Incitement, peace talks and releasing terrorists

Palestinian children with toy guns – wonder who they’re pretending to kill

The three items mentioned in the headline ought, in a sane and civilized world, not to have any relation to one another.  In the Middle East where Israel is involved however, as we all know, the three are intricately and inextricably linked.

The three actions work in a kind of vicious circle thus: Wicked incitement in the Palestinian media, and more importantly in their educational system and culture  against Israel as a Jewish state, against Israelis and against Jews everywhere brainwashes future generations into a deep and visceral hatred that is almost impossible to overcome.  This deeply imbibed hatred encourages normative children to develop into depraved terrorists.

When a terrorist act occurs Israel takes defensive and retaliatory action, which might or might not develop into war.

Then we get to the peace talks – and the first thing the Palestinians request – simply for the huge concession of sitting in the same room as those sub-human Israelis – is to release those vicious terrorists, probably so that they can go right back to their violent ways the minute the peace talks either reach a conclusion (e.g. Oslo, followed by the deadly Intifada) or don’t (every other set of peace talks since 1993).

Anyone who has been reading my blog or any of the other dozens of Israeli and pro-Israeli blogs, not to mention Israel news sites, all know what Palestinian incitement looks like. Just a reminder:

In Toronto – yes, far away, peaceful Toronto – local Muslims “celebrated” Al-Quds Day with Nazi-like incitement including anti-Israel speeches and declamations, even from the mouths of little children. (hat-tip: Rob Harris):

Shocking footage of a child and a Muslim woman reading anti-Israel speeches at an “Al Quds Day” protest in Toronto on Saturday drew attention online Friday.

Posting a link to a video of the incident Dexter Van Zile, the Christian Media Analyst for CAMERA, the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America, wrote on Twitter: “It sounds so much more frightening coming from a kid… This is sick.”

Van Zile also highlighted a second clip, referring to it as “Another hate-filled child — this time, a girl who compares #Israel to Hitler.”

Addressing the rally, the child, swathed in a black and white keffiyeh headband and scarf, said: ”Zionism preaches corruption and oppression and tyranny and bloodshed around the world.”

Here’s one of the videos of a child’s rant (it can hardly be called a speech):

One of the adult speakers went as far as calling to shoot Israelis if they don’t get out of “Palestine” – and he meant Israel itself, not the West Bank:

Elias Hazineh, a Palestinian-Canadian Christian and former head of Palestine House, an anti-Israel group, who was recorded saying: “When somebody tries to rob a bank, the police get in. They don’t negotiate. And we have been negotiating with them for 65 years. We say, ‘Get out or you are dead.’ We give them two minutes and then we start shooting, and that’s the only way they’ll understand.”

Watch his speech here:

You can read or watch MEMRI or Palestinian Media Watch every day and be shocked anew at the monstrous incitement. And then one can wonder how on earth we can make peace with such people who hate our very existence on this earth.

Binyamin Netanyahu just last week complained to American Secretary of State John Kerry about the Palestinians’ latest incitement while peace talks are ostensibly are about to begin:

In the wake of the chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat’s angry letter to US Secretary of State John Kerry about Israel’s new settlement building amid the resumption of peace talks, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sent his own letter to Kerry over the weekend, lambasting the Palestinians for failing to curb incitement against Israel.

Netanyahu wrote to Kerry that leading Palestinian Authority officials were calling for Israel’s destruction even after peace talks resumed on July 31 in Washington — the first major effort since negotiations broke down in 2008.

“Incitement and peace don’t go together,” Netanyahu wrote, explaining that new generations of Palestinians were being taught to hate Israel, further fueling the cycle of violence.

“Instead of educating the next generation of Palestinians to live in peace with Israel, the education of hate poisons them against Israel and lays the groundwork for continued violence and terror,” he wrote.

Netanyahu asserted, for example, that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’s comment that a future Palestinian state wouldn’t have a single Israeli in it — which Abbas made as peace talks kicked off in Washington two weeks ago — was a form of incitement.

He also pointed out that an anchor on the PA’s official news channel stated, during a broadcast of the Barcelona soccer team’s visit to the West Bank last week, that the state of Palestine would extend from Rosh Hanikra to Eilat, i.e. the entire length of Israel, constituting another incendiary statement.

Last week, during a trip to Israel by a delegation of 36 House Democrats to Israel, Steny Hoyer (D-Maryland), the second-ranking Democrat in the US House of Representatives, addressed the issue of Palestinian incitement, particularly youth being taught hateful messages about Israelis.

“Erekat talked about the necessity to live together with mutual respect,” Hoyer said about his meeting with the Palestinian chief negotiator at a Jerusalem press conference. “I asked him whether their school curriculum would comport with that objective… He said they haven’t done so perfectly, but that he believes they’re working on reaching that objective.”

Speaking during the AIPAC-affiliated trip, Hoyer said that there has been “too much teaching of violence, too much perpetration of violence, and too much teaching of prejudice,” in the Middle East and that “no group on Earth” has been the object of as much discrimination and hate as the Jews.

Hoyer told reporters he would follow up on the issue with the State Department and other officials when back in Washington.

But I don’t see the peace talks being held up or any demand for a freeze on Palestinian incitement in order to prevent the scuppering of the peace talks. The blame is as much Bibi’s as Kerry’s.

We’ve now come to round number mumbleteen (because, let’s be honest, who is keeping count?) of the endless and pointless peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians. Once again the Palestinians, aided and abetted by our friends the Americans, have demanded the release of terrorists. They may call them “prisoners” but these are no political prisoners jailed for protests or not paying taxes. These are hardened cold-blooded killers. Additionally, as a horrible difference, this time the Palestinians are demanding the release BEFORE the peace talks even start. And Israel, under the spineless leadership of Netanyahu, has caved in.  Today the government announced an initial release of 26 terrorists:

The list includes 14 prisoners to be released into the Gaza Strip, several of which are Hamas members.


Prisoners to be released:

1. Kor Mattawa Hamad Faiz, jailed since ’85, for the murder of Menahem Dadon and attempted murder of Salomon Abukasis.

2. Salah Ibrahim Ahmad Mughdad, jailed since ’93, for the murder of Israel Tenenbaum.

3. Na’anish Naif Abdel Jafar Samir, jailed since ’89, for the murder of Binyamin Meisner.

4. Arshid A. Hamid Yusef Yusef, jailed since ’93, for the murder of Nadal Rabu Ja’ab, Adnan Ajad Dib, Mufid Cana’an, Tawafiq Jaradat and Ibrahim Sa’id Ziwad.

5. Al Haj Othman Amar Mustafa, jailed since ’89, for the murder Steven Frederick Rosenfeld.

6. Maslah Abdallah Salama Salma, jailed since ’93, for the murder of Reuven David.

7. Abu Moussa Salam Ali Atiya, jailed since ’94, for the murder Isaac Rotenberg.

8. Maqlad Mahmoud Zayd Salah, jailed since ’93, for the murder of Yeshayahu Deutsch.

9. Sawalha Bad Almajed Mahmad Mahmad, jailed since ’93 for the murder of Baruch Heisler, and attempted murder of Betty Malka, Shai Cohen, Avishag Cohen.

10. Shaath Azath Shaaban Attaf, jailed since ’93, for being the accessory to the murder of Simcha Levy.

11. Abdel Aal Sa’id Ouda Yusef, jailed since ’94, for throwing explosives, accessory to the murder of Ian Feinberg and Sami Ramadan.

12. Barbakh Faiz Rajab Madhat, jailed since ’94, for the murder of Moshe Beker.

13. Raai Ibrahim Salam Ali, jailed since ’94, for the murder of Moris Eisenstatt.

14. Nashbat Jabar Yusef Mahmad, jailed since ’90, for being an accessory to the murder of Amnon Pomerantz.

15. Mortja Hasin Ganim Samir, jailed since ’93, for abduction, interrogation through torture, and murder of Samir Alsilawi, Khaled Malka, Nasser Aqila, Ali al Zaabot.

16. Sawalha Faz Ahmad Husni, jailed since ’90, for the murder of Heisler Baruch.

17. Ramahi Salah Abdallah Faraj, jailed since ’92, for the murder of Avraham Kinstler.

18. Abu Satta Ahmad Sa’id Aladdin, jailed since 1994, for the murder of David Dadi and Hayim Weizman.

19. Abu Sita Talab Mahmad Ayman, jailed since 1994, for the murder of David Dadi and Hayim Weizman.

20. Mansour Omar Abdel Hafiz Asmat, jailed since 1993, for being an accessory to the murder of Hayim Mizrahi.

21. Asqara Mahmad Ahmad Khaled, jailed in ’91, for the murder of Annie Ley.

22. Janadiya Yusef Radwan Nahad, jailed since ’89, for the murder of Zalman Shlein.

23. Hamadiah Mahmoud Awad Muhammad, jailed since ’89, for the murder of Zalman Shlein.

24. Abdel Nabi A. Wahab Jamal Jamil, jailed since ’92, for the murder of Shmuel Gersh.

25. Ziwad Muhammad Taher Taher, jailed since ’93, for the murder of Avraham Cohen.

26. Sabih Abed Hamed Borhan, jailed since ’01, for the murder of Jamil Muhammad Naim Sabih, Aisha Abdullah Haradin.

‘Move meant to strengthen Abbas’

The committee’s decision was informed by Shin Bet data and recommendations. According to a political source, several of the names were changed during the meeting. “The move was meant to strengthen Mahmoud Abbas,” he added.

Once again I ask – if Mahmoud Abbas can only be strengthened by releasing murderous terrorists, do we really want him strengthened?  What kind of strength are we giving him? Are we not reinforcing the precise wrong behaviour? In any event if 14 of the terrorists are to be released into Gaza, surely that will work against Abbas and strengthen Hamas instead.

I also really don’t care that these terrorists were coming to the end of their sentences, their crimes were committed decades ago, and all the other excuses to cover up the government’s embarrassment. This terrorist release will surely rebound violently in our faces and has certainly already weakened our own deterrence.

Yisrael Medad at My Right Word comes to similar conclusions:

The committee’s decision was informed by Shin Bet data and recommendations. According to a political source, several of the names were changed during the meeting. “The move was meant to strengthen Mahmoud Abbas,” he added.

But it will weaken Israel – not only at the diplomatic negotiating table but in a moral sense – and strengthen the concept of Palestinianism that is predicated on terror as per the Covenant which has never been fully and unequivocally withdrawn:

Article 9: Armed struggle is the only way to liberate Palestine. This it is the overall strategy, not merely a tactical phase. The Palestinian Arab people assert their absolute determination and firm resolution to continue their armed struggle and to work for an armed popular revolution for the liberation of their country and their return to it . They also assert their right to normal life in Palestine and to exercise their right to self-determination and sovereignty over it.

Statement on the Release of Prisoners

The list includes 14 prisoners who will be transferred to Gaza and 12 from Judea and Samaria. Eight prisoners on the list were due to be released in the next three years and two in the next six months. The prisoner release will be carried out at least 48 hours after the list will have been published. It was emphasized in the aforesaid discussion that that if any of the released prisoners return to hostile activity against the State of Israel, they will be returned to continue serving their sentences.

No, the condition should be that the release process halts.  And that never ever again will the US pressure Israel to engage in this for of diplomacy.

Yisrael Medad is spot on with that concluding statement.

I also take with a huge pinch of salt Israel’s announcement that future prisoner releases will be dependent on the progress of the peace talks:

Senior diplomatic sources said on Saturday night that after the release of prisoners this week, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu intends to demand that dangerous prisoners released in the coming rounds not be allowed to return to their homes in Judea and Samaria but that they be exiled.


The state’s representative at the court hearing said that the release of prisoners was conditional on the progress in the peace talks, and that should the talks not proceed, there was an option not to release terrorists.

If anyone thinks that Israel will hold firm to these criteria needs a reality test and a history lesson. Israel will cave in as we always do.

I cannot see any upside to this terrorist release at all and my heart goes out to the families of the victims of these terrorists and all the others that will eventually be released.

Blog reader Michael Kupfer sent me this powerful video which illustrates in a very simple but powerful way the awful reality of this terrorist-release and what it will mean for Israel and for the victims’ families:

I uneagerly await a resumption of the vicious circle as cited in my opening paragraphs.

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14 Responses to Incitement, peace talks and releasing terrorists

  1. NormanF says:

    The Israeli government declared Jews are untermenschen – that their lives are of no value and that what the Arabs did to them is praiseworthy, justified and acceptable!

    This path has come to this in the Jewish State’s shameful capitulation to Arab terror! We now know a Jewish life is immaterial and the greater priority of Israel’s politicians is hobnob with their killers. When the path of dishonor is chosen – you shall not have peace – but more rivers of Jewish blood flowing through the Land Of Israel.

    Woe to those who have subverted justice!

    • anneinpt says:

      Steady on Norman! I think you’re “over-egging the pudding” though I agree with your general sentiments. I definitely do not think that Israeli politicians’ aims are to hobnob with killers. Rather their aim is to find grace and favour in the eyes of the “world”, specifically America, the UN and the EU. If they think releasing terrorists will help, that’s what they’ll do.

      It’s spinelessness and galut-Jew attitude rather than malice, although the end result is the same.

      • Aridog says:

        Any effort to find “grace” in Obama or Kerry is wasted. They have none., One is a born liar and the other is a proven one. They would happily sell us in America out, what do you think they would be comfortable with for Israel? America is not the same place it was in my youth or even 5 years ago. Our congress and courts have been emasculated and edict is the rule of the day every day. We have turned ourselves in to hapless eunuchs.

        • anneinpt says:

          I totally agree that any effort to find grace is wasted. Even if Obama and Kerry were sympathetic to Israel it would be a waste because a country shouldn’t act in order to find grace in other people’s eyes – it should only act in its own self-interest.

          It seems that our leaders are having a very hard time internalizing that fact, and if they start otu with that position they lose it along the way. I’d love to be a fly on their wall to understand their thought processes, from Sharon to Netanyahu and everyone in between (besides Shamir and maybe Begin).

  2. Rob Harris says:

    From one of the articles Anne cites: “The state’s representative at the court hearing said that the release of prisoners was conditional on the progress in the peace talks, and that should the talks not proceed, there was an option not to release terrorists.” – it is extraordinary that this is merely an “option”! If there are to be any releases at all, they should only be conditional on the talks proceeding, although of course that suggestion could have been made and Abbas refused it.

    • anneinpt says:

      Absolutely! In fact the prisoner release shouldn’t be on the agenda in the first place!

      And if you read today’s papers you can see that even this huge gesture by Israel is being rejected by Abbas as a “bribe”. He has no shame.

      This whole thing is a total disgrace.

      • NormanF says:

        A “bribe” – say what you like about the Arabs but they know the Jews have no respect for their own dead enough to say “no.” And Abu Bluff is absolutely right – it is a bribe of the very worst kind, that doesn’t inspire an Arab to respect the Jew. In fact. just the exact opposite!

        Besides being a national disgrace of the highest order, what Israel is doing is not to going to lead to peace. National humiliation and appeasement usually do not lead to that kind of outcome.

        • anneinpt says:

          Agreed once again about being a national disgrace.

          About the bribe – it was Abbas who demanded it in the first place, so why is he now calling it a bribe, even if that is what it is? If you demand a ransom and then receive it, why reject it? It could be Israel’s way of calling his bluff, to show him up to the world, but it’s a bloody expensive bluff to play and pay.

  3. Reality says:

    I had hoped that some of the victims families had maybe had a clause added to the murderers sentences that they couldn’t be released before serving 99 1/2 % of their jail time. Obviously such a clause has either never been added or if so it has been totally ignored ,in which case the families could sue the state for breaking an agreement.

    • anneinpt says:

      I’ve never heard of such a clause, but I’m pretty sure the state would find a way to get round it if they wanted to release the terrorists. They’ve broken every other promise – what’s a legal clause or two to them?

  4. ligneus says:

    Israel should just annex Judea and Samaria and have done with it and any Israeli Arabs causing trouble thereafter should be deported.

    —We say, ‘Get out or you are dead.’ We give them two minutes and then we start shooting, and that’s the only way they’ll understand.”—

    Didn’t they try that in ’48,’67,’73………? Very slow learners those Muslims.

    • anneinpt says:

      You’re right of course. Israel did annex the Golan and interestingly enough there is very little BDS or general world outrage about the Golan being handed back to Syria, even before the civil war there. On the other hand we annexed Jerusalem and it hasn’t made the slightest difference to world opinion. However that could be as much to do with religion as with politics. I think the world has a problem with the Jews returning to Jerusalem and having sovereignty there. The old-time classic antisemitism can’t cope with this, and the new antisemitism, whether Muslim or leftist, can’t stand it either.

      As to the Arabs being slow learners – definitely. But that doesn’t stop them trying, and even when we win, we still lose too many lives.

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