The Unicycle of Violence rides again

The unicycle of violence

Here we go again. Israel is about to release more murderous terrorists (read and be sickened) at the behest of the Americans;  US Secretary of State John Kerry is quietly revving up in a corner, ready to leap into action to twist Israel’s arm into making yet more concessions to the Palestinians (e.g. releasing said murderers) so that they will deign to enter the same room as the Israelis and talk about Israel’s surrender peace.

So what do the Palestinians do in order to encourage more Israeli concessions? Why, they ignite another round of violence.

The “cycle” started (if it ever stopped) in the last few weeks, but over the last few days weekend it was pedalled ever faster by those peace-loving Arabs.

Last Wednesday a rocket from Gaza hit the Ashkelon area although thankfully without injuries. Unfortunately however:

Following Tuesday’s killing, the IAF launched airstrikes against Hamas targets and IDF ground forces gathered along the border and fired into the Strip. Palestinian sources in Gaza claimed two people — 3-year-old Hala Sabiha and her father — were killed during the Israeli strikes, and nine were injured. The IDF did not comment on the claims.

This morning we were greeted with the news that two Katyushas exploded near Kiryat Shmona in the north of Israel, again thankfully with no injuries. When or if Israel retaliates, will any Lebanese civilians be hurt because Hezbollah has no qualms in placing their rocket launchers in residential areas? And if so, Israel is sure to get the blame.

Before anyone sighs and says “it’s all part of the cycle of violence” let us just keep in mind that, as the blogger Treppenwitz incisively explained, the violence is not cyclical. It is linear:

Anyone who happened to be surfing the New York Times Middle East page yesterday morning was greeted with the following little gem:


Impressive, yes?

Aside from trotting out the well worn (and demonstrably false) ‘cycle of violence’ cannard, the author managed, in surprisingly few words, to suggest a moral equivalency between the deliberate murder of an Israeli civilian worker by a Palestinian terrorist, and the unfortunate collateral death of a young Palestinian child when a rocket launcher that Hamas (or one of the other terror groups in Gaza), had cynically installed next to her home, was destroyed in an air strike by the Air Force of the sovereign State of Israel.

When US drones kill terrorists in Yemen, Pakistan or Afghanistan, the Times doesn’t talk about a ‘cycle of violence’.  There are terrorists and there are those who attempt to kill them before (or after) they kill innocent people. The process is linear, not cyclical.


But in their reporting, the Times doesn’t write that the US and Al Qeada are engaged in a cycle of violence.  The Times doesn’t report that the US and the Taliban are engaged in a cycle of violence.

There is certainly violence… but as I stated earlier, it is not a cycle.


The Times would like its readers to reach the conclusion that the State of Israel is on the same level as the illegitimate terror groups that continuously attack its citizens.  …


Treppenwitz concludes with a little fantasy, which could apply equally as well to almost any foreign correspondent of any media outlet:

I would like to handcuff the right hands of the entire New York Times Middle East Desk to the chain link fence separating Israel and the Gaza strip…  the very fence, in fact, that the Israeli civilian laborer was repairing when he was murdered by the Palestinian sniper.

Oh, don’t worry… I’d outfit each of them with bullet proof vests; albeit ones that only had ballistic armor on one side; the back.

I’d leave them there, chained to that fence by one hand, until the inevitable orientation of their bodies provided an admission that the bullets that could rip their vital organs to shreds at any moment, could only arrive from one direction… their fear and certainty turning them to face towards Israel, and in so doing, forcing them to finally look our tired, blameless citizens in the face while admitting that the violence here is many things… but it isn’t cyclical.

Just keep all this in mind when the next round cycle stage of violence begins.

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5 Responses to The Unicycle of Violence rides again

  1. Reality says:

    Perhaps someone could persuade an honest journalist reporting for the world media(are there any honest journalists there?) to use the “cycle of violence” mantra any time USA hits back first. Or any other country for that matter. They should start using the same comments that are used for Israel, when reporting about other countries. I wish the Jerusalem post, which is well read in the rest of the world would be the first to use it. We could read about Kerry’s continuing the cycle of violence as each time he turns up(like a bad penny!), he wants Israel to agree to concessions(where are the PA concessions -not intifada concessions though) he re starts the “cycle of violence”. Therefore I’d put it to him to stay home & deal with the cycle of violence going on in Syria , Iran, Lebanon, Russia, Ukraine,etc…

    • anneinpt says:

      You say you wish the JPost would use the ‘cycle of violence’ meme regarding the US and other Western countries. I think it’s much more important that Haaretz should learn this lesson. They are the worst propagators of anti-Israel propaganda in Israel, and they are the “go-to” site for Western journalists, particularly anti-Israel ones.

      They use Haaretz to “launder” the propaganda, saying “if an Israeli paper is saying so…:. Haaretz is miles worse than the JPost. They are the equivalent of the Guardian in Israel, and are used to confirm the worst prejudices of the anti-Israelis.

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