Just imagine if we were talking about Muslims

Israel Davis Cup team

In a move that smacks of antisemitism, Israel’s Davis Cup team has been fined over $13,000 for refusing to play on Yom Kippur, the holiest day in the Jewish calendar.

From the JPost:

The Israeli national tennis team had been scheduled to play against the Belgium national tennis team in Antwerp on Sept. 14, which is Yom Kippur, in the world group playoffs, the highest level of Davis Cup play.

The Belgian Tennis Association turned down Israel’s request to postpone the game, but the International Tennis Federation, which sponsors the Davis Cup, intervened and changed the date of the match to Sept. 15, but ordered the Israeli national team to pay the Belgian team for the inconvenience of adding a day to the tournament, Yediot Acharonot reported.

Gee whiz. How generous of the ITF to intervene to change the date – and then to punish the Israelis for the  change.

I don’t think there is a single international calendar produced nowadays which does not list Yom Kippur amongst the various national holidays. Don’t tell me the organizers don’t understand the importance of Yom Kippur. And don’t tell me the ITF don’t realise that the Israeli time are Jewish.

I’m just trying to imagine the outrage if a similar thing had occurred to a Muslim team refusing to play during Ramadan or one of their holy days. Well, actually, I can’t imagine such a thing because it would never happen.

It’s OK to diss Jews, but don’t dare try it on a Muslim.

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One Response to Just imagine if we were talking about Muslims

  1. Reality says:

    can you imagine if Israel made a game over Christmas,or Easter, or Idl Fitr, Ramadan? There’d be such a cry of outrage. Why can’t the Israeli team sue them for damages? or pull out?Why is there no outrage from other “enlightened ” countries? The fine was for Belgium as they had to delay their team by a day because of Yom Kippur. Oh poor Beligans! I’ll cry for them when/if I have the time.. Disgusting. Why are we so pathetic as to not speak out loud? BTW the tennis team has to finance themselves I was given to understand so they have to personally fork out the money. I hope they apply to the government agencies to help them ,& perhaps then som hue & cry will be made.

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