Richard Falk and John Kerry’s wrongful statements about Israel

The terrorist attack at the Boston Marathon last week and the attempted thawing of relations between Israel and Turkey were exacerbated by outrageous and idiotic statements by diplomats and politicians, people who really ought to know better but it seems who never learn.

The Boston Marathon bombing in which 3 people were killed, including an 8 year-old boy was perpetrated by two Chechen brothers, Tamerlan and Dzhokar Tsarnaev, acting out of an extremist Islamic ideology.

UN - Useless Nations

UN – Useless Nations

Never mind that the surviving brother, Dzhokar, admitted that the Iraq and Afghanistan wars inspired them to carry out their contemptible bombing, we can always rely on the execrable UN official Richard Falk to link Israel to it:

UN Human Rights Council’s Palestine monitor Richard Falk has drawn connections between the recent Boston Marathon bombing and US President Barack Obama’s compliance with the State of Israel.


“As long as Tel Aviv has the compliant ear of the American political establishment, those who wish for peace and justice in the world should not rest easy,” he wrote.

In his essay, Falk compares the marathon bombing to the 2001 destruction of the Twin Towers in New York City, saying that both incidents have led to America embracing “Islamophobic falsehoods.”

He also mentioned that the reason for the lack of progress in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and strained relations between the US and Arab nations is because of the “strong push-back by Israel and its belligerent leader, [Prime Minister Binyamin] Bibi Netanyahu,” which has led to Obama succumbing to the “ethos of Israel.” He added that this has led to “accelerating backpedaling in relation to opening political space in the Middle East.”

Falk describes Obama’s recent speech in Jerusalem during his visit to the Middle East as a “love letter to the Israeli public,” rather than a demonstration of his belief in peace

The man is an utter disgrace to his profession and, yes, even to the UN.  As expected, he was condemned by Jewish organizations:

“Here he goes again,” said AJC Executive Director David Harris. “Given his public record, the question is why Richard Falk still occupies a UN position. Is there no shame?”

And as expected, he was not condemned by the usual suspects:

UN chief Ban Ki-Moon said that he would not condemn Falk for his essay, since he is “not responsible” for Falk’s “independent views,” said UN spokesman Farhan Haq.

UN Watch said it was confused and disappointed by the UN chief’s silence.

I’m not confused.  This is standard practice by the UN. It would be confusing if they did condemn such antisemitic comments. Is such a happy day would occur, the seas would retreat and the earth would reverse its orbit around the sun.

John Kerry with Binyamin Netanyahu

Another miserably clumsy statement, this time comparing the victims of the Boston bombing to the Mavi Marmara terrorists was issued by US Secretary of State John Kerry:

WASHINGTON TIMES – Mr. Kerry said he understood the anger and frustration of those Turks who lost friends and family in the raid. Mr. Kerry, a former Massachusetts senator, said last week’s Boston Marathon bombings made him acutely aware of the emotions involved.

“We have just been through the week of Boston, and I have deep feelings for what happens when you have violence, when something that happens when you lose people that are near and dear to you,” he said. “It affects the community; it affects the country. But going forward, you know, we have to find the best way to bring people together and undo these tensions and undo these stereotypes and try to make peace.”

The reaction in Israel has been outrage as Kerry’s statement was loudly condemned:

“It is never helpful when a moral equivalency is made confusing terrorists with their victims,” Danon told The Times of Israel. ”As our American friends were made all too aware once again last week, the only way to deal with the evils of terrorism it to wage an unrelenting war against its perpetrators wherever they may be,” he said.

Ruthie Blum in Yisrael Hayom slams Kerry’s appalling analogy:

On Sunday, when U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel arrived in Israel to seal an arms deal and reiterate Obama administration platitudes about not allowing Iran to acquire nuclear weapons, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry was in Ankara, trying to shift reconciliation between Turkey and Israel into high gear.

Israel is ready and willing. Not only did Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issue an apology to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan last month, but he sent a delegation to Turkey on Monday to iron out details of the compensation package that Israel will provide for the families of the activists killed by Israeli soldiers during the 2010 “Free Gaza Flotilla” raid.

It is the Turkish officials who are being intransigent, in spite of the fact (or perhaps because of it) that not a single person would have died on the Mavi Marmara ship had Turkish and other activists not brutally attacked Israeli soldiers who had been dispatched to prevent the flotilla from violating the naval blockade on Gaza.

Neither the Turkish authorities nor much of the Turkish public sees it that way. Erdogan is an Islamist through and through, which is why he is planning a trip to Gaza in the near future to pat his Hamas buddies on the back.

This is problematic for Kerry, who doesn’t want it to be so obvious that this American “ally” is growing closer by the minute to a terrorist organization. And it is a source of dismay for Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, who is playing two hands simultaneously: portraying himself as the only legitimate leader of the Palestinian people, and trying to bury the hatchet with Hamas.


Because Kerry has made it his mission to create a Palestinian state by the end of 2014, he is frantic about getting Turkey on board. Abbas, too, is eyeing Turkey these days. Indeed, he also went to Ankara this week, where he had a private meeting with Kerry, before asking Erdogan to help him join his Fatah forces with Hamas.

This is the same Hamas that runs Gaza, the terrorist enclave that celebrated last week’s bombings in Boston by cheering, dancing in the streets and handing out cake and candy to passersby. It was like 9/11 all over again, and the residents of Gaza were rejoicing.

This did not prevent Kerry, who enjoyed a “prolonged and constructive” discussion with Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu on the renewal of ties with Israel, to compare the events of the Mavi Marmara to the Boston bombings.


This false and vile analogy should have caused the Israeli delegation, led by National Security Adviser Yaakov Amidror, to cancel Monday’s trip. But, of course, with Hagel in Jerusalem to sell Israel crucial military equipment for a potential strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities, and faced with the need for Turkish airspace in the event of such a strike, off they went to negotiate the multi-millions of dollars that Israel will be forced to pay to the perpetrators of the flotilla carnage.

Someone else who won’t be canceling a scheduled trip is Erdogan. He is planning to go to Gaza in May to commemorate the third anniversary of the Mavi Marmara incident, which will involve an anti-Israel hate-fest.

This is why Kerry requested that he postpone his visit, for fear that it might “jeopardize” the ability to “jumpstart the peace process” between Israel and the Palestinians.

And speaking of the Palestinians, Abbas, too, asked Erdogan not to go to Gaza until Fatah and Hamas settle their differences.

Given Kerry’s kowtowing, it is no wonder that Erdogan has no intention of honoring his request. Islamists view bowing down as a sign of weakness, and America keeps showing them that they are right to hold this view.

Ruthie Blum’s analysis is spot-on. As a commenter mentioned on another thread here, “weakness begets weakness”. It’s about time foreign diplomats were given a crash-course in Middle East politics and learned the lessons of craven kowtowing to dictators.

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7 Responses to Richard Falk and John Kerry’s wrongful statements about Israel

  1. Reality says:

    And here I was hoping that THIS time perhaps the Americans would understand Israel after the bombing. I think its time that we shuld do our own comparisons in the future. I’d compare the victims families(poor things what do they have to do with all this) to Sadaam Husseins family or the al queida families who are so frustrated with American influence they felt they “had to do” something.

    • anneinpt says:

      Don’t confuse Richard Falk with America. He doesn’t represent America – he represents the UN, but other than that your comment was spot on.

      Kerry’s comment was more badly thought out than malicious, but as the world’s top diplomat he really ought to have more sense. Where were his advisers? He just comes across as a bumbling fool (which I guess reflects reality).

  2. Rob Harris says:

    Falk adopts the position of terrorist mouthpiece yet again by giving uncritical advocating voice to their aspirations, whilst laying blame on the US for this nonsensical Islamophobia claim. FBI stats show that in the US there are almost as many hate crimes against Christians as Muslims.

    “UN chief Ban Ki-Moon said that he would not condemn Falk for his essay, since he is “not responsible” for Falk’s “independent views,” said UN spokesman Farhan Haq.”

    I was surprised when people were shocked at the UN-HRC employing Falk as their Israel-Palestine monitor because his hostility toward Israel is so virulent. I thought that was what so excellently qualified him for that UN role in the first place, that and him being a Jew of course!

  3. DavidinPT says:

    I think in future he should be referred to by all of us as as “Richard F**k”, as his name is not one that should be mentioned by decent people in respectable surroundings.

  4. TerryD says:

    Interesting to think that John Kerry’s paternal grandparents (Kohn) were Jewish. They selected the new name of Kerry by spinning a globe and where their fingers landed is the name they chose. Their fingers landed on the Irish city of Kerry.

    No, he is not Irish not even Celtic – just a gaming, unscrupulous professional politician whose position as Secretary of State is a pay back for delivering votes.

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