Obama weakens America on Iran, takes offence when weakness is criticised

Israeli Defence Minister Moshe “Bogie” Yaalon has done it again.  He pointed out that the American emperor has no clothes regarding Iran – and once again (as happened in January) the overly-sensitive Americans have taken offence.

Yaalon remarked that Israel cannot rely on the Americans when it comes to dealing with Iran, adding that Israel will have to rely on itself:

Israel’s Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon issued a scathing critique of the Obama administration, an Israeli newspaper reported Monday, declaring that Israel cannot rely on the US to thwart Iran’s nuclear program, accusing the administration of broadcasting weakness throughout the world, and warning that its perceived weakness was inviting further terrorism against US targets.
Speaking at a Tel Aviv University event on Sunday reported by the Haaretz daily, Ya’alon said Israel could not afford to rely on the Obama administration to lead an action against Iran’s nuclear program, and that Israel could only rely on itself. Israel had believed that “the one who should lead the campaign against Iran is the US,” but instead, “the US at a certain stage began negotiating with them, and unfortunately in the Persian bazaar the Iranians were better,” he said. Therefore, “we (Israelis) have to look out for ourselves.”
Ya’alon’s office confirmed his remarks about Iran, but refused to comment as to whether the defense minister was advocating an Israeli strike on Iran. Ya’alon was widely reported to have opposed an Israeli resort to force against Iran in the past, but the Haaretz report said his comments Sunday indicated that he had changed his stance, and was now inclined to support Israeli military intervention in Iran.

Yaalon tied in all the recent international upheaval to American weakness:

Moving to a wider critique of the Obama administration, Ya’alon reportedly stressed several times that the US was radiating weakness in every region worldwide. “The Sunni camp [in the Middle East] expected that the US would support it, and would be as determined as Russia is in its support of the Shiite axis,” he was quoted as saying. “I hear voices of disappointment in the region. I was in Singapore, and I heard disappointment at the strengthening of China and the weakening of the United States. Look what’s happening in the Ukraine; there, to my sorrow, the US is broadcasting weakness.”
Ya’alon, a former IDF chief of General Staff, warned that if the US continued to show weakness internationally, its own national security would be severely damaged. “If you wait at home, terror will come calling again,” he said. “This is a war of civilizations. If you are perceived to be weak, that certainly does not pay in the world. I hope the US will reassert itself.”

Defence Minister Moshe Yaalon in the Knesset

Once again, after Yaalon undiplomatically spoke out against American’s deliberate self-weakening, the “mystified” Americans took offence at his words:

The United States is using unprecedented language to condemn Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon after he continued weeks of criticism of US President Barack Obama, and members of his foreign policy team, on Tuesday.

“We were shocked by Moshe Ya’alon’s comments, which seriously call into question his commitment to Israel’s relationship with the United States,” a senior administration official told The Jerusalem Post on Tuesday night. “Moreover, this is part of a disturbing pattern in which the Defense Minister disparages the US Administration, and insults its most senior officials.”

Whiny Americans

Oh boo hoo. As if the Americans have never insulted Israeli officials. Anyone remember Obama’s snide remarks to French President Nicholas Sarkozy who called Binyamin Netanyahu a liar, and Obama moaned that he had to deal with Netanyahu every day?

The American officials then go on to completely miss the point:

“Given the unprecedented commitment that this administration has made to Israel’s security, we are mystified why the Defense Minister seems intent on undermining the relationship,” the official continued.

They are not only fools, they are incompetents. It is not a matter of their cooperation with Israel on security matters. Yaalon was talking about their weakened international standing, which they caused themselves deliberately, as a matter of policy – and how that perception of weakness, whether actual or not, is what is endangering the entire international community and undermining all efforts to disarm Iran.  Yaalon is well within his and our rights to criticise American actions which he perceives as inimical to our well-being.

The fact that the Americans object to Yaalon’s words but not to Rouhani’s actions, or Mahmoud Abbas’, and the way they showed that they have no idea how to cope with the Syrian crisis or the Ukrainian one besides harsh words which frighten no one, show that for the Americans, appearances are everything and actions mean nothing.

Last time the White House demanded (and shamefully received) an apology. I hope that this time the Israelis do not play ball and that the government stands firmly behind Yaalon.

How often can it be pointed out that the emperor has no clothes before the message sinks in?

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19 Responses to Obama weakens America on Iran, takes offence when weakness is criticised

  1. Linda says:

    The message won’t sink in until the emperor sees his own nakedness. Which I doubt he can.

    • anneinpt says:

      He can only see it with a mirror, which is what Bogie Yaalon is holding up for him – and all the world – to see. And he doesn’t like what he’s seeing so he’s shooting the messenger.

      Malign vain man.

  2. Reblogged this on danmillerinpanama and commented:

    Obama supporters are shocked! It’s disgraceful that a mere Israeli Defense Minister should say unpleasant things about the Dear Leader.

    Now PM Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ya’alon have

    ordered the army to continue preparing for a possible military strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities at a cost of at least 10 billion shekels ($2.89 billion) this year, despite the talks between Iran and the West, according to recent statements by senior military officers.

    What will the Dear Leader’s supporters say about that? Will they find it insulting?

    A large (83 member) and strongly bipartisan collection of U.S. Senators has sent a letter to President Obama challenging His policies toward Iran. Three hundred and ninety five members of the House have sent a similar letter.

    The House letter goes into greater detail on verification of any deal while the Senate is more specific about the requirements needed to disable Iran’s illicit nuclear weapons program. The gist of the letters, however, is the same: Congress will in essence need to approve any final deal because legislative action is needed to lift sanctions; a final deal must disable Iran’s capacity to build a nuclear weapon; and stringent verification must be agreed to.

    A bipartisan consensus of that magnitude should, but probably won’t, encourage even the hardest of the hard core Obama supporters to reconsider their positions.

  3. peteca1 says:

    Yaalon’s remarks were highly significant.
    We got the message.
    Or maybe I should say – I GOT THE MESSAGE.
    Couldnt tell you “who is reading what” from all the smoke signals these days 🙂

    Pete, USA

  4. peteca1 says:

    WEDNESDAY News Update

    The flak is now flying at higher levels. Does Netanyahu stand by Yaalon on this one … or not???

    Washington (AFP) – In a rare move, Secretary of State John Kerry protested Wednesday to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu about strong criticism of US foreign policy by his outspoken defense minister.

    In a telephone call, Kerry told Netanyahu the comments made by Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon are inconsistent with strong ties between Israel and the United States, State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said.

    “Clearly his comments were not constructive,” Psaki told reporters, after Yaalon slammed the US administration for showing weakness around the world, particularly on its policy with Iran and Ukraine.

    “Secretary Kerry spoke with Prime Minister Netanyahu this morning and protested to him his concerns about these comments,” she said, adding that the United States has an “unshakeable commitment” to Israel’s security.

    Pete, USA

    • anneinpt says:

      They call it a rare move, but not 2 months ago Obama similarly came to the defence of Kerry when the same Yaalon criticised him for his obsessiveness re Israel and his “Messianic” attempts to make peace. So now it’s Kerry defending his boss. One hand washes the other.

      I am furious at Netanyahu for making Yaalon apologize yet again. Yaalon said nothing offensive. He didn’t call anyone names, he wasn’t rude, he was simply stating the truth. Why does the truth need an apology? If the Americans don’t like it they should think about changing their behaviour.

      Unless Netanyahu and Yaalon are playing good cop-bad cop. In which case it kind of makes sense. But I’m still furious.

  5. Brian Goldfarb says:

    As I say in the comments 2 articles down, Israel and the Israeli government have only to grit their teeth for two years – less if Congress gets it’s way – until Obama is no longer President. Possibly even less time should feel it necessary to go it alone. And we might just be very surprised at who provides support (openly or otherwise) for Israel.

    • anneinpt says:

      As long as the Iranians don’t strike while the iron is hot, i.e. while Obama is still in power. They must be awfully tempted.

      • Brian Goldfarb says:

        Such is Israeli intelligence capability, I would imagine that the Israelis would have sufficient warning to “get their retaliation in first”.

        • anneinpt says:

          Ha! I like your terminology. >:D

          • Brian Goldfarb says:

            Sadly, I can’t claim originality on that phrase. Decades ago, a rugby union coach used the phrase to his players when they were on an overseas tour (to one of South Africa, New Zealand or Australia), and it needs no further explanation!

  6. Ajax Lessome says:

    Obama has devalued the deterrent effect of American military capability in the world. Obama promised when he is president the U.S. would lead “the world toward a new era of global cooperation.” He pledged “to rebuild and construct the alliances and partnerships necessary to meet common challenges and confront common threats. Today, it is clear that this president has done exactly the opposite. Tragically, our allies now even laugh at us.

    • anneinpt says:

      He also promised to “reset” relations with Russia, and he has done exactly that – reset them to before the Cold War, before Communism, before anything. You say that now America’s allies are laughing at her. The much bigger problem is that now her enemies are laughing at her.

  7. Reality says:

    It’s so pathetic, they Obama/Kerry cry like little kids in kindergarten when someone points out the truth. Its like they’re saying “he called me names!”. If you can’t take the heat get outta the kitchen. Yaalon has finally pointed out loud & clear the reality that all the world is living with because of Obama. Netanyahu is a fool for making him apologise unless as you say he lets someone say the truth (so long as its not him) & then”apologises.” At least the truth was declared. (A bit like in court when some statement is said & the opposing side yells “objection!”, but the Jury has heard it. What’s been said & heard cannot be undone)

    • anneinpt says:

      I don’t understand this crawling to America by Bibi, this need to apologize any time someone states the truth. It’s not anything any of us have not been saying for ages. I can’t figure out his game. Is Bibi truly a wimp or is this the good-bad cop thing?

  8. peteca1 says:

    Anne … yes good-cop bad-cop.
    Looks like BiBi uses Yaalon to say whats really on their minds.
    Then publicly issues apology later.
    I dont know if this communication approach sits well with the public in Israel, but seems to be the game they are playing with Washington DC.

    Pete, USA

    • anneinpt says:

      The Israeli public very much supports Yaalon. He says what’s on all our minds. And I’m sure much of the American public agrees with him too.

      And Bibi comes out with the “plausible deniability” and makes him apologize. This might go down well in Washington but Israelis do NOT like to be thought of as suckers. We don’t “do apologies”, especially not when we think we’re right.

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