Checkpoints: the price of peace

The necessity of checkpoints within Israel and between Israel and Palestinian-controlled territory has been discussed many times before. I posted a video on that subject over two years ago, and sadly nothing has changed.

The following video (via Andreas Fagerbakke‘s facebook page) is especially relevant given the latest demonisation of Israel and its security barrier by the execrable stunt put on by the radical-chic terrorist loving St. James Church in London.

From the video’s explanatory text:

Produced by Write On For Israel/San Francisco teen participants.

Israel’s detractors often paint the security barrier, and the checkpoints that accompany it, as tools Israel uses to oppress the Palestinians, but we wanted to investigate the real story behind the checkpoints and their existence. This documentary examines the rational behind the checkpoints and the effects it has on Israelis. It’s clear the checkpoints have stopped suicide bombers and saved Israeli lives. While they are not ideal, until there is peace, does Israel have any other choice?

And here is the video. Watch, learn, and spread the word.

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3 Responses to Checkpoints: the price of peace

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  2. Betty says:

    As you have previously pointed out much of the problem that we all are confronted with is the lamentable public stance taken by the government representatives and officials of the foreign affairs who have failed to strongly defend Israel’s historical, moral and religious rights. They have allowed the terminology of the narrative to be perverted and to the extent that there is only the story of the “poor oppressed minority” vs “the militaristic occupiers” . At last this is being addressed by blogs such as your and your contributors. Until the official websites actively promote strongly the great Jewish saga of return from exile and displacement to regeneration and renewal and revel in our strength we will be seen to be accepting of their vicious lies and apologising for our existance .

    • anneinpt says:

      Absolutely right Betty. Evelyn Gordon recently said that davka quiet diplomacy doesn’t work as well as public confrontation. The harder the line that Israel takes, the more amenable the world is towards us. Whenever we cringe and back down, the pressure does NOT lighten – the demands upon us become ever more harsh.

      So it’s not only in the interests of our self-preservation that we need to learn to take a robust stance, but also in the interests of diplomacy and politics. When will our leaders ever learn?

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