Constant drip of attempted terror attacks go unreported in international media

The last few days have seen several attempts by Palestinian terrorists to harm Israeli citizens, but reports in the international press have been minimal to non-existent.

Drone from Lebanon being downed by IAF plane off the Haifa coast

The major terror attempt was a drone, flying from the direction of Lebanon, attempting to infiltrate Israeli airspace. It was spotted and downed safely by the IAF 5 miles off the Israeli coast, although a helicopter carrying Prime Minister Netanyahu had to land for safety purposes during the altercation.

The unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) intercepted Thursday is believed to belong to Hezbollah, and was possibly deployed at the behest of Iran. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Thursday that he “sees the attempt to breach our borders with utmost gravity. We will continue to do what’s necessary to ensure the safety of the citizens of Israel.”

The UAV reportedly took off in an area between Tyre and Sidon at around 1 p.m. and was spotted by the IAF’s northern observation unit while over Lebanese territory. As the drone continued flying southward, the IAF monitored its movement closely and scrambled fighter jets and helicopters. A patriot anti-aircraft missile battery was also activated to intercept the aircraft if it proved impossible to do so from the air. “After confirming that it was not a friendly aircraft, and definitely not one of ours, the commander of the IAF authorized its interception,” IDF Spokesperson Brig. Gen. Yoav (Poly) Mordechai said on Thursday.

At 1:40 p.m. an F-16 fighter jet targeted and intercepted the drone with a missile, successfully downing it with the first attempt. The explosion occurred some 10 kilometers (six miles) off the Israeli cost, near Haifa. “I sat on my porch and saw two fighter jets and at least one helicopter,” said Nissim David, a Kiryat Haim resident who witnessed the interception. “By the time I realized that they were flying after a small aircraft, there was an explosion — and a flash of flames.”


Israel Navy helicopter and warship search for the drone’s remnants

Details regarding the drone’s mission, whether it was armed and what its final destination was, remain unclear. It was speculated that the drone’s mission was to gather intelligence on Israel’s natural gas rigs in the Mediterranean Sea. The IDF has stated that the drone was relatively small and its exact model has yet to be determined. Forces were searching the interception site for remnants of the drone.

Other analysts surmised that the drone was an attempt by Hezbollah to divert attention from its involvement in the Syrian civil war. The Shiite terrorist group has openly sided with the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in its battle against predominately Sunni rebels.

Jonathan Spyer, senior research fellow at the Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya, near Tel Aviv, said Hezbollah was facing discontent among its Shiite base in Lebanon, and more broadly among other Arabs for its participation in the Syrian conflict.

He said the group was likely trying to show that its real enemy was the Jewish state, in an effort to shore up support.

Spyer said sending a drone appeared to be a “fairly calibrated provocation,” intended to be low key enough not to provoke an Israeli military response in Lebanon.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if we see more of these kinds of incidents in the weeks and months ahead,” he said.

Hezbollah however denied any connection to the drone:

A Hezbollah spokesperson denied the allegations, telling a Lebanese media station that claims of the group’s involvement were “completely baseless.” Al-Mayadeen, a Lebanese TV station with ties to Hezbollah, reported that the UAV infiltrated Israel from Lebanon without being detected by the IDF, and managed to loiter in the airspace over Haifa for eight minutes before being shot down.

According to Al-Arabiya, a senior official in Beirut said that “Israeli fighter jets fly over Lebanese skies every day, every hour. Even when the Israelis announced the Lebanese drone infiltration, their army’s fighter jets were violating Lebanese air sovereignty.”

A United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) spokesperson stated that there is no verification that an aircraft infiltrated Israel from southern Lebanon, but that the group is opening an investigation into the matter.

A senior Lebanese security official, who spoke on condition of anonymity in line with regulations, said Lebanon had no information on Thursday’s incident.

Who knows whether this is Hezbollah’s version of plausible deniability or if there really is another terrorist group trying to assert domination over southern Lebanon.

Meanwhile, over the weekend there was renewed sporadic rocket fire from Gaza into Israel, ruining Lag Ba’Omer celebrations for residents of southern Israel.

A rocket fired by Palestinian terrorists in Gaza late Saturday night toward the Sdot Negev Regional Council exploded in an open area, near a local community, as Israelis were celebrating Lag B’Omer. There were no reports of injury or damage.

Following the attack the IDF responded:

A few hours after the rocket attack, the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit announced that Israeli aircraft attacked overnight Sunday a terror facility and a weapons cache in south Gaza. Direct hits were confirmed. The army said the aerial strikes came in response to the rocket fire from the Hamas-ruled territory.

Following the rocket fire, Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories Brigadier General Eitan Dangot ordered the Kerem Shalom Crossing be closed down for the passage of goods.

The Erez Crossing at the northern Gaza Strip will remain open for humanitarian cases only.

During the wekly cabinet meeting Sunday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed that Israel will not accept sporadic rocket fire from the Gaza Strip.

Netanyahu referred to the IAF’s strike in Gaza on Saturday night and added: “Israel will do what’s necessary to defend its citizens.”

Netanyahu’s words would ring truer if the IAF were allowed to go after real live terrorists and not just empty buildings and “terror facilities”.

Here’s a video of the rocket firing:

The IDF’s response was obviously not deterrent enough because last night (Sunday night) another rocket was fired into Israel:

A Kassam rocket fired from the Gaza Strip hit a field in southern Israel Sunday night, causing no damage or injuries.

The rocket landed in an unpopulated area in the Eshkol region, near Ashkelon.


Children who were outside celebrating the holiday with bonfires were instructed by police to return to their homes.

Recent weeks have seen a surge in rocket fire from the Gaza Strip, after several months of relative quiet along the border in the wake of Israel’s November 2012 bombing campaign against Hamas and other armed factions in Gaza.

Then this morning rock-throwing terrorists returned to Road 443, a major highway between Modi’in and Jerusalem:

Palestinian Authority Arabs Monday morning hurled rocks at motorists on Route 443, which connects Modi’in with Jerusalem, despite two checkpoints on the highway that also serves as alternate route to Highway 1 to Jerusalem.

No injuries were reported.

The Supreme Court three years ago ordered that the government open the road to Palestinian Authority drivers, ruling that security could be provided without prohibiting them from using the road. Terrorist attacks killed six people on Route 443 during the height of the Second Intifada, also known as the Oslo War, and the roads was closed to the PA in 2002.

Although nobody was hurt thank G-d in this incident, remember that rocks can kill.

Unlike the UAV infiltration attempt, which was reported throughout the international media, the rocket fire and stone-throwing has not received a mention outside Israel.  I know that in the scheme of things, with the Middle East burning up and exploding all around us, from Syria to Iraq to the Gulf States to Egypt, a few odd rockets and stone-throwing in which nobody was hurt seem too minor to report.

However you can be sure that when the IDF’s response (which too has not yet been reported) ramps up, or when a Palestinian is so much as injured, the “last-first” reversed chronology reporting, where “Israel hits back first” will reappear too. BBC Watch similarly talks about the lack of reporting on the rockets in the BBC.

Just remember these incidents reported here when you next encounter that kind of reporting in your local media.

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5 Responses to Constant drip of attempted terror attacks go unreported in international media

  1. ealha3 says:

    The problem of media bias against Israel is now well documented, The focus of these continued examples of their bias should now be on independent journalists’ attempts to hold them accountable. We have no published reports (let alone regular attempts) of the NY Times, Washington Post, Boston Globe, Los Angeles Times, etc., ever being asked why they intentionally refuse to report these incidents. Their response or refusal to respond to direct questioning to hold them accountable to minimum professional standards of journalism, especially when confronted with their reporting of Israeli acts of self defense would do far more to expose their corruption than any attempt to embarrass them for their intentional failure to report on savage, criminal attacks against Israeli defenseless children..

    • anneinpt says:

      You’re right. BBC Watch does an excellent job doing exactly what you suggested regarding the BBC. Similarly CIF Watch does this with the Guardian.

      CAMERA does sterling work with the American media, but I don’t think they specifically focus on any one outlet. David Gerstman (aka Soccer Dad) writes a column entitled Mideast Media Sampler published at Legal Insurrection, Israel Matzav and Daled Amos (along with a few other sites) which concentrates on the New York Times.

      And of course how can we forget Honest Reporting which is probably THE leader in media monitoring?

      The problem is that there’s such a huge amount of news outlets that it’s almost an impossible task to keep up with every single journalist.

      Perhaps you would take up the challenge and pick a journalist who’s not already being monitored?

      • Elliott E Alhadeff says:

        Thanks for the invitation. However … what is needed is for a more widely distributed medium than my irrelevant self. E.g., Fox News regularly identifies the “main stream media” as failing to cover some of its items (e.g., Fast and Furious, Benghazi, Dr. Goznell, etc.) until the media is so embarrased it finally is forced to pick up the issue. That’s what is needed and I’m suggesting a consortium of all the organizations and individuals you mention above to try to get Fox News to identify the failure – the anti-Semitic/anti-Israeli bias – of the MSM as a major news item. Does anyone know Berni Goldberg who regularly appears on O’Reilly? He’d be an excellent source for this issue….

  2. Reality says:

    the only time I’ve seen stone throwing mentioned in the international media was when a few Israeli teenagers threw them & the media went wild.I’m not advocating that this is what our response should be ,but perhaps if the roads leading to Arab villages would be dangerous to drive on because of stone throwing”incidents” & the media would report it , then Israeli families would say that’s what we suffer regularly. However I doubt this would happen . Another thing thats “not fair” is that many times the stone throwers are kids(under 18) & when arrested Amnesty international start screaming & shouting how disgusting Israel is for arresting these”innocent “kids. Somehow there has to be some balance or hold their parents responsible, as stones can kill & injure badly.(re litlle Adele Biton)

    • anneinpt says:

      I understand completely where you’re coming from, but obviously as a civilized society we cannot act like those monsters do. It’s a nice thought but it won’t happen.

      But you’re right, and so are the settlers, who demand some real justice with the stone throwers, not least to serve as a deterrent.

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