeli Peace Treaty in 1979.

The border fence ought to be at least as big and as high as the Security Fence in Judea and Samaria – at least those parts consisting of concrete, and not chain-link fence.

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9 Responses to New shipment of Iranian missiles already on its way to Gaza?

  1. Bernard says:

    It costs Palestinians about 5 million American doubloons to murder one Jew.

    I don’t know about you, but I’d take it as a backhand compliment if someone went to all that expense. In fact, if someone is prepared to put a five million dollar contract out on you, the least you could do is kick the bucket. Very rude not too.

    According to Akiva Hamilton in the Jerusalem Post, in news that will dismay Guardian readers, Israel’s Iron Dome missile defence system have rendered Hamas’ and Hezbollah’s continuous assault on the only liberal democracy in the ME economically unsustainable.

    Hamilton estimates it is currently costing Hamas around $5m. (500 rockets at $10,000 each) to murder a single Israeli. When Iron Dome reaches 95% interception rate these figures will double and at 97.5% they will double again.

    Moreover, Hamilton writes, most rockets miss and Iron Dome ignores them. Indeed, this strategy will bankrupt Iran – who sponsor Hamas and Hezbollah – even more quickly than President Reagan’s “Star Wars” missile defense strategy bankrupted the Soviet Union.

    Basically, Hamas are missing the target more that Fernando Torres, the Chelsea striker that couldn’t hit a cow’s ass with a banjo, and the good news is that Iran are writing the cheques.

  2. Bernard says:

    The above is in no way intended to be flippant about the innocent Israeli adults and children who lost their lives from ordnance fired by medieval savages in the recent conflict.

  3. Bernard says:

    Speaking of “snarks”, tests on Arafat today reveal that he died because of a bite from a shark that Mossad trained to, er,…… attack Egyptians. His wife, Suha, who is barely surviving on the millions her other half looted from the Palestinian economy, condemned all sharks as Zionists, while Hamas are shelling Great Whites off the coast.

    Meantime, medical experts in Palestine have confirmed that Arafat is still dead.

  4. Earl says:

    “The mind boggles”. It should not do so, assuming one has a basic understanding of Islam. This “truce”/”ceasefire”/whatever is a hudna. It is an Islamic tactical feint, so as to permit the jihadists to rearm and resupply. The only reason why the mind boggles is at that so many Western useful idiots swallow this rubbish, and hold out hope for “ME peace”…

    • anneinpt says:

      Earl, My mind boggles at the stupidity of Israeli official, not Westerners. Israelis should know better than to agree to such terrible terms.

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