Some not-so-funny conspiracy theories

In contrast to my earlier post, where the speculation about Israel’s involvement is very possibly accurate, and if it was true would actually serve Israel’s purposes, there are other conspiracy theories that are both wrong and dangerous for Israel and the Jewish people.

The Gaza flotilla ship Mavi Marmara being tugged out of Haifa harbour

Turkey is investigating at least 5 local Jews for having aided the IDF during the Mavi Marmara flotilla raid:

Turkey’s National Intelligence Organization (MİT) has launched an investigation of at least five Turkish citizens it believes collaborated with Israel in the 2010 takeover of the Gaza-bound ship Mavi Marmara, according to Turkish media reports.

MIT believes the suspects either assisted the Israeli troops who boarded the vessel or later took part in the interrogation of the ship’s activists in Israel, the Turkish daily Yeni Şafak reported on Friday.

A representative of Turkish Jews in Israel expressed concern that the government in Ankara was targeting the country’s Jewish community.

According to the report, the investigation was launched after flotilla participants testified that they heard some Israeli soldiers speaking Turkish during and after the raid.


Uğur Yıldırım, an attorney with the Istanbul-based Humanitarian Relief Foundation (IHH), which organized the flotilla, was quoted in another Turkish daily, Zaman, as saying that during the interrogation of passengers on the boat after it had been brought to port in Israel, several Turkish citizens, wearing IDF uniforms, confirmed that they had been brought in to act as interpreters.

The only way this might be true is if Turkish immigrants to Israel, serving in the IDF, were asked to serve as interpreters during the interrogation. There is no way that Turkish citizens were brought out of Turkey all the way to Israel to translate. It is both unnecessary since there is a very large Turkish community in Israel, and most likely against IDF regulations. But never let logic get in the way of a good antisemitic conspiracy theory.

While the report did not specify that the MIT was targeting the Jewish community, it did state that the investigation centered on Istanbul and Izmir, two cities with significant Jewish populations.

Hüseyin Ersöz, whom Maariv identified as the Deputy Chairman of the IHH, told a Turkish television station on Saturday night that once the names were published “everyone will know who the Turkish Jews are that served in the Israeli army and killed Turkish civilians on the Mavi Marmara.”

Rafael Sadi, spokesperson for the Association of Turkish Immigrants in Israel, told Maariv that the Turkish authorities “are trying to intimidate the Jews” as well as to send Israel the message that if Turkish demands are not met, the Turkish Jewish community is liable to suffer the consequences.

The investigation probed all Turkish citizens who traveled between Turkey and Israel at least two weeks before and after the Mavi Marmara incident on May 31, 2010. MIT officials were quoted as saying they expected to uncover additional suspects.

Turkey has demanded a formal apology for the incident, as well as compensation for victims and the families of the dead, and for the Gaza blockade to be lifted.

Israel has said its solders were attacked by violent thugs aboard the vessel, and insists its blockade against terror group Hamas-run Gaza is legal. Israel’s government has said it “regretted” the loss of life and has offered to pay into what it called a “humanitarian fund” through which casualties and relatives could be compensated, but has refused to issue an official apology.

A UN report into the Mavi Marmara incident released in 2011 concluded that Israel had used unreasonable force in stopping the Mavi Marmara, but that the blockade on Gaza was legal.

In November, four of the most senior Israeli military commanders at the time of the incident were put on trial on trial in absentia by Turkey. That trial is still ongoing.


Israel dismissed the proceedings as a “show trial” and “political theater.

“Show trial” and “political theater” is also an accurate description of this Turkish “investigation”. As the parts I highlighted in the article above show, and as the Turkish immigrants’ society asserts, the Turks are in effect holding its Jewish community hostage to Israeli actions. This is an extremely dangerous turn of events and the Israeli government must both publicise this antisemitic action on the part of the Turkish government, and take urgent steps in the international arena to stop and overturn the “investigation”.

US flag with names of the victims of the Sandy Hook school massacre

Another conspiracy theory (which should come as no surprise) is the disgusting claim by Iran’s state-run media that, you guessed it, Israel is the guilty party in the terrible Newtown, Connecticut school massacre:

Iran’s state-run media outlet PressTV, which broadcasts in English, on Tuesday carried a story blaming Israel for the school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary. PressTV has a well-earned reputation for incendiary anti-Israel stories and for wild conspiracy theories, but even this seems a far stretch for the organization, which maintains a bureau office in the District.

PressTV portrays Adam Lanza as a “patsy” – their word – who is taking the fall for an Israeli special forces squad sent to punish President Obama for not better supporting Israel. The ongoing investigation is in fact, they argue, a concerted U.S. government “cover-up.” It’s not clear why the United States would cover-up an attack against the U.S. government, but if you think that’s the most glaring inconsistency in this story then I have bad news for you: it gets a lot worse.

The outlandish theory is not very clear, but it appears to argue that the attack would have been retribution for Obama’s diplomacy during Israel’s recent clashes with Gaza and for his potential selection of former Senator Chuck Hagel as Defense Secretary, a move opposed by some pro-Israel groups. The story’s evidence largely relies on an interview with an Arizona one-time gubernatorial candidate named Mike Harris who publicly associates with neo-Nazi groups, a series of fatuous questions (i.e., implying that the school was filled with Israeli troops, “Why were so many children told to close their eyes while leaving the building?”), and, I am not making this up, anonymous e-mail forwards.

The story is very long and can be frustrating to read for its obvious logical fallacies,

Now there’s a surprise.

The PressTV story is sad and upsetting, mostly for its incredible insensitivity but also, to a lesser degree, for the obvious bankruptcy of Iranian propaganda. Who, exactly, is this story supposed to convince? Iran is not North Korea; information flows in and out of the country much more freely, and though public attitudes toward the United States are not exactly warm, nor are they so twisted by hatred or ignorance that such an outlandish story as this would seem likely to convince many readers. And, beyond the Mike Harrisses of the world (he also blames last year’s Norway shooting on Israel), it doesn’t seem likely to exactly turn American opinion away from Israel or toward Iran. And yet here it is, outrageous, offensive, and clearly counterproductive, for all the world to see.

The writer clearly doesn’t understand the nature of antisemitism. There doesn’t have to be logic, a clear purpose, and the purpose can even be counter-productive. As long as Jews and/or Israel (the two are interchangeable) can be blamed for everything from tagged birds to the weather to massacres to IDF defensive actions, all is right in their twisted world.

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24 Responses to Some not-so-funny conspiracy theories

  1. owainglyndwr1416 says:

    Get your Calculator out .. School Children are seated in class at 9.30 AM The Police arrive at 9.45 .. The Shooter fires off 233 rounds of Ammunition ..His Bush Master had a 6 round Clip and he had 2 hand guns each with 6 round clips .. In 10 minutes how many times would he have to re-load ? Say he had pre-loaded clips how many clips would he need and how long does it take to change a clip ? .. Don’t worry as the CCTV cameras will shed light on the story .. Do the research, I did and in the past 2 years the security detail had been upgraded to include locked entrance.

  2. rrW says:

    As an ex-soldier – I can tell you it takes only a matter of a few minutes to shoot 233 rounds of ammunition. The bush master can fire probably all 6 rounds in a few seconds, and it takes only a few seconds to reload. The hand guns – can equally be loaded quickly. All in all, he could probably get off the 233 rounds in less than 5 minutes. Given that + the ability to move from room to room – I would say the whole job could probably be done in around 8 minutes – leaving another 7 minutes free for ‘other’ stuff. The locked entrance also is a non-starter – since he was known at the school and probably had free entrance. So “owainglyndwr1416 ” get your head out of your bum – and stop blaming jews for every problem in the world – maybe you are are part of the problem…. ?

  3. owainglyndwr1416 says:

    Update on the story .. He allegedly only used the Bush Master and he had 3 30 Round Clips.. He shot his way through the entrance with the AR-15 then went on his alleged shooting spree .. One problem with the story has emerged “eye witnesses” .. If they were forced to take a Polygraph they would all fail… That as aside the CCTV footage will clear things up… .

    • anneinpt says:

      All eye witnesses to a terrorist act would fail a polygraph simply due to trauma. If there is CCTV footage, all will become clear. if there isn’t, nothing will ever convince a conspiracy theorist like you. As for me, the police investigation will suffice. And since I am 2 continents and 2 oceans away, my opinion is irrelevant in any case.

      My only concern is to refute the disgusting and sickening assertion by the Iranian press that the shooter was part of an “IDF death squad”.

  4. owainglyndwr1416 says:

    Call me a conspiracy theorist if you like ..I couldn’t care. This proves he did NOT use the Bush Master so explain to me the official narrative

    • anneinpt says:

      Owain, really I have no opinion at all about what the shooter did or did not use. I have no way of judging, and I am about 10,000 miles away from the incident so my opinion in any way is irrelevant.

      My post was simply about the ridiculous and slanderous theory that the shooter was an IDF death squad – as if such a thing even exists.

  5. owainglyndwr1416 says:

    “as if such a thing even exists”? .You obviously don’t know your history.. Black September ? Munich ?.. Here’s your Mossad in action

    death squad

    Even if the so called slanderous claims were true you would insist it was an anti Semitic conspiracy.

    • anneinpt says:

      Black September is a Palestinian terrorist organization. The Mossad is israel’s counter-terrorist intelligence unit. When you mention Munich – this was a reprisal action taken by Israel against the terrorists who carried out the Munich Olympics massacre. The killing in Dubai was never admitted to by Israel and there is no proof that Israel ever carried it out. If it did, and I would be happy if Israel had done it, the man who was killed was a terrorist mastermind. Killing him saved a lot more lives.

      The massacre in Sandy Hook school was not a reprisal against a terrorist action, neither was it a pre-emptive action against a terrorist mastermind. It was a massacre of innocent school-children by a crazed murderer for no reason other than the kick it gave him.

      If you are implying that it was an Israeli death squad who carried out the school massacre you are out of your mind and urgently need help. Furthermore you will be no longer welcome on my blog.

    • cba says:

      “Black September”

      I assume owain is referring to the massacre of Palestinians in September 1970, in which thousands (possibly as many as 20,000) were slaughtered.

      By the Jordanians.

      What a bozo…

  6. Brian Goldfarb says:

    owainglyndwr1416 is clearly a conspiracy theorist. This means that they don’t have to think for themselves. They’ve decided to let others do that for them: “that’s what _they_ want you to think”; “of course, it’s obvious, it’s the Jews, the blacks, the communists, the capitalists…” I wrote an article on another site some time ago, for anyone interested. It’s here, should you care to read it:

    Much of the time, it’s not particularly important or dangerous. After 49 years, does it really matter if it was Lee Harvey Oswald who killed JFK all by himself, or whether he was a tool of the CIA, the KGB or the Mafia? Or whether Diana, ex-Princess of Wales, was killed by some security agency or another? (Too much of my life is taken up with demanding of such believers “evidence, evidence, logic, argument. Stop just asserting!!!”)

    That said, the purpose of this comment is to tell a story: this summer, as part of the London Cultural Olympiad, the Tel Aviv based Habimah Theatre came to London’s Globe Theatre to perform The Merchant of Venice (an interesting choice for an Israeli and largely Jewish theatrical company). Naturally, the usual crazies decided that these two performances should be boycotted and the company sent on their way. The Globe management resisted this pressure. On the night we were there, the Artistic Director came out and asked that we leave the security to the security people (who did a great job, as David Hirsh – of Engage – and I agreed), and that they were used to interruptions – at which point, right on cue, various pigeons flew over, followed by an aircraft, stacked for Heathrow – The Globe is an open-air theatre. The security people did their job, the actors ignored the attempted interruptions and we cheered the company to the echo at the end.

    For me, the high point was when, all speeches done, Shylock walks round the edge of the stage, suitcase in hand: yet another Jew forced into yet another Diaspora.

    All that said, at about this time, one Roger Lloyd-Pack (actor, the barman in the UK tv series “Only Fools and Horses”, and mate of Mark Rylance, ex-founding Artistic Director of the said Globe, and also a boycotter – they’re on my personal boycott list) had a brief debate on an early morning BBC radio news programme with Maureen Lipman, actor and unashamedly Jewish with it, widow of the regrettably late Jack Rosenthal, playwright, also unashamedly Jewish. Right at the end, as they were being faded out, Maureen Lipman got in the last word: “It’s always the Jews, isn’t it”.

    If I’m ever lucky enough to meet her, I’m going to thank her effusively and embarrassingly (for her) for that.

  7. owainglyndwr1416 says:

    I see you quoted Churchill on your blog Brian. He was a thug .. I wouldn’t try defending him as he is the one who penned “Sinister Jewish Confederacy for overthrow of Civilization” [The Sunday Herald Feb 8 1920]

    • anneinpt says:

      Lying as usual Owain. He wrote an article entitled “Zionism versus Bolshevism”. Not quite what you quoted. True, he was not a Zionist at the time, and why should he have been since he was both not Jewish and Zionism had barely taken off at that time.

      Read this article on Misquoting Churchill. But first remove your tinfoil hat.

      Ah, reading through the article, I see you have polluted the comments there too.

      And hah! I see Richard Langworth refuted you there too.

      I rest my case.

    • anneinpt says:

      It is irrelevant what some newspaper at the time reported that Churchill said. What matters is what Churchill said and not some 2nd hand report about him. So read his original article.

      There will be no more discussion here of Churchill or any other of your conspiracy theories. They are off topic and offensive.

      • Brian Goldfarb says:

        more lies from owain: if he is referring to my article, nowhere do I refer to Churchill. Nor do I on the last commentI wrote here. And as I don’t have a blog, that makes him crazy as well as all the other things.

        • owainglyndwr1416 says:

          Your Blog Brian about Antisemitism you wrote : So what are we to do in the face of this massive example of anti-intellectualism? In the immortal words of Winston Churchill during World War 2, “keep buggering on”. Not to do so is to surrender the pass to the barbarians.

          In reference to my previous comment i wrote ” I see you quoted Churchill on your blog Brian” [I wrote an article on another site some time ago, for anyone interested. It’s here, should you care to read it:

          • Brian Goldfarb says:

            Now I know you are a troll. You take one phrase, intended to be mildly humourous, and you make a federal case out of it. I was, of course, merely noting that we anti-BDSers had to keep going in the face of the onslaught of the likes of you, and not lose hope that we would win the day. If this is the best you can come up with, the battle and the war is over.

            As it happens, Churchill was known as a good friend of the Jews, warning of Hitler’s intentions long before others took him seriously, and was long known as a proponent of the Jewish State. Further, as Anne notes, you really must get your quotes and sources right, otherwise you show yourself up as an ill-informed idiot.

            Finally, I don’t run a blog, I wrote a comment on a website devoted to the battle against the boycott of Israeli and only Israeli universities, which has widened into a battle against the BDS movement and antisemitism in general. You must get your facts straight.

            Perhaps you need to start taking your meds again. Anne and I disagree about much: indeed, should we ever have the pleasure of meeting over the dinner table, the fur would fly. But on this we agree: you are a most unpleasant person who is prepared to distort the truth to make what you falsely believe is a “point”. Sorry, sunshine, but it isn’t.

  8. owainglyndwr1416 says:

    I made not one derogatory remark but so far i have been called an idiot; Troll, a liar; a “Bozo?”, You’ve suggested i should take med’s [ Please remove your tinfoil hat and take your med’s].. I’m honored of course..

    God it is worse than trying to engage a debate with those CiF Watch morons.

    • Brian Goldfarb says:

      owainglyndwr1416: “I made not one derogatory remark…”, just above.

      Hmmm… Owaing says, way above: “[Churchill] was a thug .. I wouldn’t try defending him as he is the one who penned “Sinister Jewish Confederacy for overthrow of Civilization” [The Sunday Herald Feb 8 1920]”, and then fails to retract this comment when the distinct lack of truth is noted, with a careful reference to an article (which I have also read). Nothing you have said demonstrates that you are other than you have been called. Assertion, distortion and avoidance of evidence do not a serious commenter make, plus, you have that common trait of the troll and similar disturbers of the truth: you ignore that which is said to you that you cannot deal with, such as the article Anne linked to.

      I suggest that our case is the one made, not yours.

      And the CiF folks are pussycats compared with us.

      • cba says:

        Brian, you’re right. “Not one derogatory remark”–other than to accuse Israel of being behind a horrific massacre of schoolchildren and the like.

        Since I was the one who called him a bozo, I will merely say: Bozo is as bozo does, and accusing Israel of being behind the Black September killings is pretty darned bozo-ish.

  9. anneinpt says:

    Thank you to both Brian and cba for countering Owain’s ridiculous comments and his incessant trolling.

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