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What kind of peace are the Palestinians proposing?

A reader of my blog by the name of “Reality” left an excellent comment on my previous post about releasing Palestinian murderers for “peace”, which I will reproduce here (with some editing and formatting, plus added links in order to … Continue reading

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Perverted logic: Releasing murderers for peace

What kind of inverted and perverted logic demands that murderers be released from prison in order to prove the peaceful intentions of the side that is more eager to achieve peace? Palestinian logic, that’s what. For some reason the balance … Continue reading

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Good News Friday

Once again we’ve had a week full of sadness (Tisha be’Av) and bad news (courtesy of the EU) and yet, as always, there is good news to be found if you know where to look. And as your trusty Good … Continue reading

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The EU divests from Israeli settlements but can’t decide whether to ban Hezbollah

The hypocrisy of the EU emerges starkly in an announcement from yesterday: “EU foreign policy chief floats plan to blacklist Hezbollah”. Wait, you mean they haven’t blacklisted Hezbollah yet? The European Union could blacklist Hezbollah’s military wing while stressing it … Continue reading

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More commentary on the EU’s (mis)directive to push Israel back to its 1949 lines

Pushback has already begun against the EU’s (mis)directive calling for an effective boycott on Jewish (not Palestinian) towns in Judea, Samaria and certain parts of Jerusalem . PM Binyamin Netanyahu announced that “we won’t accept foreign dictates over our borders”: … Continue reading

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EU wishes to force Israel back to 1949

The European Union came out yesterday with a new directive that is shocking in its condescension, its neo-colonialism towards Israel, and in its antisemitism that lies at the base of this decision. The new directive bars all dealings with Israeli-held … Continue reading

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