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The UN hits bottom, keeps digging

A UN-sponsored global tourism conference is being hosted by that bastion of human rights and enlightened democracy, Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe, although we need to be thankful that at least Britain and Canada are refusing to attend: The non-governmental advocacy group … Continue reading

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Palestinian Anti-Semitism in the guise of anti-Israel incitement

The other day we saw how Palestinian brainwashing and incitement inculcates a deep and abiding hatred of Israel into the next generation even in far-away Canada. Unfortunately for all of us, the incitement continues much nearer to home and is … Continue reading

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How the Palestinians cut off their nose to spite our face

No matter how many concessions the Palestinians receive from Israel, they are always received with such bad grace and so much negativity that it’s hard to see why on earth Israel should negotiate with them about anything at all.  They … Continue reading

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