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Good News Friday

It’s time for my next Good News Friday installment, and amazingly enough, one whole year has passed since I began this series.  In fact the first anniversary was almost 2 weeks ago, but I only noticed that a year had … Continue reading

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How antisemitic propaganda seeps into the cultural mindset

The Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet published a cartoon this week which would have made the editor of Der Stuermer proud. The Anti-Defamation League issued a statement on Wednesday condemning a cartoon appearing in the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet, which grossly demonized Jewish … Continue reading

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The impossibility of making peace with those sworn to kill you

Further to my previous post about the US’s futile efforts at peace-making in the Middle East, how can anyone expect peace to be achieved when one side consists of pathological liars? At the World Economic Forum earlier this week, Palestinian … Continue reading

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US attempts to restart Israel-Palestinian peace talks: why do they bother?

For the umpteenth time the US Secretary of State, this time it is John Kerry, visited Israel and the PA to attempt to restart peace talks between the two sides. And as in umpteen times before, nothing happened. The only … Continue reading

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Debating Israel’s natural gas boon

Israel’s newly discovered natural gas finds have given a huge boost to the country, economically, politically and with positive implications on the security front too. However there is now fierce debate going on in Israel over what to do with … Continue reading

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Low-level Palestinian terrorism growing in intensity

In case you thought that low-level Palestinian terrorism has disappeared, I regret to inform you otherwise. There has been a spate of stone-throwing, fire-bombings and other relatively low-level terrorist attacks over the last few months, causing one to wonder whether … Continue reading

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