Meanwhile in Egypt: The Muslim Brotherhood’s Pallywood

The following is a copy-paste of an email I received from my reader DavidinPT , which he says he received from a reliable source.  Having done a Google search I found the story on Facebook which linked back to this site. Assuming it is accurate, it is a horrifying indictment of the Egyptian version of “Pallywood” (Palestinian propaganda masquerading as accurate news reports):

This is an accurate sequence of events reported by an Egyptian reporter and historian documenting occurrences throughout Egypt:

The western media has been presenting a distorted picture of events in Egypt.

The MB has very effective press offices in 70 countries. The government, which used to have an effective PR arm, until it was dismantled by the MB, has none.

Here is the input from our niece who is a producer of one of the leading TV News programs in Egypt.

The Media was alerted five hours before the action started to expect events and to be ready.

One hour before the clearing operation, they were invited to the two camps to film events and were given access to army helicopters to get aerial footage.

Before the action started, all demonstrators were advised by phone, text, loudspeakers and aerial flyers to leave the area. They were all assured safe passage except for a short list of specifically named individuals.

Most of the demonstrators were poor and homeless who were being fed and given 100 pounds ($15) per day by the MB to participate in the demonstration. They left when told to do so.

The demonstrations never reached massive numbers and quickly reduced to a couple of thousand when security forces deployed.

Women and children were bussed out of the area prior to the action starting.

Several MB leaders snuck out of the sites after first exhorting their followers to stay and and become martyrs. Several of the were captured exiting the camps.

Local media showed a restrained and peaceful well planned deployment and clearing operation.

Upon entering the two sites, the security forces found, among many other things, the following.

Security forces found two hundred pre-prepared executed bodies ready for deployment in the main camp. Fifty of them were stored under the main stage in the camp. It was witnessed and filmed by the media and is currently being broadcast.

They found more weapons than anyone (including the military) have ever seen stockpiled in one place. Also witnessed and filmed by the media.

The MB and their Hamas militia posted snipers on roofs to shoot into the crowd in order to claim brutality by security forces. Aerial news coverage shows the snipers being taken out and/or arrested by security forces.

Film footage released in the west by the MB was pre-packaged and some of it was even repackaged scenes of the conflict in Syria.

A police car was surrounded by militants and pushed off a bridge into the Nile. All five policemen died. It was filmed by the media from the air.

The militants burned 25 churches. The military has offered to rebuild them all at its cost.

The militants, with the cooperation of 99% of the population are being hunted down and arrested or killed.

The brotherhood are effectively finished in Egypt. The people are furious at them for forcing the violence despite repeated attempt by the interim government to negotiate with them. They are, however, garnering sympathy and support internationally for now.

Gen el Sisi is wildly popular and a hero. He said that he will not take any action without the support of the Egyptian people. Tens of millions took to the streets to support these actions. There apparently was wide spread frustration with how long it was taking to clear the streets and end the disruption to daily life.

Obama and the US have no credibility whatsoever left in Egypt. Both the Russians and Chines have offered to double the US aid to Egypt. The Bright Star military exercise that Obama cancelled was at the request of the Egyptians since their forces and leadership are fully occupied internally. It was a publicity move by Obama to play to the domestic US audience.

We can’t do anything and our hands are tied or else our ships won’t be going through Suez and our own defense contractors will suffer by an aid cutoff.

Hope this helps explain the situation.

Here is a video with Michael Coren of the American station Sun News that accompanied the article:

Pallywood is only one version of fake Palestinian and Islamist propaganda. Another version is nicknamed Fauxtography – fake photographs.  There have been countless examples used to smear Israel, the most egregious of which was the Al-Dura hoax. Here is a another example of fauxtography, found on Facebook, this time with the aim of smearing either the Syrians or the Israelis – or both.

What rotten luck to be killed twice: once in Gaza and once in Syria.

We all have to internalise the fact that the Arab media cannot be relied upon to tell the truth, no matter which side they are on.

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7 Responses to Meanwhile in Egypt: The Muslim Brotherhood’s Pallywood

  1. Reality says:

    How many people world wide will read this? will they believe it?

    • anneinpt says:

      This is why I’m posting the story – to give it as wide a broadcast as possible. I think people who understand the Muslim Brotherhood will believe it. People who have their mind made up already are a lost cause though.

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  3. Rob Harris says:

    I wonder who Deak’s source is because that has a fairly strong bearing on the account given. There were some interesting revelations such as executed bodies being found in the camp before the clearance. The interest in Russia and China getting involved with Egypt after the diplomatic ruckus is quite interesting, not something I have seen mentioned in the mainstream media but I postulated in a recent article that the shambolic self-defeating Western diplomacy in Egypt could end very much at the West’s expense, perhaps even turning back to the pan-Arabism of the past.

    • anneinpt says:

      I googled the story and kept coming back to Deak. I couldn’t get any further than him to a primary source. I reached an Egyptian facebook page which gave me some hope but it linked back to Deak. This doesn’t make it untrue, but it would be nice to have corroborating evidence.

      As to Russia and China, they keep cropping up at the margins of stories, particularly the Chinese. The Russians are taking a more central role, especially with Syria. They’re acting as spoilers for the West as well as acting in their own self-interest.

  4. Brian Goldfarb says:

    Isn’t this more or less what MEMRI and CAMERA have saying these many years?

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