Latest anti-Israel BDS antics

None of the actions mentioned in this post will be much of a surprise to those of you who follow the antics of the BDS anti-Israel brigade,   but I thought it worth listing some of the most recent events so that one should not imagine that this new kind of anti-Semitism, (and yes, anti-Zionism is equivalent to anti-Semitism) has dissipated into the ether.

One of the most egregious acts occurred just last week and was widely under-reported (if that is not a contradiction in terms). It only came to light when the main protagonist, Yaniv D’Or, an Israeli opera singer, posted what happened on his Facebook pageThe Algemeiner picks up his story and quotes from Facebook:

“During a performance in Johannesburg a group or (sic) protestors stormed the Lyric Theatre and shouted some strong pro palestinians slogans as I was singing the wonderful melody of Eli Eli which is written by Hannah Senesh at the time of the holocaust.

“They hated me for the wrong reasons. I am a proud Israeli and British citizen and very much supporting freedom for Palestine…

“I continued singing as if nothing happened in hope it was a one off incident. I was so wrong. After the break without any particular reason another protestor (female) stormed the stage as I was singing and started shouting again pro palestinian slogans, this time also exploding stinky bombs on stage.”

D’Or proceeded to lead the woman off stage, where security personnel took over.

The hatred of these protestors is beyond belief. Do they think they are going to win over any sympathisers with their ridiculous antics? In fact they aren’t interested in winning over hearts and minds. Their only intention is to wreck and destroy anything to do with Israel and anything that might show Israel in a positive light.

An absolutely disgusting example of utter anti-Israel and antisemitic actions, although not strictly in the BDS category, can be seen in France (h/t Reality) where a Paris suburb plans to honour the Palestinian terrorist who killed Israeli MK Rechavam Zeevi:

JTA – A French town is scheduled to host a ceremony on Wednesday honoring several Palestinian terrorists.

Among the terrorists are Allam Kaabi and Salah Hamouri, who are are scheduled to appear at the Bourse de Travail building, which belongs to the municipality of St. Denis, a suburb of the French capital.

Kaabi, of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), planned and carried out the 2001 assassination of Israel’s tourism minister, Rehavam Ze’evi. Hamouri, also of the PFLP, was arrested for plotting to assassinate Sephardic Chief Rabbi Ovadia Yosef. Hamouri was one of the 1,027 prisoners exchanged in 2011 for Gilad Shalit, a citizen of France and Israel. He is scheduled to appear at the Sait-Denis event.

The event is organized by the “national collective for just and viable peace between Palestinians and Israelis,” a group known by its French acronym CNPJDPI. Also present will be a representative of Amnesty International, Martine Brizemur, according to a statement by the organization. The men scheduled to speak are described as “recently released prisoners” in the statement.

It is no surprise that Amnesty International feels able to attend such a scandalous event. Amnesty’s notoriety with regards to its biased attitude towards Israel is well known and amply documented. But shame on Paris that it is permitting such a revolting “honour” to be given its name. So much for “Liberté, égalité et fraternité”.

Lest one think the USA is immune to Israel-hatred of this sort, a particularly nasty BDS event took place at Brooklyn College in New York.

First, college president Karen Gould distinguished herself for what amounted to an anti-anti-BDS position, like that of the anti-anti-communists of the late Cold War era–those who didn’t necessarily support communism, but who considered anti-communists to be the far greater threat to world peace and American national interests. In her two statements on the affair, she strongly (almost glowingly) defended the Political Science Department whose formal vote triggered the crisis. Unlike Mayor Mike Bloomberg and CUNY chancellor Matthew Goldstein, she couldn’t bring herself to condemn BDS. In her first statement on the event, she implied, without saying so outright, that BDS could be considered as among the “issues of importance to our world.”


Second, the Political Science Department distinguished itself for its hypocrisy–wrapping itself in claims of “academic freedom” while refusing to explain to students or to the public whose tax dollars help fund its members’ salaries and why it voted to formally affiliate itself with the event. […] And the sole department member to publicly offer a rationale for the departmental vote offered criteria (speakers who “are heterodox and that challenge the dominant assumptions of society”) that would seem to justify departmental sponsorship of a David Duke campus appearance.

Finally, the event provided a reminder–if one were needed–that few segments of American society are more hostile to Israel than a typical college campus.

Four Jewish students protesting the Brooklyn BDS  meeting were kicked out.  However the college is now investigating the entire incident itself and found itself culpable for the fiasco. At least that is a start, although there is no guarantee there won’t be such events in the future:

The major finding of the report: “It is clear that there was no justification for the removal of the four students.”  An initial college statement that “official reports” indicated that the students had engaged in disruptive behavior was not accurate. And while there’s no reason to believe that the students were removed because they’re Jewish, “a more plausible inference can be drawn that the removal of the four students was motivated by their political viewpoint.”

To conclude today’s sorry tale of woe we cross over to Ireland (via Engage) where the Teachers’ Union of Ireland has voted to boycott all academic collaboration with Israel:

A motion, calling for all members of the union to end work with Israeli counterparts, was passed unanimously at the TUI annual conference in Galway on Thursday.

The union called on the Irish Congress of Trade Unions to increase its campaign for boycott, divestment and sanctions against “the apartheid state of Israel until it lifts its illegal siege of Gaza and its illegal occupation of the West Bank”.


The motion doesn’t bother to maintain the fiction of the “institutional boycott”.  This is a boycott of scholars and students on the basis of their nationality.  This is a boycott of a significant proportion of the world’s Jewish academics and students for reasons which are nothing to do with anything that those academics have said or done.  Nobody but Israelis are to be boycotted.

Rob Harris at Eirael expands on the hypocrisy of the TUI boycott:

Whether or not one thinks Israel is violating the rights of Arab-Palestinians, the singling out of this small nation above all others must surely seem an oddity to all but those who obsessively hate Israel.

Numerous Irish academic institutions have strong links with regimes that possess dubious human rights records. Moreover, one would think this issue would be a source of even mild concern to those supposedly interested in human rights because these links have grown ever stronger, such as with Russia, and particularly China, the developments of which have been well publicised. Consequently, the obsession over a few rather tenuous academic links with Israel is outlandish, to say the least.

As musician and academic Ciarán Ó Raghallaigh noted, perhaps with a hint of sarcasm in a letter to the Irish Times

There seems to have been no discussion of the extensive academic ties that Trinity College, Dublin Institute of Technology and University College, Dublin all have with Russia and China, despite the former country’s illegal occupation of parts of the sovereign state of Georgia… This is all the more surprising given that it was the Dublin Colleges Branch of the TUI that sponsored the anti-Israel motion.


Neither were any corresponding demands placed by members of the TUI onto the opposing Arab-Palestinian side. It should be recalled that the Arab-Palestinian education system & academia has been used to incite extreme hatred and violence throughout the Palestinian populace for decades, thereby dealing a death-blow to any chance of a peace process, thanks to a permanently radicalised populace. It would seem that even an education system using children in endeavours to exterminate another state, going as far as to institute militaristic camps is not worthy of censure!


Read the entire article. It is excellently researched and sourced and well worth the read.


Rob’s article concludes thus:


The BDS movement seeks to isolate Israel economically, academically and culturally, in a quest to bring a remarkable nation to its knees. Whether or not such an action is deemed offensive from a moral perspective, simply from a position of self-interest, boycotting Israel’s education and academia is likely to make Ireland the worse off if it takes hold and spreads to other Irish academic unions in the long run.


If we change the word “Irish” for “international” or world community, we can understand the danger of BDS not for Israel, but for the well-being of the world.
But the haters of Israel don’t care about the well-being of the Palestinians or the world in general. All they care about is destroying Israel, whether by physical means, economically or spiritually. We must combat this new antisemitism with all the means at our disposal.


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15 Responses to Latest anti-Israel BDS antics

  1. Rob Harris says:

    Nice post Anne and thanks for the positive assessment! 🙂

    “The hatred of these protestors is beyond belief. Do they think they are going to win over any sympathisers with their ridiculous antics? In fact they aren’t interested in winning over hearts and minds. Their only intention is to wreck and destroy anything to do with Israel and anything that might show Israel in a positive light.”

    I think many pro-Palestinians adopt a tactic of bullying and intimidation with those freely disinterested in persuasion. They intimidate artists, the venue owners/staff, and/or the promoters. Even those attending performances are often harassed. That sort of behaviour is certainly all too apparent with BDS events around the world, not least in Ireland with the IPSC. any pro-Palestinians. It causes people to become reluctant to travel to Israel or perhaps out of it, makes businesses/promoters etc. reluctant to accept bookings because the grief is too great, and people afraid to attend an enjoyable evening faced with demented hoards of protestors screaming about blood on their hands etc. It is literally an assault on basic freedom of movement.

    The same can happen with those expressing sympathy for Israel, even if they have no political clout e.g. Kim Kardashian being subjected to oceans of abuse when she just tweeted a simple message of support for Israel during Pillar of Cloud. Its an assault on freedom of speech too.

    • anneinpt says:

      Hi Rob, you’re welcome! Your article really is very good and deserves a much wider audience.

      I’m not sure I agree about BDS discouraging people from travelling to Israel. From comments and remarks by relatively neutral and disinterested people who have had altercations with the BDS crowd, I gather that these people get very antagonised by the BDS brigade. they resent anyone telling them where to go and with whom they can associate and the BDS effort often tends to backfire.

      Of course that’s not to say it never happens that BDS discourages people but I think we shouldn’t give them any “credit” beyond the minor damage that they cause.

      And obviously we need to continue to combat BDS in all its variations both for the good of Israel and its supporters, and simply for the sake of truth. For that, I thank you for your excellent blog and your wonderful work in supporting Israel.

  2. Rob Harris says:

    Hi Anne, sorry I posted the above comments very late last night so due to tiredness two things I said might be taken up other than I meant:

    “I’m not sure I agree about BDS discouraging people from travelling to Israel. From comments and remarks by relatively neutral and disinterested people who have had altercations with the BDS crowd, I gather that these people get very antagonised by the BDS brigade. they resent anyone telling them where to go and with whom they can associate and the BDS effort often tends to backfire.”

    What I meant to say was that performers travelling to Israel is discouraged by BDS as the remark was made with regard to Yaniv D’Or’s performance. There’s widespread intimidation I believe. It can be overt as in the way Paul McCartney was treated but often it is less overt but still obvious.

    Re. Kardashian, and the assault on freedom of speech, that clearly is the case with BDS spotting people performing, academics visiting countries etc., but I was referring more to a point prevalent pro-pal abusiveness (Internet and other forms) is also an effort to simply silence through bullying.

  3. roxymuzak says:

    Fair play to Rob on a fine article. It’s very embarrassing to be Irish and to read of the carry on of our “teachers”. The frightening thing about it is that these people are in a position to manipulate the minds of young children. I notice that the baboons from the IPSC are at the forefront of this repellent move. Are Irish teachers going to allow themselves be led by the nose by people who I’m convinced are inspired by one of the oldest and most irrational hatreds of them all. Shame on them if they are.

  4. roxymuzak says:

    I believe that IPSC should be proscribed as an anti Semitic organisation.

    Meantime, the followers of the Prophet, not Lionel Messi, can be so ungrateful.

    Yesterday, for instance, I noticed that a furtive looking Muslim youth left his gear bag on the bus.
    I picked it up and returned it to his house.
    But when I dropped it off I didn’t even get as much as a thank you. Instead, they all tried to break Usain Bolt’s 100m Olympic record in their haste to vacate the premises.

    Why was that?

    (Keep up the good work Anne and Rob)

    • anneinpt says:

      Roxymuzak, I agree with your assessment of the IPSC and think it applies to all the other Pal-Soc societies too.

      As for your act of kindness yesterday, as I read your comment I felt myself getting more and more alarmed. If you were Israeli you would have gotten everyone off the bus and far away and called the police and the bomb squad. Not just because the bag was left by a Muslim-looking guy. Terrorists are plenty able to disguise themselves and have done so frequently. In Israel they disguise themselves as Orthodox Jews or as blond Russians, although since we are in the Middle East, they blend in easily enough in their own persona.

      If I had seen that bag, even on a London bus, I would have called the police even at the risk of looking like a fool and being accused of wasting police time. Didn’t it occur to you that it might be a bomb?

      Perhaps that’s why he was ungrateful – because you brought his bomb right back to him! 🙂

      Seriously, some people are simply ungrateful and unmannered, no matter what their religion.

      But PLEASE be careful when dealing with unattended bags!

  5. Rob Harris says:

    Roxy & Anne, this might be of interest re. developments of Islam in Ireland

    • anneinpt says:

      Rob, thanks for that rather horrifying article about the Irish mega-mosque. As Roxymuzak says, the Irish are being willing fools (or useful idiots) in allowing such a mosque to be built.

      I sometimes feel that liberals have such open minds that their brains have fallen out.

  6. roxymuzak says:

    I will heed your warning about picking up stray, Muslim bags Anne – there was a strange ticking sound coming out of it. Given the reality, I shouldn’t be so flippant. I noticed that the Mounties in Canada collared a few you know whos trying to bomb a US bound train yesterday.

    The Mounties always get their Iman!

    I read about that Wahabbi mega mosque in Dublin a few months back Rob, thanks for the link, It’s unbelievable really. These people would make the Catholic Church look like the liberal wing of your local transgender club, and here they are exporting their barbarism to Ireland, and we, the willing fools, allowing them.

    Our “friend” Raymond Dean answered a Fintan O’Toole piece online on the Times today in relation to the Muslims terrorists in Boston, and he still managed to say something detrimental about Israel.

    The man is suffering from some sort of psychosis.

    • anneinpt says:

      Roxymuzak, this is the perfect place to use my facepalm smiley: .

      LOL! You really had me taken in there. I should have read your comment more carefully. Your Irish blarney is very convincing! :-D.

      On a serious note, I think you made a very incisive point about the psychosis of that particular anti-Israel activist, but I think it can be extrapolated onto the whole BDS anti-Israel crowd. A good psychiatrist would have a field day with them.

  7. roxymuzak says:

    I would suggest Freud himself. I believe he’s the head baboon with the IPSC. He’s high up the food chain in that vipers nest of anti-Semitism anyway. I reckon Rob could fill you in about him a lot more than I ever could.

  8. Rob Harris says:

    Not so sure about that Roxy. 😉

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