The impossibility of making peace with those sworn to kill you

Further to my previous post about the US’s futile efforts at peace-making in the Middle East, how can anyone expect peace to be achieved when one side consists of pathological liars?

At the World Economic Forum earlier this week, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas delivered a wonderful speech, full of sweetness and light. The video is below:

From the Algemeiner article:

During a speech delivered Sunday at the World Economic Forum, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas claimed that the PA does not incite to hatred and does not educate to discriminate against Judaism, but strives to “spread the culture of peace” among Palestinian Arabs.

“We don’t teach and we don’t educate our children to hate or even discriminate against any religion, be it Judaism or any other,” Abbas said.

However, Palestinian Media Watch, a watchdog group that monitors Palestinian Authority media pointed out that it has identified numerous instances in which Abbas’s claims are contradicted.

In an email to reporters, PMW says its executive director Itamar Marcus recently presented a 35 page report to members of congress about Palestinian Authority incitement.

The report documents “that US funding of the PA was supporting PA hate promotion, terror glorification, and denial of Israel’s right to exist,” says PMW. The full report can be read online here.

PMW also pointed to the following hateful videos shown on official PA TV. This one shows children being taught that Jews are “pigs” and “Allah’s enemies.”

Watch the shocking and disgusting videos in the Algemeiner article that PMW have recorded from Palestinian TV shows and see what incitement and hatred they are inculcating into the next generation. What chance will there ever be of achieving peace between Israel and the Palestinians when Palestinian children are taught to hate Israel and the Jews at such a visceral level.

Stressing the cognitive dissonance between Abbas’s words at the WEF and the Palestinians’ deeds, David Horowitz in the Times of Israel pulls no punches in telling Secretary of State Kerry “It’s not the economy, stupid“:

Before he took office, Kerry was touted as a secretary of state who truly believed he might succeed where his predecessors had failed, in brokering Israeli-Palestinian peace — and never mind the discouraging context: a weak PA president who failed to confront the false Arafat narrative that denies Jewish sovereign roots here; a region in free fall where the Hamas takeover in Gaza and the bloodshed on the Syrian side of the Golan constitute spectacular disincentives to relinquish territory; and a battered Israeli public who saw Ehud Olmert’s unsurpassable peace offer brushed aside by Abbas in 2008 and now have a settler-sympathetic prime minister, with a heavy settler element in his coalition, who is in no mood to repeat it.

As the businesspeople who fashioned “Breaking the Impasse” correctly recognized, the path to an accord requires compromise and pragmatism by the politicians. It requires a Palestinian leader like the English-speaking Abbas, who told Channel 2 last year that there would be no third intifada under his leadership, that he had no demands on pre-1967 Israel, and that he felt he had no “right” to return to live in Safed, the town of his birth in today’s northern Israel. It does not require a Palestinian leader like the Arabic-speaking Abbas, who went to the UN last November seeking statehood without the inconvenience of negotiating modalities with Israel, told the watching world Israel was born in fundamental sin through ethnic cleansing, and who, at the Dead Sea on Sunday, delivered a speech made all the more unpalatable and extreme by the plaintive call for peace from the business community that preceded it.

In the Abbas account of the conflict as detailed on Sunday, Israel’s refusal to simply up and leave from the West Bank is plain incomprehensible. After all, he argued, the Palestinians have never and would never harm so much as a hair on an Israeli’s head.

Why on earth, he wondered — this picture of bafflement, this elderly, well-intentioned gentleman, rendered impotent by the stupidity of those aggressors on the other side of that inexplicably constructed wall — would Israelis be wary of what might happen were they to pull out of the West Bank? What harm might possibly befall them? The Second Intifada? Obviously a figment of Israel’s imagination. The no-nonsense ousting of Abbas from Gaza by Hamas, with its acutely worrying implications for a post-IDF West Bank? Presumably never happened.

Israel in 1999 threw out Netanyahu because it believed there was a peace deal to be made with Arafat, and that the intransigent prime minister was missing the chance. There was no such sentiment when Israelis voted four months ago — no sense that opportunities for peace were going begging because of obdurate, settlement-building Netanyahu. Arafat shattered Israelis’ confidence in their Palestinian negotiating partners. Abbas has signally failed to restore it. And the collapse of stability in the Middle East is working against all those who seek to heal the rift.

As if to exemplify the Palestinians’ hatred and contempt of Israel, we learned of the appointment of an arch-terrorist, responsible for the murder of 38 innocent Israeli civilians, as an adviser to the Palestinian Authority:

Hussein Fayyad, one of the commanders of the terror group that carried out the 1978 Coastal Road massacre, revealed on Tuesday that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas had appointed him as one of his advisers.

The attack, which led to the killing of 38 Israeli civilians, including 13 children, was planned and carried out by Abbas’s Fatah faction.

Fayyad, who was released in a prisoner swap with Israel in 1985, said that Abbas signed a decree in 2008 promoting him to the position of “advisor” to the PA president.

Some peace. Some process.

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  1. ealha3 says:

    The primary reason the “peace process” has “played” out for so long is that one side is interested in peace and the other side is interested in money. The “money” side has been successfully selling “snake oil” claiming Israel must be exterminated and given to “refugees” suffering persecution and deprivation from a sadistic occupier. And with the assistance of the international community, anti-Semitic institutions, Arab religious and financial support and, basically, neutrality by the US, its corrupt leaders, NGOs, and other support systems are being rewarded with billions. BILLIONS!!! Achieving “Peace” would mean elections, personnel changes, the end of their access to the billions and the bums would have to look for honest work. As long as there is no peace, there will be a continued flow of money, “snake oil,” will be a growing industry and hell won’t freeze over. Peace with Israel is as likely as democracy in Syria. If Israel or the international community is interested in making peace with Palestinians, ask their leaders to agree to 6-months term limits….

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