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Who are our “peace” partners?

The Middle East peace talks, or rather the talks about the Middle East peace talks, have now got under way in Washington, once more dangerously raising expectations on the Palestinian side for a complete Israeli capitulation. One can hardly blame … Continue reading

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The EU’s directive: misfire or backfire?

After all the brouhaha about the impending release of Palestinian murderers from prisons Israel in exchange for talks about talks about peace, we could be forgiven for forgetting about that other scandal from last week: the EU’s directive banning cooperation … Continue reading

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About those Palestinian “heroes” to be released for “peace”

I am so furious and so frustrated I could spit and scream. As reported last week, Bibi is indeed going through with the release of the worst, most violent and longest serving Palestinian murders doing time in Israel’s jails, all … Continue reading

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The Zionist Zoo strikes again

The Zionist Zoo™ consists of strange animals and objects, all of which have been suspected of sabotaging or spying on Arab countries or civilians.  The levels of paranoia which these animals and objects arouse are a source of enormous amusement … Continue reading

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Good News Friday

It’s time for the latest installment of my Good News Friday series, so here we go! The first item is from the sports arena where we learn that Israeli judokas won five medals in European competitions last week: Israeli judokas … Continue reading

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Europe bans Hezbollah – but only the bad part

Europe has officially declared Hezbollah to be schizophrenic. That is the only conclusion that can reasonably be drawn from their decision – finally – to ban Hezbollah. But only its “military wing”. (Emphases are mine). Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu welcomed … Continue reading

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