Naftali Bennet teaches us how to stay on-message: “one cannot occupy one’s own country”

Naftali Bennett, Israel’s extremely popular (but much maligned outside of Israel) and straight-talking Economy Minister, head of the Jewish Home party, gives us a classic example of what all of us pro-Israel activists need to learn and internalize: how to stay on-message, and in the reverse of what the pro-Palestinians do, how to contradict the lie about the “illegality” of the “settlements” and not be intimidated by a hostile interviewer.

Watch Bennett as he doesn’t let CNN’s Christiane Amanpour get away with her claim:

The background to the story is at the Algemeiner amongst many other news outlets:

The comment was in response to her question about the wisdom of Construction and Housing Minister Uri Ariel’s recent announcement for plans to build 24,000 housing units beyond the Green Line, in the “occupied territories,” a move which Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu ordered to be reversed so as not to interfere with parallel negotiations to stop Iran’s nuclear program.

“First of all Christiane, you talk about ‘occupied,’” Bennett said, before Amanpour interrupted him, trying to steer him back to the question of the housing developments.

“Since you say the term ‘occupied,’ I have to point out, I’m holding a coin here from Jerusalem,” he said, lifting the coin up to the camera, before she cut him off, again, insisting, “It’s an international term, Mr. Bennett.”

“I know,” Bennett said, “and I don’t accept it. Because this coin which says in Hebrew, Freedom of Zion, was used by Jews in Jerusalem 2,000 years ago in the state of Israel in what you call occupied [land]. One cannot occupy his own home.”

You can also watch the entire 9 minute interview at the link.

Kol hakavod Mr. Bennett. You have given us courage and have made us all proud for standing up for our rights.

I hope Naftali Bennett gives some media lessons to his colleagues in the Knesset, particularly those on the left.

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6 Responses to Naftali Bennet teaches us how to stay on-message: “one cannot occupy one’s own country”

  1. Ray in Seattle says:

    Right On!

  2. Betty says:

    Thank goodness an official government spokesman is presenting himself to the world as self confident in the legitimate historical ownership of the Jewish people to our homeland and not defensive or consumed with guilt over having had to fight off and kill or displace those who were determined to kill in order to prevent this. As you said hopefully there will be more such messengers who will stay on message. If it doesn’t come from the leaders then why are they there? Enough with the apologies and the appeasement.

    • anneinpt says:

      Exactly right. Israel’s biggest PR problem comes from its own politicians, specifically the opposition ones. They’ve never heard of not airing your dirty laundry in public. They don’t understand (or ignore the fact) that any public disagreement with the Israeli government is leapt upon with glee by those who hate Israel in order to discredit and defame everything that Israel does. All they want is to be loved by the leftist liberal circles in which they mix, and if that requires publicly disagreeing with the current Israel gov’t in order to receive their credentials, so be it.

  3. bluewhale11 says:

    The worst is Netanyahu and Livni who insist on talking about the “two-state solution” which is both oxymoronic and suicidal and calling that terrorist Abbas a “peace partner” when all he does is incite murder and mayhem!!! More than anything else, they never, ever, should have freed the terrorists and they certainly should not free any more!!!

    • anneinpt says:

      I have no expectations from Livni who is a blatant opportunist. She was a right-wing Herutnik until Ariel Sharon split from Likud and formed Kadima. She road into Kadima on Sharon’s coat-tails and made her way to the top. She now does what I wrote in my reply to Betty above – she says and does all the “right”, i.e wrong, things in order to be liked by the liberal west who really don’t give a damn about Israel.

      I am much more disappointed in Bibi who has ideals but has a hard time standing by his convictions. I wonder if he just spoke the two-state mantra in order to get the left off his back. If he did, it backfired spectacularly. If he didn’t, if he has “moved over to the dark side”, then things are really bad. But I think it was the first option – he miscalculated.

      The question now is whether he can recover from this miscalculation and pull us back from the edge.

  4. Betty says:

    It is such a farce!! We have 2 separate made up “Palestinian Entities” Gaza /Palestine and a made up Palestinian State called Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan as well as our Jewish state. The insanity is that our politicians may have already given away too much that should’ve been non negotiable and legitimised that which should never have even been conceded. What can be retrieved from this mess? Netanyahu’s government are participating in a sham process on negotiation which is really based on a premise of appeasement because the definition of the problem has never been challenged and our politicians have allowed our adversaries to make the rules of this farcical game

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