Good News Friday – Pesach edition

Welcome to this week’s special chametz-free Good News Friday Pesach edition. 🙂

New babies in Israel

We start with the wonderful news that over Pesach the number of Jews living in Israel crossed the 6 million mark, making Israel the largest population centre of Jews in the world, and at the same time creating a positive mirror image to the number of Jews who were murdered in the Shoah:

Israel’s Jewish population crossed the 6 million mark during Passover, a symbolic sign of peaceful vengeance for the approximately same number of Jews who were exterminated by the Nazi regime.

The Israel Jewish community, which compromises approximately 75 percent of the total population outside of Judea and Samaria, now is the largest in the world, depending on one’s definition of “Who is a Jew?”

The American Jewish population is estimated by most sources as being 5.5 million, while it is up to 2 million larger if one includes as Jewish those who were born to Jewish fathers but not to Jewish mothers and those who were not converted according to Jewish tradition.

The largest American Jewish population center is in New York City, with approximately 2 million. followed by nearly half a million in Paris.

There are approximately 380,000 Jews in Canada, with most of them living in metropolitan Toronto. Next in Line is Britain’s 290,000 Jews.

Sadly this is not solely good news since the report goes on to tell us that the Jewish population in the rest of the world is shrinking due to assimilation. But the fact that the Jewish population in Israel is growing ever stronger is excellent news in and of itself, and is a sweet revenge against the murderous intentions of all our enemies, past and present. And of course I’m delighted that our new granddaughter can be added to this burgeoning number.

Birkat Kohanim at the Kotel

My next item for this week also concerns Israel, or more specifically, Jerusalem. Record numbers of Israelis flocked to Jerusalem during the Hol Hamo’ed days (intermediate days) of Pesach, visiting the Old City, the Biblical Zoo, and of course attending the Birkat Cohanim (Priestly Blessing) ceremony at the kotel. The Times of Israel , the Jerusalem Post and Arutz Sheva have great photo essays.

Christian tourists too have been flocking to Jerusaelm to mark Good Friday and to celebrate Easter.

And for today’s finale, I bring you Happy Pesach wishes from the soldiers of the IDF:

Shabbat Shalom, Mo’adim le’simcha and chag same’ach to all those celebrating.

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7 Responses to Good News Friday – Pesach edition

  1. bunuel says:

    Thank you. Chag Samehach gam lach veleshelach velekol am israel.

  2. DebiZ says:

    Chag Sameach !! Reut has been working at עיר הקרח and she told me that on Wednesday and Thursday of Chol HaMoed they had more than 100,000 visitors altogether !!!!!
    Needless to say, I’m going to wait till after Pessach to go visit 🙂

    • anneinpt says:

      Wow! that’s incredible! We didn’t go at all this year. What with the new baby and hardly any days of chol hamo’ed, and all the huge crowds, we simply didn’t go. I did miss going up to Jerusalem, but I find the crowds harder and harder to take, even though the fact that there are so many people there is heart-warming.

      Sounds confused? You’re right! 🙂

      • DebiZ says:

        Doesn’t sound confused at all – we didn’t go anywhere where there are crowds during Chol Hamoed – spent most of the time near to home.

  3. Reality says:

    we went last nite to the Kotel around 10.30 and left around midnite & It was crowded. There were hundreds of people flocking tothe old city.It was spectacular to see& on the way out we ate kosher for pessach kitniot free pizza(delicious!)and whilst driving home the amount of traffic still going up to Jerusalem was amazing!Doesn’t anybody sleep?!

    • anneinpt says:

      It must have been fantastic. We’ve also noticed the same thing in previous visits – the huge numbers of people still going up to Jerusalem and still entering the Old City even at 11 or 12 at night. It’s a wonderful feeling.

      I’d love to have gotten the recipe for that pizza too. 🙂

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