Palestinian Anti-Semitism in the guise of anti-Israel incitement

The other day we saw how Palestinian brainwashing and incitement inculcates a deep and abiding hatred of Israel into the next generation even in far-away Canada. Unfortunately for all of us, the incitement continues much nearer to home and is even enabled by the UN (why are we surprised?) in UNRWA-run summer camps for children in Palestinian towns: (h/t Reality).

New video footage appears to show Palestinian children in summer camps run by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) being taught that “Jews are the wolf,” and that they will one day conquer Israeli cities by force.

The video, uploaded to Youtube in late July and screened in part on Channel 2 news on Tuesday night, was directed by journalist David Bedein, who has written extensively about United Nations activities for the Israel Resource News Agency in Jerusalem. Channel 2 said the UN had promised to look into the indications in the report that UNRWA-funded camps were inciting hostility to Israel among young Palestinians.

Entitled “Camp Jihad,” the report says it shows footage from UNRWA summer programs in the Balata refugee camp north of Nablus and in the Gaza Strip. The focus of the camps, according to campers and staff in the clip, is educating the young Palestinians about the “Nakba”, the Palestinian term for the consequences of the 1948 war in which Israel won its independence.

In one scene, Amina Hinawi, director of the Gaza camp, explains her educational approach: “We teach the children about the villages they came from…,” she says, “this way, every child will be motivated to return to their original village.”

“UNRWA finances this summer camp,” she continues. “I’m very, very, very appreciative of UNRWA.”

The United States was the largest single donor to UNRWA in 2011, according to the organization’s website, with a total contribution of over $239 million, followed by the European Commission’s $175 million. These two sources accounted for about 42 per cent UNRWA’s income for its core program budget.

“We teach the culture of the Nakba to campers,” emphasized Nasrin Bisharat, an UNRWA social worker at the Balata camp, in the report. “That way they know their origins. Even the names of their teams are, for example, Haifa, Acre… We try, on days like Nakba Day, to commemorate the Nakba in the school.”

In another scene, a teacher is heard asking the students, “Do you want to return to Jaffa?” They respond enthusiastically, “Yes!” “Haifa?” “Yes!” “Nazareth?” “Yes!”

All these cities are inside modern sovereign Israel.

Watch the video for a full dose of hate:

Montage highlighting a Jewish child drinking from a water fountain atop the Temple Mount, in Facebook update from ‘Damascus Gate.’ Photo: Screenshot from Facebook.

Incitement against Israel in the guise of that old-time anti-Semitism is carried out via social media too, for example this Arab Facebook page that condemns “Zionists” for allowing a Jewish child to contaminate Muslim water on the Temple Mount by drinking from a water fountain there. I kid you not. It sounds like the worst antisemitic blood libel about Jews poisoning the wells that we all thought went out with the end of the Middle Ages:

A status update posted Sunday on the popular Arabic “Damascus Gate Now” Facebook page shows a close-up of a Jewish child drinking from a water fountain atop the Temple Mount, with accompanying text attacking the child, accusing him of acting with “audacity and boldness,”  as a “thief” stealing water from the mosque.

The page, which boasts a cool 127,000 ”likes,” writes: “After the departure of Ramadan…in poured the Zionists,” adding, “the thief steals from our mosque to drink.”

“God’s curse on the conspirators who are of the  unclean Zionist movement from the oldest to the youngest,” it said.

The post in Arabic also cited the names of Rabbi Yehuda Glick, general manager of Jerusalem’s Temple Institute, and Moshe Meir, of the Shalom Hartman Institute research center. It was flagged by blogger Yisrael Medad of the Menachem Begin Heritage Center, in Jerusalem. He titled his post “Zionist Crime: The Photographic Evidence.”

The antagonistic Facebook post was published the same day as an Israeli Knesset Interior Committee meeting to discuss the restrictions on Jewish visitation to the Temple Mount, which editorials across the Arab world decried, lamenting the possibility of equal use of the Mount for Jews.

On Sunday, in an article headlined, “‘Knesset Today to Discuss Legitimizing the Desecration of Al Aqsa,” Emirates newspaper Khaleej Times reflected on “opening the doors of Al Aqsa Mosque” with disgust. How dare the Jews ask for this “in the face of break-ins and the desecration by Jewish extremists throughout all the days of the month of Ramadan, to come to perform Talmudic rituals and rites in it, returning especially on all the Jewish holidays?” the newspaper argued.

Once again we see how widespread is this absurd yet highly dangerous incitement. Where are our counter-arguments? Where is international outrage? How on earth is peace to be reached with people who will not recognize our most basic religious rights or even our basic humanity? With people who deem us so dirty and unclean that merely by drinking from their water fountain we have contaminated their water supply?

Apartheid anyone? Doesn’t this remind you of the worst days of South African apartheid?

This theme of Temple Mount Denial (denying any connection of the Jews to the Temple Mount) continues on another Facebook page, this one belonging to Abbas’ Presidential Guard, who superimposed a Palestinian flag onto a picture of the Kotel:

Text on the flag: “The Al-Buraq Wall” (Muslim term for the Western Wall of the Temple Mount) Text on picture: “Public Relations and Information – The Presidential Guard” “Palestinian youth know their rights”

Meanwhile, as Yisrael Medad notes in his linked article:

And how are Muslim children treated in Israel, children from the enemy country Syria?

The hospital has treated 44 Syrian patients since March 27, four of them children as young as three years old. The 12-yearold daughter is one of seven Syrians scattered throughout the hospital, most guarded by Israeli soldiers stationed outside their rooms.

I bet the average Arab-in-the-street hasn’t heard about that piece of Israeli humanitarianism. And if they had, they’d probably call it “hospital-washing” (just like Israel’s liberal gay rights laws are called “pink-washing” by BDS activists).

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  1. NormanF says:

    For Israel’s elites, degrading themselves before Jew-hating Arabs is the modern equivalent of Jewish conversion to Christianity in early modern Europe – its the ticket to being accepted by those who hate them. After reading the above, you have to wonder if the price is really worth it.

    The Christian didn’t accept the Jew as his equal and neither do the Arabs. Giving up your honor and self-respect to make others like you isn’t going to get them to be your friends – the one thing the Arabs have no intention of doing in the first place.

    Let’s hear it again for peace in our time!

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