More Israel bashing from the usual suspects

Remember Turkey? The country to whom everybody is urging Israel to apologize for defending itself against their terrorists who sent a flotilla to break Israel’s legal blockade against Hamas?

Well, their outspoken Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan just went and called Zionism “a crime against humanity“. Way to go to get an apology, Mr. Erdogan.

Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan called Zionism a “crime against humanity” likening it with anti-Semitism, fascism, and Islamophobia  while speaking at a UN forum on Wednesday.  Erdogan was speaking Wednesday before a Vienna forum of the Alliance of Civilizations, a UN framework for West-Islam dialogue.

UN Watch urged UN chief Ban Ki-moon who was present on the stage yet stayed silent, according to UN Watch, to speak out and condemn the speech. It also called on Erdogan to apologize.

“We remind secretary-general Ban Ki-moon that his predecessor Kofi Annan recognized that the UN’s 1975 Zionism-is-racism resolution was an expression of anti-Semitism, and he welcomed its repeal,” UN Watch stated.

In its condemnation of Erdogan’s remarks which it called “Ahmedinejad-style pronouncements,” UN Watch stated that the remarks “will only strengthen the belief that his government is hewing to a confrontational stance, and fundamentally unwilling to end its four-year-old feud with Israel.”

The cognitive dissonance that enables Erdogan to compare Zionism to anti-Semitism is a wonder to behold. Is it really possible to hold such self-contradictory views inside one brain? The mind (mine at least) boggles.

UN Watch has a report and video of Erdogan’s statements.

Nearer to home, Hamas seems to have forgotten who is sovereign in Israel. Hint: It’s not Hamas. That hasn’t stopped them from warning President Obama not to visit the Temple Mount on his upcoming visit to Israel:

Responding to unconfirmed rumors that US President Barack Obama intends to visit the Temple Mount in Jerusalem during his trip to Israel next month, the Hamas terror group warned the American leader against the idea on Tuesday, calling it “a diplomatic catastrophe,” and local Muslim leaders set stiff conditions for a presidential tour there.

A statement issued by Hamas called Obama’s potential visit to the Al-Aqsa Mosque, located at the southern perimeter of the Mount, “an imminent danger which the Al-Aqsa Mosque and Jerusalem have never faced.”

Hamas stated that a visit by the American president to the contested site under the auspices of “the Zionist occupation” would be more dangerous than the relocation of any country’s embassy to Jerusalem, considering the international preeminence of the United States.


According to a protocol drafted by the Waqf in 1967, official visitors may enter the Temple Mount through any of its 11 gates excluding the Mughrabi Gate, which is connected to the Western Wall plaza by a bridge.

“The Israeli army stole the keys to that gate from the Islamic Waqf, so entry through that gate gives the impression that Israel has sovereignty over Al-Aqsa,” Sabri said.

“We insist on Muslim sovereignty over the Temple Mount,” he said.

Israel took control of Jerusalem’s Old City, including the Temple Mount, in the 1967 Six Day War.

The other conditions placed by the Waqf on Obama’s visit are that no Israeli official accompany the president onto the mount, and that the visit be of a sight-seeing rather than a political nature.

Sabri said that in the past, visiting officials — including French President Jacques Chirac, Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI — abided by the Waqf’s regulations.

“If Obama does not abide by these rules, we will refuse to accept him in Al-Aqsa,” Sabri concluded, adding that his organization intended to send a petition to the American consul general in Jerusalem next week outlining its conditions and protesting Israeli attempts to “Judaize” Jerusalem.

The White House gave no indication that Obama actually planned to visit the Temple Mount.

How the Kotel would look with no mosques on the Har Habayit (Temple Mount)

The chutzpah of Hamas is quite breathtaking in its arrogance and its lies. Rather than Israel “stealing the keys” to the Mughrabi Gate,  Moshe Dayan in 1967 gave the keys to the Temple Mount back to the Waqf, hoping to buy their cooperation in his illegal archaeological ransacking. He may have received their silence for his personal benefit, but it has been a catastrophe for the Jewish nation and the Israeli people.  The Palestinians now misuse that misplaced generosity and accuse Israel of “Judaising” Jerusalem – as if Jerusalem could be anything other than Jewish; as if Jerusalem has ever been the capital of any other nation; as if any other nation was ever interested in Jerusalem until the Jews came along and built it, and then re-liberated it after years of foreign occupation.

Until the West and its media stop accepting these bare-faced lies and propaganda and regurgitating them to an unwitting world there will never be progress or peace in the Middle East.

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8 Responses to More Israel bashing from the usual suspects

  1. reality says:

    Obama will kowtow to them as all the othres in the past have & it will be considered by the world at large as an effort to avoid confrontation-so we will probably yet again have to swallow all this whilst being told to start negotiations & give something up as a “friendly ” gesture. (If we give Jerusalem up as a friendly gesture that too would never be enough -we have to give up all of Israel as a “friendly ‘ gesture & then talk ‘peace!)

  2. Hard to think of how Obama’s presence anywhere could make things better, though…

    • anneinpt says:

      LOL. You have a point.

      The truth is, any visit by any American president complicates matters in the Middle East. These visits raise expectations on all sides, and while Israel swallows its disappointments, the Arabs tend to ratchet up the violence. I don’t know how one gets out of that vicious circle.

  3. Rob Harris says:

    Funny I thought Turkey had relaxed marginally when it came to Israel but Erdogan is and always was an Islamist as well as a political pragmatist. Maybe he is trying to make friends again with the Iranian axis? LOL for once I feel rather sorry for Obama. He is pointedly visiting the west Bank as well to balance out the Israeli visit but still all his kowtowing will never keep the Islamists happy!

    • anneinpt says:

      No way has Turkey relaxed its antagonistic stance towards Israel. It serves their interests too well to change.

      They’re definitely not trying go befriend Iran. On the contrary, they’re trying to out-Iran Iran. If Iran is anti-Israel, they’ll double-dog the Israel hatred. It’s demagoguery, populism and religious extremism all rolled up into one poisonous political stance.

      Re Obama, you’re right of course. See my reply to Jim above.

  4. Rob Harris says:

    Anne, perhaps I’m mistaken but I thought Turkey had co-operated to some modest extent with Israel in the last year, as they used to, after the big bust-up over the Mavi Mariner.

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