Operation Protective Edge Day 4 – several direct hits in Israel, first casualties

Hamas rockets threaten most of Israel

Operation Protective Edge is now in its 4th day and doesn’t show any sign of finishing any time soon. Hamas are bombarding Israel relentlessly with rockets far and wide, in all directions, and unfortunately several direct hits were made today.

Moving chronologically the day began (or yesterday ended?) at around 3 a.m. with a rocket shot down approaching Haifa.

Tragically, the first Israeli civilian casualty of this war occurred when an elderly woman collapsed and died in Haifa as she ran to the shelter.

There followed the usual barrage of rockets onto Sderot and the Eshkol region.

And then some terrorists in Lebanon decided to join in the action, and shot two rockets over the border which landed near Metulla.  Apparently the rockets were shot by Palestinians in Lebanon, rather than by Lebanese terrorists, which would imply that this was not a Hezbollah escalation, but “simply” more aggro from the Palestinians.

Later in the morning, another intense salvo of rockets was fired at the south, with a rocket hitting a gas station in Ashdod. Three people were hurt in this attack and sadly one person was seriously hurt. I heard (though I cannot substantiate this) that the victim was a handicapped person who could not get out of his car quickly enough when the siren sounded.

Three persons are hurt in the morning strike on a gas station in Ashdod, says the head of the Magen David Adom’s Lachish region to Israel Radio.

One is seriously injured, one moderately, and one lightly injured.

The seriously injured man was pulled from a burning car by rescue personnel moments before it exploded.

Security forces are currently carrying out searches in the area for additional casualties. Firefighters are working to ensure that the fire does not spread. The situation is not yet under control, but the fire is not spreading.

Additional rescue teams are on the way.

Plumes of smoke and flames rise from a gas station in Ashdod hit by a Gaza rocket

A soldier who was one of two hurt in an attack in the Eshkol region last night has deteriorated and is need of prayers. Please pray for a speedy recovery for Mordechai Chai ben Bracha Yehudit מרדכי חי בן ברכה יהודית. May he have a full and speedy refuah shlema.

At around 11 this morning explosions were heard around Tel Aviv as 3 rockets were shot down. I heard those explosions! They gave me quiet a start. And my brother-in-law took photos of the Iron Dome in action as he did the family Shabbat shopping:

Iron Dome shoots down rocket over Tel Aviv area

Iron Dome shoots down rocket over Tel Aviv area

The Times of Israel live blog continues to report on massive volleys of rockets aimed particularly at Ashkelon, Ashdod, Sderot and other towns in the south. It is constant and relentless.  Check it out as it updates throughout the day or check out other media live blogs.

Hamas are furious that Egypt has closed the Rafah crossing once more, even though Egypt are castigating Israel for its disproportionate force against Gaza.

In some faintly good news, the Defence Committee has finally suggested what we’ve all been suggesting all along – reduce Gaza’s water and electricity.  I would suggest that it doesn’t go nearly far enough. Israel should cut their water and electricity altogether. What country on earth provides its deadly enemy, yes, even its civilians, with water and power? What country on earth under fire from a deadly enemy provides the enemy’s civilians with food and medicine? Let the do-gooders from the UN and other alphabet agencies provide them, and let them do it under fire too.  Or let their concerned Arab brothers provide them otherwise. Perhaps this move will pressure the Hamas leaders to stop their rocket fire. But don’t hold your breath…

In any event Israel gets no credit whatsoever for providing this humanitarian aid. We are accused of genocide, ethnic cleansing, starvation, murder, torture, you name it, we’ll be accused of it. So why should we go out of our way, endanger our people at our own taxpayers’ cost to provide for those genocidal ingrates?

I know it sounds cruel, but as our Sages said, those who are kind to the cruel end up being cruel to the kind. We are our own worst enemies.

The war is even impacting prayer services on Shabbat in Ashdod:

Ashdod Mayor Yechiel Lasri orders to shut down synagogues with no bomb shelters on Shabbat, Kikar HaShabbat reports.

“Shabbat Prayers must not be held in synagogues where there is no protection,” Lasri says.

“Therefore, anyone who wants to pray should choose a synagogue that has [a bomb shelter].”

These instructions should apply to every town in Israel. In fact one of our gabba’im (synagogue officers) just called to ask my husband (the current Chairman of the Board to his sorrow) how to arrange tomorrow’s prayers since our shul does not have a protected area. Hubby had no answer to his question. I’ll let you know the answer after Shabbat!

Because of the war the Home front will be operating special Shabbat radio statrions for the Sabbath observant

Home Front Command’s emergency Shabbat stations

In order to enable Sabbath-observant Jews to remain informed about rockets warnings and other developments in Operation Protective Edge, the Home Front Command will operate silent stations across the country. They will only broadcast warnings and urgent updates.

The frequencies for the silent broadcasts will be:

  • Gush Dan – 89.1 and 102 FM
  • Sharon – 94.7 FM
  • Ashdod, Ashkelon, Gaza border, Lachish – 101.5
  • Beersheba, Negev – 97
  • Arava, Dead Sea, Mitzpe Ramon 95.8

Lets hope that the stations stay quiet all weekend long.

I say Amen to that fervent wish.

Because Shabbat starts in about 3 hours and we still have to get to our daughter, who is on her own with 6 children since her husband is “out in the field” and out of contact for the duration, I won’t be updating this blog any more before Shabbat.

Stay updated with any of the live-blogs that abound in the Israeli media, or via the social media.

Send us your prayers and may we pray for a quiet safe weekend.

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3 Responses to Operation Protective Edge Day 4 – several direct hits in Israel, first casualties

  1. LL Cheung says:

    Isaiah 41:10
    אַל־תִּירָא כִּי עִמְּךָ־אָנִי אַל־תִּשְׁתָּע כִּי־אֲנִי אֱלֹהֶיךָ אִמַּצְתִּיךָ אַף־עֲזַרְתִּיךָ אַף־תְּמַכְתִּיךָ בִּימִין צִדְקִי׃
    Fear thou not, for I am with thee; be not dismayed, for I am thy God; I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.
    Psalm 33:22
    יְהִי־חַסְדְּךָ יְהוָה עָלֵינוּ כַּאֲשֶׁר יִחַלְנוּ לָךְ׃
    May your chesed, O YHVH, be upon us, as we wait for You
    My prayers for you all to have a quiet and safe weekend. Amen!

  2. Brian Goldfarb says:

    Gatestone Institute just posted the following article by Khaled Abu Toameh (http://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/4401/egypt-israel-hamas) entitled Egypt hopes Israel will smash Hamas – or words to that effect. So no problems from the Egyptian army on that front! Plus news here that the IDF has gone into Gaza.

    • anneinpt says:

      Yes, Egypt is at least tacitly backing Israel though I wish it didn’t always have to be so, well, tacit. Why not an overt message of support?

      I don’t think the IDF have gone properly into Gaza yet. They are preparing, and perhaps doing the odd sortie, but not more than that (as far as I know).

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