The making of a new blood libel

Yesterday, Israel’s incompetent and criminally inept police, aided and abetted by the media – both international and Israeli – and Israeli politicians all colluded in creating a blood libel against the Israeli right-wing. To be more specific, against that great big evil bogeyman: “the settlers”.

Mohammed Abu Khdeir, murdered Arab teenager

Mohammed Abu Khdeir, murdered Arab teenager

The facts are as follows. A Palestinian boy, Mohammed Abu Khdeir, was murdered in a most grisly manner. He was kidnapped on his way home from the mosque, and his body was found burnt in a forest not far away.

The immediate reactions were: blame the Jews; blame the settlers; blame the Israelis (the three are not identical). Theories were timidly put forward that this may have been an “honour killing” due to rumours of the boy’s sexual leanings; or it might have been a “clash of the clans” due to reports of intra-mural clashes in recent months.

However the theory jumped upon by almost everyone was that “it was the Joos wot dun it”, or to be more specific, the settlers.

The Elder of Ziyon has a very clear summary of the way the rumours have been swirling:

At this time, no one knows who killed Mohammed Abu Khdeir, or why. Different media are spinning the story differently; Times of Israel claims sources tell them that police are leaning towards the theory that Jews did it as revenge, while Haaretz is saying the police aren’t sure about anything. Rumors are rampant as to how Arabs might be responsible – a family feud being the most dominant theory, with some Israeli media reporting of previous suspicious incident with Mohammed’s brother.

That lack of knowledge is not stopping irresponsible news outlets from claiming that they know what happened. Particularly egregious is The Independent, which doesn’t only claim that extremist Jews killed the youth, but that “Israel” murdered him.

Unfortunately, there have been plenty of irresponsible and disgusting statements made by some Jews who are deeply upset over the murders of Gil-ad, Eyal and Naftali. Facebook pages that call for revenge against all Arabs, rallies where “Death to Arabs” is said openly, and similar incidents are immoral and disgusting. Is it possible that in the frenzy of anger after the national mourning over the three kidnapped boys turned into murder of an innocent boy? In the flood of sadness and anger that followed the discovery of the bodies it is conceivable, and that fact is utterly shameful.

There is nothing wrong with saying that all terrorists should die. They should. But saying that all Arabs should die is unconscionable.

The “hate-Israel” crowd is as happy as can be with every single example, real or imagined, that they can find to prove their long-standing accusations of Israeli racism. Every society on the planet has some racism, and the amount in Israel is quite tiny compared with most nations, but context is not something that matters to the haters, and Israelis who speak this way in their anger are giving the anti-Israel crowd ammunition for years to come.

There is plenty that we don’t know.

But we do know is that no Israeli openly celebrated the death of Mohammed Abu Khdeir. And no one will.

This is in marked contrast to this cartoon from Arabic social media  that was captured by the Terror Watch Facebook page (h/t Yoel):

We do know that for every Jew who shamefully shouts “Death to Arabs,” there are hundreds of Arabs who shout “Death to Jews.”

We do know that there will be no headlines about Arab threats to Jews, but there will be headlines about Jews threatening Arabs, precisely because the first is pervasive and the second is so unusual.

We do know that thousands of Israelis rallied against racism today, and we have never ever seen a similar Arab rally against racism.

Anne Bayefsky posted another disgusting example of an Arab rejoicing at the murder of Eyal, Gil-Ad and Naftali:

Palestinian Media Watch is full of more examples of the Palestinians rejoicing at the kidnapping and triple murder, besides at other terror attacks against innocent Israelis.

Indeed, Israeli calls for death to all Arabs and even calls for revenge against the Arabs should be – and are – condemned as wrong, immoral, inflammatory and extremely dangerous. However I have yet to see Facebook posts of Israelis rejoicing at the death of innocent Arabs, particularly children.

On the contrary, the Israeli political and religious echelons have loudly and publicly condemned the murder of Mohammed. (h/t Legal Insurrection):

The Frenkel family, whose son Naftali HY’D was just murdered, also condemned the killing. They are truly righteous people.

The international media have jumped on this story with glee. What better combination could they find? A photogenic Palestinian victim murdered in a most ghastly way, vengeful Jews, extremist settlers. You can almost feel the drool.

Honest Reporting shows how the London Times adds fuel to the fire:

Outrageous libellous headline in the Times

The Elder of Ziyon showed the distorted headline in the Independent.

Distorted Independent Headline

Distorted Independent Headline

The Guardian publishes a columnist who outrightly blames the “settler vigilante violence“.

I watched BBC World News yesterday (big mistake!). Their headline, the very first item, was the murder of Mohammed Abu Khdeir (as if ISIS is not taking over Iraq East, as if hundreds of thousands are not being killed all over the Middle East). They interviewed the parents of Mohammed yet not once did they interview any Israelis, nor did they mention the massive rocket fire in the south. They didn’t even bring up the possibility that the murder was by the hands of other Arabs.

So the genie is out of the bottle thanks to our irresponsible police, who floated a theory without too much thought, and an eager leftist media who are fed up of the right-wing being the victims, and are keen to return them to their rightful place – in the dock of public opinion.  Even the centrist Times of Israel headlined their item “Revenge seen as likely motive” – how could they know if even the police don’t? How irresponsible was that!

This genie has ignited huge riots in the Shuafat neighbourhood of Jerusalem and in Bet Hanina nearby.

Riots in Shuafat and Bet Hanina

Riots in Shuafat and Bet Hanina

Riots in Jerusalem after murder of Arab teen

Riots in Jerusalem after murder of Arab teen

This is added to violent riots, rock throwing and petrol bombs on the Temple Mount, which was once again closed to Jewish worshippers. Obviously it’s the Jews who incite the Arabs – by their very existence – so they are the ones who must be banished, and not those who commit the violence.

Hamas is also threatening to make Israel pay the price for the death of Mohammed – as if they needed an excuse. Everything is an excuse for Hamas to make Israel pay. Our very existence, our breathing the air and walking this earth is reason enough for them.

The UN immediately condemned the killing of Mohammed though it took them days to condemn the kidnapping of the three teens. The EU too issued an immediate condemnation while it took them 5 days to admit that the teens might have been kidnapped at all. The Americans too condemned the killing, calling on Israel for restraint, while they too took days if not weeks to issue a tepid condemnation of the teens kidnapping, even though Naftali Frenkel was an American citizen.

Israel castigated Kerry for blaming Israel immediately even though Israeli authorities themselves have directly contributed to this aleihum on the Israeli right.

Elsewhere in Jerusalem, huge forest fires are raging, whether by negligence or arson or a combination of the two. Either way, Israel’s firefighters are stretched to the limit.

Forest fires outside Jerusalem

Forest fires outside Jerusalem

Meanwhile in the south, Hamas and its murderous allies are ratcheting up the heat with a non-stop barrage of rockets and missiles onto Sderot, the Eshkol region and up to Ashkelon. Several houses have taken direct hits and plenty of damage has been caused, including causing a power cut.

Sderot home hit by Gaza rocket

Sderot home hit by Gaza rocket

On Wednesday night, three rockets fired from Gaza exploded near residential buildings in the southern city of Sderot, causing damage to the buildings and to several vehicles as well as cutting off power to several streets in the city, officials said.

Two of the rockets hit residential buildings while a third fell against a reinforced shelter inside the city but did not cause damage.

Two other rockets fired earlier fell in open fields outside the city, security officials said.

Over 20 rockets were fired from Gaza throughout Wednesday, repeatedly setting off warning sirens in the towns of the Gaza periphery.

On Wednesday evening Israeli jets struck in the Gaza Strip, hitting a “launching site,” the army said.

I eagerly await the same immediate condemnation of the rocket fire onto civilian Israeli communities from those same sources who are so quick to condemn Israel for something that has not even been proven to be true.

I admit I am terrified at the thought that an Israeli, a Jew, committed this terrible murder. I am horrified at the thoguht that a Jew could stoop so low. Yes, we ARE better than them, and we don’t kill innocents, and we certainly don’t kill children.  I am terrified also that if an Israeli did do this, the violence that will ensue might get completely out of hand, as if what we are experiencing at the moment is not enough. And the international opprobrium will be almost impossible to bear. As it is we are permanently in the international dock and under an impossible microscope which examines our every tiny deed.

I send condolences to the family of Mohammed Abu Khdeir and hope and pray that the Israeli police find the perpetrator quickly, whether they be Arab or Jew, and put an end to this terrifying episode.

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12 Responses to The making of a new blood libel

  1. Reality says:

    I will write what I wrote to my brother today about the disgusting murder of this poor Arab boy. As the Fraenkels said, murder is murder, blood is blood. Not that ANY Arab said that. My brother had written that he was fed up with the Israeli media (who isn’t?). He was terribly upset at the murder of the boys, the murder of the Arab boy and listening countlessly to the tape being played on every news outlet, where we hear Gil-Ad Shaer HY”D saying he’d been kidnapped, shots fired & screaming afterwards.This is my reply:

    Perhaps it was played over & over in order that the media in the world at large would hear and see this. Perhaps if they were shocked enough they would stop condemning Israel at every turn. In the USA the strongest condemnation (rightly so I admit) of the Arab boy who was murdered was immediate. How long did it take for them to do the same with our boys? And then only because various senators & ordinary good people started condemning the kidnapping, then did Obama finally see fit to utter some words. When the boys were found we were told to act with restraint! Are they mad? Because of this Netanyahu feels as if his hands are tied & therefore has basically done nothing. This has resulted in anger, frustration & people publishing disgusting pictures on facebook asking for revenge (Yes Jews too can fight back). If he would’ve done something, immediately, instead of wringing his hands about what to do so that the world won’t castigate us, people wouldn’t want to take the law into their own hands. It’s terrible. Even Putin was shocked & couldn’t understand that Netanyahu has done anything. Gaza’s electricity & water could’ve been turned off (Egypt has closed all crossings to them so why not us?). It’s Ramadan. How would they feel after a day of fasting in this heat with nothing to drink or no air conditioners?

    Collective punishment I hear? Yes that’s right . Because we suffer collective punishment in the form of shootings, murder kidnappings and rockets. We should hold Obama personally responsible for all this mess. Did he tell the rioting Arabs yesterday to act with restraint? Did Israeli Jews riot in Arab towns during or since the kidnappings. No I didn’t think so. During these terrible 18 days we prayed and searched for our children. Why is it ok for Arabs to riot but if a Jew (I so hope it wasn’t) dares to kill, the whole world is up in arms.(Jews are allowed to BE killed not to kill I presume). Yes its terrible for us to sink so low IF & thats a bit IF as so many people are saying he was killed because he was homosexual (a big Islamic insult).

    By the way the 3 families who’d been given information during the 18 days but because nothing concrete was found clung to the hope they were alive. ie ,until there is evidence nothing is decided. Here it’s been tried & judged that it’s automatically a revenge killing. But perhaps not. Even if proven not to be, the whole world thinks it was & we cannot convince them otherwise next week/year whenever it’ll be proved.

    Netanyahu has to do something drastic to calm the situation down, something that’ll make Israelis feel that we made Hamas pay. And to hell with the self righteous comments of the world.

    • anneinpt says:

      Very good comment Reality. You expressed my sentiments perfectly.

      My only quibble would be in blaming Obama for the quagmire we’re in. Firstly I would add the EU to that, and secondly, Bibi has a lot to answer for as well. He seems clinically incapable to make a decision on anything substantive. Hence the inaction at Pillar of Defence which was just an extended bombing campaign which achieved only temporary results.

      I’m not expecting anything different this time round despite the heated rhetoric.

    • anneinpt says:

      I wanted to add to my previous comment:: the cabinet still hasn’t decided on an appropriate response to the kidnapping and murder of the 3 teens, let alone an effective response to Hamas about the rockets besides “we’re giving you 48 hours and then we’re going in”. What the HELL kind of reaction is that?? They should be hammered at every single rocket, and no quarter given to them. They are not children who are warned “I’m going to smack you in 3, 2, 1½, 1¼, 1…”. They are vicious terrorists who should be wiped off the face of this earth.

      But Bibi has no backbone and is an impossible ditherer. The only good thing I could say about Olmert was that he made decisions, even if they were wrong ones. Bibi can’t even do that. He just wants a quiet life and to be able to stay in power. He paralysed himself with his stupid coalition, so that instead of neither side being able to bring him down, BOTH sides can bring him down. So he just doesn’t make any decisions at all.

      He talks great rhetoric, is a brilliant speaker, and is excellent in defined jobs, e.g. ambassador to the UN, Foreign Minister, Finance Minister. But as a ruler? He’s useless.

      Even his rhetoric gets us in trouble when he talks about building settlements – he backtracks from that, thereby angering the right, but meanwhile has inflamed the UN, US and EU and of course the Arabs.

      If he can’t make a decision he should not be Prime Minister. Appoint Feiglin or Bennett in his place.

      • cba says:

        “He talks great rhetoric, is a brilliant speaker, and is excellent in defined jobs, e.g. ambassador to the UN, Foreign Minister, Finance Minister. But as a ruler? He’s useless.”

        Exactly my feelings about Bibi.

  2. Andrea says:

    In my language “due pesi due misure” which in English sounds double standards. I have still to understand where double standards work to the benefit of Jews and please do not tell me banks and universities – also this myth is largely debunked

  3. Brian Goldfarb says:

    So, 3 Israeli teenagers get kidnapped; the Israeli police pick up two Hamas members with form for terrorist activities and their families scream that the kidnapping is an Israeli plot. Which would be funny if it wasn’t so serious. Then after the boys bodies are found and a Moslem teenager is killed, it all becomes an Israeli and/or a Jewish plot, to say nothing of an immediate assumption (with no evidence) that this is a price-tag retaliation.

    Antisemitism as usual, then.

    And I heard in part (my wife heard in full) a Palestinian spokes-person (or apologist for them) the claim that Moslems, especially Palestinians, are treated differently and worse in Israeli prisons than Israeli Jews. Evidence for this egregious assertion? As John McEnroe used to say when querying a line-call at tennis, “You cannot be serious”.

    Except that they are. Being serious, that is.

    • anneinpt says:

      To be honest I hope they ARE treated worse than Israelis. Their purpose is to destroy Israel and kill Jews. They should count themselves lucky they didn’t get the death penalty.

      • Brian Goldfarb says:

        Well, those imprisoned because they have been found guilty of terror offences should be, by definition, in maximum security prisons. Those found guilty of lesser offences will be in lower level prisons, as it should be. They represent a lesser threat to the rest of the population. The point of the comment on the radio was that it was implied (with no evidence) that all Arabs/Moslems/Palestinians, irrespective of the offence, were treated worse…

        Which I refuse to believe without evidence. Of which none has been presented.

  4. Brian Goldfarb says:

    Although this isn’t really the place for it, I thought you might like to see this as soon as possible. I just read it on Algemeiner and felt that it should be read by as many people as possible as an indication of just how free Israel really is.

    Even in these sad times, there are some glimmers of hope for peace and understanding. Thus, Mohammed Zoabi, relative of MK Hanin Zoabi, has attacked her again, and again from a Zionist perspective.

    There is a video contained within an Alegemeiner article which is hard-hitting. It also contains the information that

    “the Zoabi clan is related to former Nazareth Mayor Seif el-Din el-Zoubi, who was also a Knesset member and was active fighting for Israel’s independence in the Haganah. He later received the Fighter of the State Decoration. One time Deputy Health Minister, Abd el-Aziz el-Zoubi – who was the first Arab member of an Israeli government, was also a relative.”

    If you need more, young Mohammed apparently tells his relative (in Hebrew, English and Arabic) to get out of the Knesset (“our parliament”) and Israel, if she feels that strongly.

    How’s that for a free speech society?

    • anneinpt says:

      Young Mohammed is simply amazing, though I hope he’s not being irresponsibly careless since he’s only 17.

      I posted about him on last week’s Good News Friday (or was it the antisemitism post?).

      Certainly there are plenty of pro-Israel Arabs. The sad fact though is they need to keep their feelings under wraps if they want to stay alive. And THAT is the problem with Muslim society. Mohammed himself now has security guards because his living family have threatened to kill him. That includes his father and grandmother. What kind of society is that?!

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