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Meanwhile in Egypt: The Muslim Brotherhood’s Pallywood

The following is a copy-paste of an email I received from my reader DavidinPT , which he says he received from a reliable source.  Having done a Google search I found the story on Facebook which linked back to this site. … Continue reading

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Good News Friday

Despite the plethora of terrible news this past week, and the imminent possiblity of things becoming even worse, I still cannot allow myself to go into Shabbat without some good news. So here is this week’s Good News Friday installment. … Continue reading

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After UK intervention is voted down, only the French will ally with America?!

The news overtook me as I was writing my earlier post about the possible blowback on Israel from an American and Allied attack on Syria. Overnight we learned that the House of Commons (the British Parliament) voted No and rejected … Continue reading

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Where is world outrage at Syrian and Iranian threats against Israel?

The possibilities, perils and permutations of an Allied attack on Syria in response to its chemical weapons attack have been discussed endlessly in the media as well as in Parliaments across the Western world. I addressed some of these issues … Continue reading

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The rebound effect of the European boycott of settlements

Remember those EU directives on the settlements from a few weeks ago? Any news about them has been swallowed up in all the dramatic headlines from Syria and Egypt. But that does not mean that the directives calling for a … Continue reading

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The pitfalls of intervention in Syria

It is looking more likely every day that the US, probably together with other Western countries, will intervene militarily in Syria in response to the regime’s chemical weapons attack on civilians near Damascus last week. The potential for major disaster … Continue reading

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