Purim Same’ach! Happy Purim!

Happy Purim!

Happy Purim!

The festival of Purim began this evening as soon as Shabbat went out. We’ve been to shul, heard the *Megillah read, the ra’ashanim of various sorts – from toy gun caps to bells, whistles, rattling keys and even someone blowing a flute! – made a huge racket every time evil Haman’s name was mentioned, and there was lots of laughter at some of the funny costumes and hats that people turned up in (including yours truly in a very unbecoming blonde wig. 🙂 ).

Now we’re putting the final touches to our Mishloach Manot parcels to be delivered tomorrow, and then we’ll be off to our Seudah at our our daughter’s house together with all our children and grandchildren. Quiet it will certainly not be!

I’ve already seen pictures of the kiddies dressed up as assorted princesses and Queens; my grown up children are disguised as a Sheriff, Superman (don’t ask!), and a pink Groucho Marx (ditto).  My husband will be doing his usual shtick of dressing up as a football hooligan (which is almost his alter ego 🙂 ) while I’ve become rather attached to my newly-discovered blonde persona.

(* For a translation of the Hebrew words used here, please consult my Glossary page in the menu above.)

Here is a link to a very abridged version of the Purim story, complete with links to the sounds of a ra’ashan!

For your Purim entertainment, here is the Purim “news” edition of the satirical Latma team:

Happy Purim everyone!

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